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Paul Taylor is in his last year of high school watching along with everyone else in the world as the megacorporation known as Star Force leads the nations of Earth into space Wanting to be a part of the adventure but not ualifying for any of their highly competitive jobs his chance of joining looks to be nil until one day a new Star Force recruitment package opens up The A7 program listed only as 'Looking for the Best of the Best’ has but a single preualificationa sub 500 mile that Paul's track team skills ualify him for Figuring he has nothing to lose Paul takes the Star Force tests expecting to fail but soon finds himself accepted and whisked away to their headuarters where he learns the truth about the space corporationand the secret alien threat that it's been created to prepare Earth for Mind blown he and the other A7 candidates are then told that they’re not here to help but to LEAD the hopeless war on the horizon where victory does not lie in defeating an ancient enemy but in simply finding a way to survive it An ancient enemy mistakenly known as The Dinosaurs Reader reviews for the series “Can't wait for the next one If your a Sci Fi nut like I am you have to read this series it is really one of the best I've every read” “It is a very entertaining saga I impatiently wait for each new episode Having a great time reading it” “This series is so different than others and the regular books keep it interesting and different great book cant wait till the next” “ITS A SERIES BUT UNLIKE MANY OTHERS MORE LIKE AN OLD TIME SERIAL KEEPS YOU WANTING MORE” “This series makes me happy Great character development mixed with empire building Love the depth of planning and diversity of writing ability shown by the writer This has everything from wonderful space battles to ground combat to mech warfare” “This writer is new to me but is very good at writing Sci Fi” “Aer ki Jyr has become one of my favorite authors” “I honestly can't say enough about this series I've read all the books over and over again If you like Science Fiction and Space adventures this is the series for you My only complaint is that one day it will be finished Read these books you won't regret it” “You sir are making my sci fi dreams into reality with this book series I truly believe you creating a master piece for the science fiction realm” “I have enjoyed this series from the first book now I can't wait for the next one”

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    This is one of my now favorite book series I have read a TON of sci fi military but this one beats them all for the reason its not all military sci fi most of its the trainingI cant give it any stars others wise I would The book is like most sci fi like series but with the twist of it being in the not to future and the Author doesn't go to far with it not giving is people the strongest army ever or the best solders just the best and strongest in this solar systemAll in all this is the best series I have read yet and seeing as it takes me about 1 hour 30 minutes to read 1 that is going to take me a long time to read something I cant say for most series

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    my first full reread 0f 114 episodes if you can get past the excessive use of the word troubleshoot the excessive use of the word their lies the the excessive use of the word love a challenge crave challenge looking for a challenge etc the excessive use of the word newbnewbie especially this annoying as a bee in the ass hole the matura system and how parents can't wait to give up their babes and how Indignant SF feels if people refused all the fucking star wars references i swear to fuck every fucking page his refrence to pop culture is monotonous for the entire civilization regardless this is the my favorite science fiction series ever

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    I'm reviewing up to Star Force 32 not just this first partI found this series because of Return of The Ancients this author wrote as StarGate fic I really liked that and expected the same here It's not all chapters or parts are really long and the first 5 are military training imagine reading dozens of pages in a row of dodging paintballs taking out paintball turrets hand to hand combat Yep it's really boring so those parts I skipped and read only those concerning politics and destined not to be main character director of Star Force After those 5 chapters it gets better but still instead of your usual space opera with politics technology advancement and building some space battles this is combat combat combat combat and most of it is unfortunately boring ground combat killing lizard alien #1 in detail up to killing lizard alien x 100000 Even space combat gets boring if it lasts a couple dozen pages Now don't get me wrong there is tech advancement and some battle are interesting but that's about it There is little to no politics and if I had to read all that irrelevant combat that lasts for dozens pages a time and training I would've given up long ago Author also references stuff from the 90'00's a lot like Star Wars Halo Mario Kart Nothing wrong with that as it gives you a chuckle and you can relate but the characters are born around 2025 I don't think they would even watch or play any of that stuff and even after 300 years pass they still talk about those Another thing is super human power system it goes from adeptok to acolytewtf that is assistant to a priest for those who don't know to rangeranother wtf how is that related to anything only a minority of these commando main characters take the ranger route yet they are all called like that if they reach a certain power level Power levels? Done very poorly each of these classes have 100 levels and adept lv 100 is no hercules neither is an acolyte ranger? maybe if you count the strength of 10men as such so from pro athlete condition which is adept lv 1 to lv 100 ranger is 300 levels for a max of 10x human strenght what's the difference between a few levels? Barely measurable The main group of characters are de facto immortal as long as they train 6h everyday increase the difficulty and take supplements okay except that the author goes to great lengths to explain this philosphy so much that I think he actually believes it If you wanted to see reorganization of Earth the big reveal of aliens making of alliances those are just skipped for combat If you want to read mostly combat from perspective of commandos mechs individuals in spaceships and training I guess this is it for you

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    Humans discover they are a race of escaped slaves Incredible technology is discovered Earth must prepare before the overlords return to recover their property So some cadets go to training exercises??? And that is all Where is the plot? Maybe something happens in some of the later books in the series but I will not be reading them to find out

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    More like a chapter than a book

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    There is only one character template and every main character is that template I think it is supposed to be who the author thinks he would be or dreams he could be Besides that and the fact the author has no idea how humans would actually interact with each other it seems good If paul and megan don't just start having sex soon I'm going to assume that the author has had no human contact for his whole lifeWish the repeatitive phrase save for would stop being used

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    This fangirl is super pleased Starts off a bit slow but it ends up being super important to get all the facts of how things started I swept away by the magnitude of how fast the story moved My heart was pounding by the end It’s a uick read and I’m super excited to see where the story goes Wish I found it sooner but glad there is already so many books to read

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    It Does What it says on the tin gives you a good yarn with sort of Old fashioned SF yes each episode is short but I started when I had all the episodes Aer ki Jyr has done a good job give it a try

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    Nice effort a bit soft on the science part Also the series is so large that there is enough room for numerous sub plots in various flavours of military sci fi ground combat space warfare first contact etc

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    Looks like star wars as told through the lens of star gate so far I'll read but this isn't much to go on especially considering the fact that these are supposed to be preuels I suppose