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Apparently it s now necessary to pre emptively address holier than thou trolls who conveniently leave out important words in quoting my own text back at me as they re scolding me for my apparent lack of judgment, or those who leave criticisms in their own reviews of this one.I don t know whether it s a lack of comprehension skills or just willful misreading of words, but let me spell this out very clearly Feminism GOOD.Hammering points exhaustively into a narrative BAD.Or at least not to my taste, while it may obviously cause great celebrating in others Whether an author is writing about women s rights or saving kicked puppies or the need for universal healthcare, these things need to fit seamlessly into the narrative of a novel, not create a situation in which those who AGREE with the cause to be annoyed And if a woman is behaving outside the norms of the societal norms of historical period, her defiance needs to be written in a convincing way See Sarah Waters, Anne Perry, and countless other authors who have written strongly feminist books in which the odds were very much against the women depicted in them, but also respect history enough not to entirely rewrite it Lady Julia, in her pampered, earnest life, doesn t even come close in her circumstance, actions, or character to convince me that she s worthy of being representative of the real women in history who did the real work for women s equality that we all benefit from.And yes, I probably could have beentactful in the way I wrote the quickie reaction below, but I also have neither the time nor the inclination to interact with people who are only interested in being outraged chiding strangers over what is, in this case, not even a difference in opinion Original review edited only to delete the breeches observation corrected by Melissa below Dear me This book puts me in a quite a predicament, because I m not quite sure what to make of it.First off, the good stuff I liked the Victorian world that the author created Dress, customs, and attitudes are meticulously detailed in the beginning and the book is very well written I m partial to books set in this time period, so it s always a pleasant surprise when the world building feels authentic to me.The not so good stuff the mystery is a snooze It s very easy to guess why Lady Julia s husband has been murdered, so it s rather tiresome that the characters aren t catching on sooner sometimes the turn of a page means that a whole year has passed there is far too much heavy handed feminism presented in this book It didn t bother me in the beginning, but after awhile, there was just too much of it, and most of it is inserted rather clumsily I m all for feminism, obviously, but not when it s inserted so ham handedly you d think that with so much raging femininity going on, Lady Julia would play apivotal role in uncovering the mystery She does eventually pursue clues after a long period of being pretty clueless , but there is a certain lack of urgency and intellectual reasoning about the way she went about it Julia herself is interestingbut not quite compelling just yet our hero is a Nancy Drew Nicholas Brisbane can do it all he is a detective, a prizefighter, a violinist, a view spoiler half Rom hide spoiler Everybody loves a good international man of mystery, but private enquiry agent Nicholas Brisbane is Just Too Much he s a prizefighter he s a violin virtuoso he s a duke s grandnephew he s a half blood Rom AND a psychic and a floor wax, and a dessert topping Lady Julia Grey although at times stupid and inconsistent is ainteresting character, because she s believably human Born into a family of eccentrics, Julia has spent her entire life suppressing herself, until the death of her husband forces her into exploring her own powers Unfortunately, the interactions of this odd couple always seem forced and artificial The mystery itself is not much Julia overlooks two obvious suspects, one of whom predictably turns out to be the murderer, although the motive was somewhat different than I imagined. Nope Just, nope. Victorian era murder mystery Lady Julia Grey is the young widow of Sir Edward, who collapses at a dinner party and soon dies, despite the best efforts of the doctor and Nicholas Brisbane, a dark and mysterious private investigator who had been hired by Edward because of some threats he d received Lady JuliaBrisbane informs Julia that her husband was likely murdered rather than passing away of a lifelong heart condition, but Julia angrily dismisses him Nearly a year later, however, Julia discovers evidence that suggests that Edward may have been murdered after all So Julia tracks down Brisbane Nicholas BrisbaneThe two of them belatedly begin an investigation, attempting to find out who may have murdered Edward and why The trail of clues will lead them to some surprising and unpleasant revelations This is a well written book and I enjoyed the way it immersed me in Victorian society mostly high society, but with a few notable visits to the seamier side of London life I thought the realism of this novel was marred somewhat by main characters who display 21st century open mindedness toward subjects that were extremely touchy at the time, such as prostitutes, taking lovers, racial backgrounds, and homosexuality I realize Julia and her family, the Marches, are wildly eccentric in some ways and with such a large fortune that they can get away with it , but still, it might be better if they were transplanted to the 21st century where they d all clearly becomfortable Anyway, whether you can enjoy the modern attitudes in a Victorian setting or at least handwave it will make a difference in how much you enjoy this book Silent in the Grave probably won t appeal to everyone it got rather slow in the middle, it s gritty enough to bother some readers but probably not gritty enough for those who like really hard hitting mystery novels, and there s a love interest that will likely appeal to those who like a little romance in their novels but may make other readers roll their eyes Also, I didn t think the mystery was all that mysterious I guessed the murderer long before the main characters, though I didn t get the motive right Still, there s some enjoyable humor along with the tense moments in this book, and it really sucked me in Images from The Lady Julia Grey series is one of my favorites series ever It s one of those that jumped out with the first line and grabbed me inTo say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floorFrom that line onward, I was completely besotted with it I was a bit nervous for this re read in case it didn t match up Thankfully, I loved it almost as much the second time around Knowing the culprit took some of the tension out this time, but being able to revisit the charactersthan made up for it I ve read other books in the Historical Mystery genre since this, which was my discovery book for the genre, so I now have ajudgmental eye I still think the mystery is decent, although the actual investigation is much less of a focus than Julia and her journey from a mouse of a widow into a woman finding out who she is I am also less tolerant of romance these days, and this was a lotromance than I remember it being But as far as romances go, this is a good one, and one I enjoyed re reading Seriously, Brisbane is one of my favorite male leads ever.I m keeping my rating at 5 stars, in part because this was my first discovery of a genre that now almost rivals Fantasy in my affections It brought me back my love of Victorian times after I had mostly exhausted the classics and become tired of re reading my favorites The added suspense, romance and wit made it irresistible to me I ve since found a huge cache of books earmarked for my future, all thanks to this one little library find It goes on the shelf of life changers in that respect.I ve found that the witty humor is unique to Deanna Raybourn in this genre I actually chuckled out loud a couple of times before I caught myself I have read other historical mysteries that feel dry and dark in comparison, even if they arefocused on the mystery than the adventurous spirit of the heroine The characters are where Raybourn really shines I remember all of them as if they are friends, and fully realized people Even the minor characters This series has some of my favorites of all time the mysterious and tempestuous Brisbane, full of barely restrained energy The intelligent, unconventional, and sometimes idiotic and impulsive Julia Sometimes I want to shake her as much as Brisbane must Fleur, Portia, Julia s brothers, the gypsies, the raven, the former prostitute turned lady s maid All add something fresh to the story The Victorian setting is lush and filled with atmosphere, and the mystery and suspense, and even the romance, just adddepth and purpose to the story The small touch of paranormal also sets this apart from many other Victorian mysteries It s a great combination I fell for it completely Twice.Raybourn earned a place on my favorite authors list through this series the first time around She maintained her spot as a favorite with the 1920s standalones that she wrote afterwards she is capable of diversity And now re reading this just confirms it I love her I can t wait for her new series coming out in the Fall I m going to lap it up Original Review 4 23 2012 I ve discovered a new favorite genre I love the mix of historical fiction, mystery, and little bit of love story The characters are full, intriguing, mysterious, and witty The setting is fully realized, the atmosphere intoxicating The mystery is twisting, convoluted, and absolutely satisfying Fantastic Finding Silent in the Grave turned out to be one of those beautiful, stumbling across the perfect book to fit your mood moments Here I am, staring down the barrel of this pregnancy, willing the last few days to pass faster, and this absolutely delightful Victorian mystery proves just the thing to take my mind off the all too slowly ticking clock Even better, it s the first in a series with the second one already out and the third due to hit shelves in March Silent in the Grave starts out with one of the best opening lines I ve read in ages.To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.Ha Honestly, who wouldn t want to continue reading after that Does she care Does she not care Is she as calm and composed as she sounds And just who is this Nicholas Brisbane and why is he significant You have to find out Each question is answered, but slowly and carefully, spread across the rest of the novel After her husband s untimely collapse, Lady Julia Grey finds herself a young and surprisingly wealthy widow Having suffered from a heart condition his entire life, his sudden demise was not altogether unexpected That s why, when confronted with an unusual and mysterious private investigator s claim that her late husband employed him to find out who was threatening to kill him, Julia dismisses the notion as preposterous and sends Mr Nicholas Brisbane on his way Nearly a year later she naturally comes across a clue leading her to believe dear Edward was, in fact, murdered Managing to track down Brisbane, she apologizes and convinces him to reopen the case Intrigue and mayhem ensue and it s all just perfectly delicious.I so enjoyed Julia and her measured narration, her bizarrely large but loving family, and her cautiously fresh observations on the world and the people around her It is as though her husband s death removes a film from her eyes, and she is unnerved to realize she hardly recognizes where she is and who she has become One of my favorite lines is Julia reflecting on her oldest and most pompous brother who is scandalized to hear she intends to manage her inheritance herself.He had nothing to call his own except dead men s shoes, and I think the highly Oedipal flavor of his existence sometimes proved too much for him.As you can tell, I was completely taken with the characters and Deanna Raybourn s well paced writing style, both of which made for an incredibly absorbing, enjoyable read I ll be picking up the sequel ASAP Recommended for fans of Laurie R King s Mary Russell books. LET THE WICKED BE ASHAMED, AND LET THEM BE SILENT IN THE GRAVE These Ominous Words, Slashed From The Pages Of A Book Of Psalms, Are The Last Threat That The Darling Of London Society, Sir Edward Grey, Receives From His Killer Before He Can Show Them To Nicholas Brisbane, The Private Inquiry Agent He Has Retained For His Protection, Sir Edward Collapses And Dies At His London Home, In The Presence Of His Wife, Julia, And A Roomful Of Dinner Guests Prepared To Accept That Edward S Death Was Due To A Long Standing Physical Infirmity, Julia Is Outraged When Brisbane Visits And Suggests That Sir Edward Has Been Murdered It Is A Reaction She Comes To Regret When She Discovers The Damning Paper For Herself, And Realizes The Truth Determined To Bring Her Husband S Murderer To Justice, Julia Engages The Enigmatic Brisbane To Help Her Investigate Edward S Demise Dismissing His Warnings That The Investigation Will Be Difficult, If Not Impossible, Julia Presses Forward, Following A Trail Of Clues That Lead Her To Even Unpleasant Truths, And Ever Closer To A Killer Who Waits Expectantly For Her Arrival This is a reread I read the first Veronica Speedwell book a while ago now and really enjoyed it When I went to review it I realised I had already read and rated two of these books with Lady Julia Grey, but I didn t remember doing so at all I was halfway through the reread before the story started to come back to me and that was quite telling in itselfthis story is ok, but a bit slow It picked up in the last third I may continue this series if I get bored but for my money, the Veronica Speedwell series is much better. This is our pick for this month s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Read along and then watch on Feb 27th, 8pm PST THATS MONDAY THE LAST MONDAY OF THE MONTH I absolutely loved this book and thank you to my Goodreads friend Ruth for recommending it I was a little worried when I first started it, because my expectations had grown so high after reading Ruth s reviews for this book and the following three ones Thankfully, it completely lived up to and actually surpassed my expectations I checked this book out from the library, but will definitely be buying my own copy.It s told in first person narration and I found our heroine, Julia, absolutely hysterical and very, very engaging She at first struck me as a little weak and self indulgent, but she really grows into her own throughout the story and while she is by no means perfect, this only makes her seem thatreal and makes the book that much better I also liked that she was a little unsure of herself at times and not supremely confident, which made her to me endearing and the occasions where she stands her ground and won t back down that muchnoticeable and cheer worthy.Nicholas Brisbane, the private inquiry agent who plays her male counterpart throughout the series, is haunted and haunting , mysterious, intelligent, and utterly seductive I loved his irreverence and one quickly and easily sees why he would be popular with the ladies and why Julia feels so drawn to him There is a lot about his past that we don t know and since the story is told from Julia s POV, we re sometimes blind to his motivations or feelings Despite these two obstacles, Raybour does an excellent job of still making the reader feel very connected to him.The encounters between the two of them were so, so enjoyable that my only complaint was I wantedTheir dialog is so well written, with the tension and chemistry between them leaping off of the pages some sections or exchanges I would reread several times before being able to move on.Julia s family esp Father and Portia and servants esp Aquinas and Morag are equally well written and provide a great deal of added humor and depth to the story I really cannot tell you how many times I literally laughed out loud while reading this book, despite the obvious horror it centers around a murder Julia, Brisbane, and the secondary cast of characters are so funny most times unintentionally that they really made the whole reading experience an absolutely fabulous one.The mystery was very well done, and while I had my suspicions relatively early on and they ended up being right, it was by no means obvious, the motive I had ascribed the murderer was completely and utterly wrong, and there were still several aspects of the mystery that were surprising and caught me off guard.The ending was good if you re planning on reading the next book in the series if not, or if I were stranded on a deserted island without the sequels, I might just tear my hair out The mystery is completely resolved, but the relationship between Julia and Brisbane is not by any means I am so looking forward to readingabout their adventures and seeing how their romance plays out Two of My Many Favorite Julia Brisbane InteractionsIf you were a man, your ladyship, I would cordially horsewhip you for that remark As you are not, I will simply bid you farewell and leave you to your fresh and obviously debilitating grief He said this last with a contemptuous glance at the Italian books piled on my desk and strode from the room. p66Did you mean what you said You will pursue this Brisbane sipped at his tea I suppose I have a few other matters that I must bring to conclusion, but nothing that cannot wait And I have no other clients questioning either my integrity or my courage at presentp107 Lady Julia Grey Mystery SeriesBook 1Silent in the Grave5 stars Book 2Silent in the Sanctuary4 stars Book 3Silent on the Moor4 stars Book 4Dark Road to Darjeeling Book 5The Dark Enquiry