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Being Twenty Something Isn T As Cut And Dry As It Once Was For Many, The Early Twenties Is A Time Of Tumultuous Upheaval Unpaid Internships, Tiny Apartments Filled With Roommates, And Worries About What The Future Holds For Others, This Is A Time Of Stagnancy Of Waiting And Hoping And Hometowns, And Wondering What The Hell College Degrees Are Good For Anyway Instead Of First Jobs, First Marriages, And First Homes, Millennials Have Been Faced With Greater Stresses And Challenges Than Any Other Generation Yet, In The Process Of Navigating A Fast Changing World, They Have Been Publicly Maligned Again And Again SONGS OF MY SELFIE An Anthology Of Millennial Stories Celebrates The Millennial Through The Works Of Up And Coming Fiction Writers, All Under The Age Of Twenty Six This Collection Features Seventeen Short Stories By Millennial Writers About Actual Millennial Issues, Exposing This Generation S True Ambitions And Frustrations, Humor And Heartbreak, Despair And Joie De Vivre With Fresh New Voices And Edgy Prose, These Compelling Stories Offer A Cross Section Of Vibrant Millennial Characters Unemployed Grads Deep In Debt, Expectant Mothers On The Cusp Of Adulthood, Online Relationship Addicts, And Millennials At War With Their Families Expectations Even While Stuck Living At Home Here Are The Strong And The Weak, The Self Aware And Those Who Reject Reality All Carefully Crafted To Buck The Common Perception Of The Millennial And Yet, With A Knowing Wink, Each Story Is Accompanied By A Selfie Of Its AuthorForget What The Media Says SONGS OF MY SELFIE Reveals What It Really Means To Be Twenty Something TodayStories Include The Most Laid Back Guy Ever By Suzanne HermanBecoming John Doe By Stephanie BramsonSmall Bump By Mina E HolmesUse Without Pity By Jared ShafferVictoria By Theresa BuchtaBaby Teeth By Angus McLinnThe Lovesick Picture Show By Angela SloanMinnows By Xingyue Sarah HeOn Call By Joshua TuttleTen Things I Learned Since College By Tyler BartonOn Loving Like A Human By Aaron ThorpeGlitter And Glue By Tiffany FerentiniHere In Avalon By Tara Isabella BurtonBecause You Were Under Thirty By Katherine SloanPill Pusher By Carolyn A DrakeThe Ostrich Effect By Ifra AsadThe Edge Of Happiness By Constance Renfrow

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    The Most Laid back Guy Ever by Suzanne Herman 2.5 stars Becoming John Doe by Stephanie Bramson 4 stars Small Bump by Mina E Holmes 2 stars Use Without Pity by Jared Shaffer 5 stars Victoria by Theresa Buchta 2.5 stars Baby Teeth by Angus McLinn 2.5 stars The Lovesick Picture Show by Angela Sloan 1 star Minnows by Xingyue Sarah He 3.5 stars On Call by Joshua Tuttle 3.5 stars Ten Things I Learned Since College by Tyler Barton 2 stars On Loving Like a Human by Aaron Thorpe 2 stars Glitter and Glue by Tiffany Ferentini 3.5 stars Here in Avalon by Tara Isabella Burton 3 stars Because You Were Under Thirty by Katherine Sloan 2.5 stars Pill Pusher by Carolyn A Drake 4.5 stars The Ostrich Effect by Ifra Asad 2.5 stars The Edge of Happiness by Constance Renfrow 2.5 stars

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    A very well edited anthology of stories from Millennials, ranging in scope from unemployed or underemployed grads struggling with debts and creditors and the feeling that they deserved than a job at the local CVS to adults living with their parents making noise every morning at six am to being able to look so laid back in order to hide a secret fearThe stories inside include some bordering on the fantastical, some treading the line of horror and many rooted in the everyday life fiascoes associated with being twenty something here and now Unsatisfying work situations, living with older relatives or undesired roommates, becoming nostalgic for times that were only five years ago ah, those were the days , all of these are well known memes among Millennials The collection is from diverse authors and despite all relating to a central theme the stories represent a wide group of readers.I have to say that almost every single one of these stories resonated with me in some way It was the first time I ve read something where I saw myself represented so fully, in each story Which makes sense since I did have a quarter life crisis I think I m still stuck in mine though and have only recently crawled out of debt and like a proud two year old I hung my last statement on my parent s refrigerator, since in order to keep paying off my debts I moved back in with them after I failed at adulting enough at my first job in my field All of the feelings I ve had through all of those experiences are represented in this collection and much well written.I d highly recommend this to any Millennial or anyone who knows a Millennial This collection cuts right to the heart of an entire generation.

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    In Song of Myself, Walt Whitman brays I too am not a bit tamed I too am untranslatable I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world This April 2016, Three Rooms Press publishes a flock murder bevy of barbaric yawps Millennial writers all under 26 in Songs of My Selfie In wry tales that yearn, squirm and slam, newbie scribblers Stephanie Bramson, Mina E Holmes, Jared Shaffer, Katherine Sloane, Carolyn A Drake, Constance Renfrow and sorry too many gifted others to cram in this brag grab your sagging Boomer throat with glee and moxie.

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    Some of the stories are better than others But overall, it s a solid anthology I think it would be a strong choice for those teaching at the college level I think a lot of these stories could be paired with texts from the canon I thought of Joan Didion and Thoreau for a couple of them to invoke discussion on the differences and similarities on how we tell our stories.

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    I didn t intend to spend my snow day reading my ARC of Songs of My Selfie Instead, I intended to use today as a work day, to grade the never ending composition papers sitting in my inbox or perhaps plan some promotional events for the spring But then I started the book At twenty seven, I am just over the cutoff mark for the millennials who wrote the short stories in Songs of My Selfie, but when it comes to identifying with the stressed out, sleepless girl in the airport in Suzanne Herman s The Most Laid Back Guy Ever or Ryan Fitzpatrick escaping college loans in Becoming John Doe, I am just the right age In the world of literary fiction, most books are written by older writers discussing older things Marriage Children Divorce Not often do I read a short story like Small Bump or Victoria and think to myself Yes, that s familiar, I ve been there Not actually there I ve never had a pregnancy scare out of wedlock or run away from home but there emotionally, there where the heart of the story speaks of the adventure and pain of being out of college and broke and struggling to find your place in the world Though there is some speculative fiction in the collection, I think the realistic stories are where Songs of My Selfie works the best Stories like Pill Popper, in which a customer yells at a young pharmacist, ring true for every reader They also help the book fill an important gap in literature, not just as a short story collection about millennials, but as an anthology written by them an anthology that conveys its themes of what editor Constance Renfrow calls a common experience new to our generation the quarter life crisis with a collective, resounding millennial sigh that any reader can identify with Original review on www.kellyannjacobson.com blog

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    If you ve been searching for some groundbreaking, refreshing literature from some of the newest voices in literature today, look no further Songs of My Selfie is a phenomenal collection of some of the strongest, thought provoking writing written by today s emerging millennial writers The protagonists of the stories in Songs of My Selfie hail from their own unique walks of life and differ in many ways, but they all ultimately connect under the same common ground They are all struggling in their own way, and face a coming of age unique and exclusive to them and their respective authors in the form of a quarter life crisis If you find yourself in your twenties looking for relatable fiction, or are curious to as to just what today s young generation of writers has to say, pick up this anthology.

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    I have so many feelings about this book The fun, whimsical cover makes you think, this ll be another fun self referential sort of book where our generation pokes fun at itself And then you start reading it, and after every single story, you have to put down the book and wait for a while for all the feelings to be absorbed It makes you, in a way, feel better about your crisis, in some ways, worse More than anything, it s such a balm there are others out there and so on everyone s equally lost, equally perpetually nervous, equally with little to no direction about where on earth they re headed I absolutely loved it, and would than recommend it to anyone Particularly to all those in their twenties you need this You ll feel better.

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    Being a millennial leads to a lot of bumping and fumbling around, trying to find your place in the world, so this book filled with so many characters going through similar experiences gave me a fun and familiar reading experience The lives of the characters ranged from the mundane to the magical and it was easy to get swept up in each successive story The writing flowed very well, making it a very smooth read.

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    Songs of My Selfie is a fantastic collection featuring wonderfully talented young writers The individual stories capture the essence of being young in today s world and are for anyone who has experienced growing up The stories are unique and entertaining and would make a great gift for a recent graduate Highly recommend

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    I receievd this book for free from Goodreads give aways I am 26 so this book completely spoke to me Once I started reading it I couldn t stop I thought it was a good mix of stories and enjoyed all of them I would definitely recommend to any millennial.