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For fans of Kate Morton and Sarah Waters here’s   a magnetic debut novel of wrenching family secrets forbidden love and heartbreaking loss housed within the grand gothic manor of Black Rabbit Hall Ghosts are everywhere not just the ghost of Momma in the woods but ghosts of us  too what we used to be like in those long summers Amber Alton knows that the hours pass differently at Black Rabbit Hall her London family’s country estate where no two clocks read the same Summers there are perfect timeless Not much ever happens Until of course it does More than three decades later Lorna is determined to be married within the grand ivy covered walls of Pencraw Hall known as Black Rabbit Hall among the locals But as she’s drawn deeper into the overgrown grounds half buried memories of her mother begin to surface and Lorna soon finds herself ensnared within the manor’s labyrinthine history overcome with an insatiable need for answers about her own past and that of the once happy family whose memory still haunts the estateStunning and atmospheric this debut novel is a thrilling spiral into the hearts of two women separated by decades but inescapably linked by the dark and tangled secrets of Black Rabbit Hall

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    45 stars REALLY close to 5 stars I loved this book It was published in early 2016 yet I hadn't heard of it until very recently special thanks to my GR friend Frances The blurb mentions a Kate Morton comparison which is what made me decide to read it I love Kate Morton I am so glad I read it And isn't this cover gorgeous??There are two storylines which weave and connect throughout the novel The author Eve Chase did a fantastic job of keeping my attention piued within each storyline throughout the book I had a hard time putting this down Each character was well developed I was completely immersed in their emotions and situations I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the Alton family especially the four children Toby Amber Kitty and Barney Each one of them captured a different piece of my heart throughout the novel I admired the strength the siblings had with one another they loved and protected each other fiercely I adored their mother Nancy who seemed to have such a natural maternal way of loving them What this family endured threw my heart all over the place was a bit of an emotional roller coaster Black Rabbit Hall the estate itself seemed to have a life of its own that pulled me along keeping me fully engaged as the story unraveled Eve Chase drew such a vivid description of the property that I could actually feel myself within the rooms in the forest on the beach etc along with the charactersWhile I wouldn't uite put this novel as an eual to Kate Morton's books I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it I look forward to reading the next book that Eve Chase writes

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    Really REALLY good a complete surprise to me This is the perfect unputdownable summer book to get completely lost in Why is no one reading this or talking about it? A little bit gothic drama a little bit historical fiction a little bit of romance a good bit of suspense with wonderful characters and a fabulous decrepit mansion with a personality of its own Take this on vacation and thank me later Loved it every little bit of it

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    45 What is it about the crumbling mansion Black Rabbit Hall people are drawn to? It’s 1968 and the Alton family of five are happy and busy with their lives living in the huge mansion massive gardens and woods full of gnarly trees and rabbits on their doorstep Amber at 14 years of age is a twin to Toby who seems to have the world on his shoulder with dark moods and a depressing outlook on life Amber adores her parents other younger siblings but yet has a very special bond with Toby Now three decades later a bride to be is anxiously exploring venues for her wedding day with fiancé Jon tagging along Finally at the end of a long lane Lorna sees Black Rabbit Hall and immediately has to have it for her special day Nothing is out of place not the buckets spread about the various rooms to catch the scattering raindrops from the leaky roof wall paper peeling or even the hydrangeas growing through the floorboards of the ballroom All Lorna sees is floating down the grand staircase on the well worn carpet in her wedding gown and therefore nothing else would ever do But this atmospheric and strange dwelling is tugging strongly at her and the she wanders the grounds the Black Rabbit Hall draws her in An entertaining with lyrical writing and a character driven book it will keep the reader engrossed throughout the pages

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    Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase is a 2015 publication Many people will place a book in the Gothic category using the term too loosely in my opinion but It’s very very rare to find a story that delivers an authentic Gothic mystery However ‘Black Rabbit Hall’ delivers exactly that and with relish on top I’m thrilled and amazed by this book which tells the story of four children living an ideal life in 1968 until tragedy strikes From there their lives uickly dissolve into madness turmoil and melancholy with tragedy to follow Fast forward to present day where we meet Lorna and Jon a couple madly in love looking for a wedding venue Oddly enough an old Cornwall house on the list of possibilities peaks Lorna’s interest not only because she loves old houses but because she has some fragmented memories of having visited there with her mother who recently passed away Once she sees the house her heart is set on it despite Jon’s skepticism Before long Lorna becomes involved with the matriarch of the house and the housekeeper vowing to help bring in clients by writing up an article regarding the history of the house and its family legacy Little did she know her vague memories of the house connect her in a direct way to its past and could possibly shape her future The lovely and isolated setting of Cornwall is a fitting backdrop to tell the history of the Alton children The mystery of what became of the family is told in alternate chapters while Mrs Alton shares her memories with Lorna in the present As the story unfolds Lorna slowly begins to piece together her own memories of Black Rabbit Hall revealing a shocking revelation that left me stunned This absorbing tale and family saga is full of dark secrets betrayals and manipulations but as the two storylines begin to merge the ghosts of the past will finally rest in peace paving the way for healing and new beginning for all This is such a beautifully written novel rich in details and vivid characterizations cloaked with a haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the final pageThe ending is everything I hoped it would be and This is definitely my kind of book 5 stars

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    I fell in love with the crumbling Black Rabbit Hall with all it’s dark and tangled secrets and the connections it hid With almost every house haunted with secrets it comes with the haunting presence of a malicious character that adds to the mystery it holds Through alternating chapters we meet the Alton family and the story is told by the oldest daughter Amber in the past and Lorna in the present whose curiosity turns to obsession and finds herself desperate to uncover the hidden secrets and the connection she feels to the house The two stories are drawn together creating a romantic gothic mystery that left me alternating from tugging at my heartstrings to frustration Black Rabbit Hall is a haunting and romantic family saga that is so lusciously written that I highly recommend All of Norma’s my reviews can be found on our Sister Blog

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    35 Black Rabbit Hall has been in their family for generations It is the place their family escapes to from London The place where the four children are allowed to run wild play and the place where their mother and father seem happiest Until a tragic accident changes things foreverTwo storylines the past getting to know the children experience the changes in their family after the tragedy The future thirty years later when a young bride is looking for a place to have her wedding Remember the hall from when she her mother and father would travel to the Cornish coast each summer Although now dilapidated and needing extensive work she falls under its spellBut the hall hold secrets betrayals tragedies and lies Very readable novel simply told but covers alot of ground Liked the children's stories better than the present day one That one seemed a little awkward not as smooth and a little too pat The ending tied a little to tidily I did enjoy this though the children wormed their way into my heart Loved the descriptions of the house and the clocks that never kept the correct time Much to admire here a complicated read told in an uncomplicated wayARC from NetGalley

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    Black Rabbit Hall is the moldering ancestral home where the happy Alton family spends every school vacation It is 1968 and Nancy Alton is the perfect mother to her four children; she is kind beautiful smart and athletic She is filled with joie de vivre and wants the same for the twins 14 year old Amber and Toby 5 year old Barney and 4 year old Kitty Her husband Hugo adores Nancy and their life as well They have everything until a horrific accident takes it all away and sends them all spiraling away from their centerA modern day story is taking place too Lorna and her fiance Jon are looking at wedding venues and come to Black Rabbit Hall after a long arduous car trip She is immediately taken with it he is revolted by its decrepitude and seems shaken by her choice They seem to be coming apart as well Why should this old house be their undoing? Wrapped up very neatly at the end the story is a love letter to moms everywhere and succeeds at explaining how much our mothers influence our choices in life Momma's pleasure in spring was one of the pleasures of spring I wonder then if all children just love the things that make their mothers happy

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    I've discovered that life doesn't always turn on the obvious things people dying marriages all the stuff that gets carved on the tombstones but little unrecorded things tooBlack Rabbit Hall is a slow atmospheric novel of family secrets told with beautiful prose and imagery It is a dual time story set on an old English manor beautifully done There is one big twist in the story which you could see coming from a mile away but I don't think it takes anything away from the reader A great book for fans of Kate Morton

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    Lorna has set her sight on to get married at Pencraw Hall known as Black Rabbit Hall among the locals But the she spends at the place the she feels that the place has a special meaning to her She tries to find out about the history of the Alton family that owns the mansion what really happened 30 years ago when the once happy family was torn apartI love books with parallel storylines especially those that involve grand houses a mystery that has to be solved and skeleton in the closet So when I saw this book I just knew I had to read it And I wasn't disappointed I was instantly hooked and couldn't wait out to find out about what really happened in the 60s that could destroy a family soSometimes one storyline can be weaker than the other but this time I found both eually interesting to read In the 60s are Amber Alton's trials and tribulations touching to read about She is a young girl that is desperately trying to keep her family together but at the same time she is on the verge of womanhood and sometimes actions can have dire conseuences Lorna on the other hand is moving forward in life after suddenly losing her mother a loss that is still raw for her And Black Rabbit Hall has a special connection to her She has photos of her there with her mother standing at the house Why was her mother so eager to travel just to Black Rabbit Hall when she was little?I liked the book very much I was intrigued by the mystery of the Alton family and the mystery of Lorna's connection to the mansion I think this book will appeal to those that like me like to read books about secrets old mansions and the people that used to live there It's a well written book and I hope to read from Eve Chase I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Edelweiss for an honest reviewRead this review and others on A Bookaholic Swede

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    I don't know why it took me so long to pick this book up but I'm glad I finally did It's a clever engaging story about a family a house and the secrets it holds The writing is wonderfully evocative and the characters well developed and intriguing The multiple POVs and jump back and forth in time are done so well and add great intricacy and depth to the story I am already looking forward to reading Eve Chase's new book The Wildling Sisters RecommendedFind reviews and bookish fun at