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Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 1490480358One Accident Two losses Three yearsVeronica Russo chases storms but runs from her past by staying firmly in the present Unwilling to consider the possibility of a future she’s checked out of life by using solitude and standoffishness as her armor and a sharp tongue and uick wit as her weaponsColeman Cade is a walking contradiction just like his mismatched eyes A rough and manly bull rider with a playful side A ladies man with thousands of willing victims but what he really wants is one woman The right womanWill Roni be able to let go move on and find a way to fulfill her dream of having everything? Or will unsubstantiated choices and unresolved demons stand in the way of their happily ever after?In order to overcome past tragedies and find true happiness in order to have Everything Roni needs to do one thing Find the impossibleExplicit Language and Sexual ContentCover Design by Hang Le

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    I have to be honest here I started this book IMPOSSIBLE a few weeks ago and I just could not get into the “weather chasing” aspect of the story so if you have the same thoughts when you start reading then give it a minute because that isn’t the primary focus of the book I am so glad I put this book aside and went back to it because it is really a uniue and fantastic story and I could scarcely believe that I had previously had a hard time getting into the story IMPOSSIBLE has fantastic characters smart sexy stubborn and loving characters What really roped me into the story was CJ CJ is only fifteen but he is wise beyond his years When the young and handsome stud muffin in the making crosses paths with the guarded and emotionally unavailable woman called “Roni” he instantly becomes smitten and is determined to snag her for his father ☺ This kid is the total package and at the risk of sounding like a pervert Well let's just say I was really glad there was an adult version of him running around ; Roni is a little stick of dynamite but she has a past so littered with pain that she can’t even stand so much as a little pinprick – it might just send her off the deep end By something short of a miracle CJ uickly worms his way in her heart and his handsome father isn’t far behind CJ and his father Coleman are like two peas in a pod Their fatherson relationship warms my heart and soothes my soul The pair banter like brothers and the handsome team is virtually unstoppable a force to be reckoned with Coleman is a great teacher and capitalizes on every opportunity to give back by passing on pertinent knowledge to the next generation of heartbreakers❝ Finding the right woman is a lot like ridin’ a bull You’ll know in a little over eight seconds whether they’re worth a second ride or not And as you know the best ones usually buck you off a few times before givin’ you the ride of your life❞Upon their first meeting Coleman Cade Sr knows instantly that Roni is just perfect for himThen there is the backbone of the Cade family Nan I TOTALLY LOVE HER Aahhh I wanted to hug her and claim her as my own Although she might be Coleman’s mother and CJ’s grandmother she is certainly no prude I love her spunk She always offers the BEST advice❝ A lady should only ride two things sweetheart A horse and her man But only after she has a solid relationship with both❞If you follow my reviews then you know I am a huge fan of the curve ball in the plot Oh yeah you guessed it author Laurel Ulen Curtis effectively throws a monkey wrench in everything with a super secret twist and whoa Boy did I NOT see that one coming High marks for pulling that one off Laurel Readers If you are a fan of sexy cowboys spunky women and a story that will keep you on your toes then IMPOSSIBLE is a must read ✳✳ Copy provided by the authorpublisher for an honest review✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

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    First of all let's just all take this opportunity to drool over this gorgeous cover That man is a perfect Coleman Cade Fans Self Holy Shitdizzleyes that is a new word I learned in this bookWe got a little taste of Coleman Cade in The One Girl He was Tucker's cocky flirty bull riding friend But that did not prepare me for the full Coleman Cade experience Oh my Finding the right woman is a lot like ridin' a bull You'll know in a little over eight seconds whether they're worth a second ride or not And as you know the best ones usually buck you off a few time before givin' you the ride of your lifeBut Let's start back in the beginning of this story Roni has been though a horrible tragedy She now spends her time alone as a meteorologist travelling and chasing storms She is hiding from everyone including herself She has no desire to open up or care about anyone since it is just easier that way One day in an odd twist of fate she meets a teenage boy CJ that she has an immediate connection with Before she knows it she is drawn a little into his world and that means also into the life of his dad Coleman Cade I knew Cade was sexy flirty and dripping in charisma from the previous book But in this one I swear I could literally feel him staring at me with his one blue and one green eye and I thought my kindle would start smoking This man is seriously magnetic and swoon worthy He is hot funny bossy challenging determined caring and down right intoxicating Shitdizzle I did I liked it So help me but he was one of those endearing assholes The ones you loved to hate and hated to love all at the same time For such a strong physically intimidating guy he was so freaking soft So playful so generous with affection So everything I wanted And everything I didn't think I could handle And most importantly he can see right through her Heand his family have the uncanny ability to see past her tough facade He gets her immediately and can see she has walls up and is a runner He not only takes that as a challenge but also makes it his mission to wear her down He is not going to let her get away with anything You're like a Banty Rooster sweetheart Tiny little thing but you don't hesitate to puff your chest lookin' for a fightBanty Only thing you do than fight is run I've been waitin' for it all day and if you felt that kiss even a uarter of how much I felt it I'm surprised you're not already goneI found myself laughing out loud at some of the things he said and his antics This man just warmed my heart His persistence patience capacity to love his family and his vulnerability under his outward persona were so endearing Their love story was tentative and fragile but beautiful It was not easy or perfect and they had issues with communication and secrets But I loved them together And I adored how Coleman's son and mother felt the same connection to Roni as he did and welcomed her into their lives They were funny supportive and truly important to the story as well And of course there had to be challenges and dramas I got nervous tense frustrated and my heart hurt for them There were twists I did not see coming and by the time it got near the end I was so invested in these characters that I was holding my breath And I would love to thank Laurel for giving not only giving an epilogue but also a bonus scene in Coleman's point of viewsighYes Coleman Cade is my new book boyfriend and I am not afraid to admit it I have already claimed him And only second to my love for Coleman is my love for his son CJ He is a heartbreaker in his own right and I am so looking forward to a book about him in the future This book made me laugh swoon tear up and fall in love with an entire family Laurel Ulen Curtis has a wonderful ability to create hot bossy alpha men with a soft side strong women that are likable despite flaws and connections that are intense passionate heartfelt and sweet This is an engaging story of learning to live second chances and hopeThanks to Laurel Ulen Curtis for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review Posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim

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    Check out reviews at Little Miss BookmarkThis is the first book that I've read by Laurel Ulen Curtis so I didn't really know what to expect From the very beginning I connected with Impossible and I think it was because it's about Roni and she's a storm chaser I grew up in Oklahoma City with storm chasers and tornadoes being very familiar and our way of life As crazy as storm chasers seem to outsiders they are necessary during storm season and we've relied on their knowledge on than one occasion Anyhow I connected uite uickly with the novel because of that The story was one that surprised me on than one occasion I thought that I knew what was going to happen in uite a few of the situations in this book you know how you think you know what is going to happen next and most of the time you're right? but I was sorely mistaken uite a few times There were many situations that took me by surprise and kept me on my toes with this one I liked how the story was written you're left a bit in the dark with the main character Roni as she searches for herself within these unfamiliar situations and feelings It made the book read uite smoothly and scoot right along Roni is the perfectly flawed character that I'm always searching for when I read I like how she was so incredibly broken and you're right there with her as she tries to figure out herself her past and her future I think it's interesting to be there with a character at rock bottom and see where they are able to go from there and the author did a great job with that regression and progression I also enjoyed Coleman Cade A lot I can't really pinpoint anything in particular that I loved because it was just about everything about him And the bonus scene at the end was AWESOME Major thanks to the author for including that There was one thing that I detested in this novel Sweet baby Jesus it drove me absolutely crazy I know that people have phrases that they use all the time sometimes ad nauseum and this was one of those I shit you not when I read this one word each of the 21 times that it was in the book I wanted to smash my Kindle into oblivion It was irritating and all together too much Too damn much Roni said this phrase so much that it almost made me just put the book down altogether That sounds silly right? Well I think it's because the phrase just didn't seem to mesh with the character at all It didn't seem authentic and if the purpose was to keep Roni from cussing I think that there would be other words that she could use because it made Roni sound like a 15 year old instead of the 30 something woman that she was And no I'm not going to tell you the word you need to read the book and see if you pick up the same thing that I did Hopefully it was just me being pissy and nit picky All in all it was a great book and I'll read something else by this author for sure Well as long as she doesn't use that damn word again Holy cannoli If I never read that word again it will be too soon I received this novel in exchange for an honest review

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    One word to describe this book ORIGINALWhy you ask? Have you ever read a book about a storm chaser falling in love with a bad ass alpha bullrider? I bet you haven'toh and you won't find any angle's or babes in this book You'll find original one of a kind nicknamesBanty Baby Not sure what Banty baby means? I had no idea either but you'll know exactly what I'm talking about if you read this bookLaurel does an excellent job of telling the story and making you fall in love with all it's characters even the secondary ones I don't think there is anything better than amazing secondary characters In my opinion they make a book and in this case they really did Impossible is the story of Coleman and Roni Roni has had a tragic life and her way of coping with her huge loss three years ago was to take off and track stroms She lives from town to town and out of her car and hotels She doesn't have friends and doesn't want any until Coleman Cade Jr comes to her rescue one dayin return she runs into him and his dad at a diner a few days later and Coleman Sr decides right then and there that Roni is worth the fight There relationship grows and Roni realizes that she is letting in not only Coleman but his family She isn't exactly sure how or why she let it happen only that she can't control the pull that she has to themThere relationship doesn't come easy but both Coleman and Roni know it's worth itor is it? I really did enjoy this book and I'm really really looking forward to CJ's Coleman Cade Jr book I do hope that Laurel develops CJ's character and makes him a huge bad ass alpha More bad ass than his dad but I also hope that she gives us because we could have read so much in Impossible and still LOVED itGreat book LaurelI'm already looking forward to your next4 book

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    Impossible is an incredible story If you have been following along Laurel's books you would know that she has a knack for drawing you in and keeping you there until the story is over She has highs and lows and everything in between in a story that just catches you off guard and by the time you have finished reading you are in book shock because you have had an array of emotions and your not sure what just happened in a good way In Impossible I was amazed by what I was reading It is a story of love loss and finding yourself and your heart againVeronica AKA Roni had it all a husband and a child on the way but tragedy struck and all that was taken from her At a loss for what to do and where to go Roni decides to run and chase storms Being a storm chaser is such an adrenalin rush for Roni and it makes her forget her past She has decided she will not open her heart to anyone that way she can't get hurt But one day fate has something else for her because she gets a flat tire and here comes CJ Cade at fifteen years old he is wiser than his years and he helps Roni and they start a friendship CJ is funny smart and witty and he and Roni share a uniue friendship so when Roni meets his famous dad Coleman Cade the famous bull rider she is thrown offWith Roni's guard down she can't believe CJ's father is the famous bull rider but that doesn't matter because she has sworn off men But her heart sure does skip a beat every time she is around Cade As For Cade from the very first minute he meets Roni he knows she is the one She has something and it calls to him like a siren and he knows he has to make Roni his But boy is he in for a rude awakening because he is going to have to fight like hell to get Roni to let her walls down Can Cade do the IMPOSSIBLE and knock down Roni's walls? Or will he have to walk away from the one thing he wants than life? This is a must read story

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    A copy of this book was given to me by The author however my review is tally unbiased and my own opinion This is this third book by Laurel Curtis I've read and each one gets better and better I don't remember a book that has made me laugh and bawl my tears out crying as much as Impossible Roni has lived through a traumatic experience and for the past three years been barely living herself Enter Coleman Cade to her life who we were introduced to in Curtis' This One Girl a gorgeous professional bull rider that women just throw themselves at and his son CJ and mom The Cades slowly entwine themselves into Roni's life even though she silently fights it believing that she's not worthy or deserving of love

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    Coleman was a sweet guy “Roni I don’t want you to be sorry for claiming me I just want you to be sincere while you’re doin’ it” he said his voice dripping with hope filled sincerity There are times Roni has to go to extremes to get her man to listen so I settled for a purple nurple instead grabbing his nipple and twisting it into submission “Ouch ouch ouch” he suealed as he pushed off of me and jumped off the bed “You’re cruel Banty” Coleman is not a shy boy when it comes to what's in his mind “jacking off while imagining you is getting a little stale I need to taste the real effin’ thing” I liked this book Roni and Coleman were perfect for each other a little dysfunctional at times but perfect for each other

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    I loved it I can't wait to read CJs story

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    My first thought when reading the book description was “hmm a storm chaser and a bull rider this could be interesting” And it was this book sucked me in from the beginning and went beyond all my expectations Roni has merely existed for the last 3 years; after suffering a horrific loss she left behind everyone and everything that she knew going solo as a storm chaser traveling throughout Tornado Alley and the surrounding areas To survive each day Roni has shut down her emotions and built the wall around her so high that all anyone sees is a bitchy cold woman if they try to get too close After all it won’t hurt to lose someone if you don’t let them in to begin with right?As she is driving through Huntsford Kansas she gets a blowout and a young man pulls over to help her change the tire enter Coleman Cade Jr better known as CJ When her attempts to chase him off with her attitude fail she reluctantly accepts his help CJ is only fifteen but he is one heck of good looking cowboy“His eyes were the coolest thing I had ever seen One was a soft sky blue and the other was a green that was just a shade darker than mine With his eyes right there I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I just blurted out the only words my brain had the ability to process “You’re eyes are two different colors” He chuckled and answered me “They sure are My name isn’t the only thing my dad passed down” Holy Crap “There are two of you with eyes like this?” I breathed A smile took over his face as he confirmed “Yes ma’am”After CJ helps her she leaves abruptly to continue on to the next storm location but finds herself back in Huntsford after an eventful chase in Alabama As she is sitting in the only local restaurant waiting for her meal CJ and his dad walk in the door and Roni about swallows her tongue when she gets a good look at Coleman Cade the original “I knew CJ had good genes I did I knew the moment I met him But seeing his father in the flesh it felt like I had had no idea He was absolutely freaking beautiful So Attractive It was as if the attractiveness radiated off of him with so much force that you wouldn’t even have to see him to know Seriously Blind nuns would find him attractive”As I was reading I had to stop and remind myself several times that this dialogue was not written by Kristen Ashley but rather by Ms Curtis; given how much I freakin’ love KA’s Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch alphas that is in no way a bad thing and is meant as a compliment to the author Roni had some great internal monologues running through her head and Coleman DEFINITELY cranked up the alpha male panty melting dirty talking protector mode once he decided that he wanted to get to know her better which happened right after their first interaction at the restaurant He pursues her single mindedly he sees right through the tough talking exterior that she puts up for everyone and he instinctively knows how to handle her His nickname for her Banty baby cracks me up but it fits when he explains it“You’re like a Banty Rooster sweetheart Tiny little thing but you don’t hesitate to puff out your chest lookin’ for a fight”Roni can’t understand why this beautiful man who has all kinds of “buckle bunnies” essentially bull riding groupies chasing him left and right wants her specifically and Coleman’s explanation was perfect direct caring and definitely alpha “Because my little Banty rooster you challenge me when no one else will You’re fuckin’ beautiful and have a hot little body but you put absolutely zero effort into it You’ve got a sweet side that you just barely let out but when you do I can tell it’s one hundred percent genuine We’ve shared one kiss and it turned me on than all of the women I’ve been with in the last six months combined And I’m talkin’ tits swingin’ in my face dick buried deep inside these women Your kiss did ”All 3 of the Cades including Coleman’s mother Nan start to break down her defenses without Roni realizing it and slowly she starts to remember how to live again Every time she freaks out and tries to run Coleman is right there to calm her and bring her back to earth“I know you feel the same thing that I do Roni We’re gonna get there I know we are But there’s no way in hell I’m gonna go there before I know you won’t regret it in the morning You run enough all on your own No need for me to force you into it”Nan is a fantastic character she is down to earth insightful says it like it is and doesn’t take crap from anyone After CJ’s mother dubbed the She bitch Spawn of Satan by Roni basically deserted him and Coleman once CJ was born Nan helped Coleman raise him She sees a lot that Roni doesn’t necessarily want her to see but doesn’t push or judge her At about the 80% mark of the book Roni’s world is rocked by something she never expected and I certainly didn’t either What does that mean for her and Coleman? Well you will have to check it out to find out I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading CJ’s story in the future In the meantime I’ll leave you with a few last uotes in case you haven’t decided to grab a copy of this story yet“I used to know someone like you Roni And I think your real problem is that you do want this You want to be loved and needed You want someone to wait anxiously to see you eyes filled with hope just like CJ You just don’t think you’re allowed to have it” Nan “You sound an awful lot like an asshole right now” “Yeah But you like it right?” Shitdizzle I did I liked it So help me but he was one of those endearing assholes The ones you loved to hate and hated to love all at the same time Roni and Coleman“Did you take lessons on how to answer a woman’s uestions? Because you’re really freaking good at it” “Yes” he responded “Yes?” “My father taught me everything I know about interacting with a woman Though you probably shouldn’t mention that to Nan There are a few of my interactions she’s not a fan of” Coleman and RoniColeman knew exactly what I needed He made it easy to love him and almost impossible not to

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    Three years ago Veronica Roni had it all Loving in laws to make up for the lack of love she receives from her own parents an adoring husband named Josh a job she wants as a meteorologist and she's pregnant with their first child Everything seems to be so perfect in her life that is until one day her entire world is ripped away from her in a car accident All it took was for another car to hit them for her to lose her husband and their precious baby all in one dayThat was three years ago Roni has been gone every since the day her life ended as she knew it screaming in the hospital She still has nightmares about that time in her life but she picked up right after the accident and left behind her home and her in laws never looking back Roni now lives as a storm chaser She has her trusty Chevy Tahoe that she lives out of and it's all setup with everything she needs including a video camera to capture every chase She knows that one day she will have to return to the real world but for now she's living in the moment on the edge of dangerHer travels take her through a small town in Kansas One flat tire changes everything for her It's there on the side on the road that she meets Coleman Cade Jr CJ has everyone calls him is a young teenager who has a charm about him and uniue eyes that capture her attention right from the start CJ has one green eye and one blue eye that he says he got from his father CJ helps her change the tire but she for some reason seems drawn to this teenager and knows that it's time to run away She leaves and doesn't plan to come back That is until she's out chasing another storm and a fellow chaser and his partner get into a car accident trying to outrun a tornado As much as she hates Max she stops to help him and his partner Tony landing herself in the hospital after she's hit in the head by some debrisAfter she gets all patched up Roni insists that it's time for her to leave so she gets back into her car and takes off ending up back in the same small town at the diner It's here that she sees CJ again As much as she tries to hide from him he spots her and with him is the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on and it's none other than Coleman Cade himself He's fit it's tall he rugged and he's got a charm that is irresistible Roni knows she should leave and stay away but CJ invites her to his rodeo show the next night and she knows she just can't stay away She goes that night and meets his grandmother Nan Nan seems to understand why Roni feels the need to run but she won't tell her why It's almost as if Nan can see right through her just like CJ can and it scares Roni Roni hasn't let anyone near her since the accident that took everything from her But the time she spends with the Cades the close she is drawn to them She's scared but she can't seem to run away from them As much as she tries to fight her growing attraction to Coleman she just can't seem to do it He's everything that she's never wanted in a man and then some being a rodeo star himself He's got a wicked sense of humor even developing the nickname Banty for Roni Roni's at one point does try to run away but Coleman follows her insisting that he wants to spend the week with her while she's out chasing so they set out on their adventure together Roni's nightmares continue but as they do so do the growing number of fantasies she has about Coleman and it's only a matter of time before their relationship begins to grow and they get closer to one another Coleman may be a lot of things but the one thing he is is very protective of Roni and does all he can to keep her safe and feel how much he cares for her Even with all this Roni knows she should run away but no matter what she tries she just can't seem to shake Coleman When tragedy strikes the Cade family and Coleman reveals a secret that will rock Roni's world straight to it's core and really send her running this time will she be able to overcome the impossible and learn to love those around her?Oh My God This story was amazing I have never read a story about a storm chaser While the overall story itself wasn't about chasing storms that's what Roni did for a long time and it was a new a refreshing twist on a romance novel Couple that with the alpha male Coleman Cade and his relationship with Roni and it's explosive There was so much sexual tension throughout so much of this book and I loved every second of it You don't want to miss this one ladies I was in tears towards the end of the book You won't even see it coming but I had to stop at one point because it broke my heart to see what Roni had to endure Throughout it all Coleman stayed by her side and he is now one of my favorite book boyfriends Get ready ladies because Coleman will fog up your reading device and melt your heart I cannot wait to read CJ's story and am so excited to hear that Laurel has decided to write his story because I for one have not had enough of the Cade family 5 amazing starsReview copy provided in exchange for a honest review