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He could smell the luscious scent of fresh cream The year is 2032 The Captain of the spaceship Voyage to the Milky Way gets hot and hungry after he finds out the Russians are catching up He takes out his anger by spanking his hucow Samantha then takes her hard and fills her up while enjoying a milky afternoon snack And nurse Doris has taught Samantha some naughty new tricks you'll be salivating over Then we go back to Earth and find Dr Lechon training another hucow innocent coed Heidi He has to lure her away from home so he can give her his famous lactation injection and sell her to the Russians The whole galaxy is going crazy with the thirst Click on the cover above for a sneak peek Then buy your ticket to the creamiest space race in history or the future now because this rocket is taking off today You know Jezebel always delivers the milk fresh and on time

12 thoughts on “Space Feeding Hucow Adventures #2

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    This is the second book in these seriesI liked the first book and I was looking forward to read this oneBut it didn't come to the level of the first book is what I thinkIt still is sexy and hot but there is to much in betweenMaybe the third part will be a better one again

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    In the next the next in this series the sex is still fun but the constant corniness by giving anything that could have a proper noun a reference to milk is enough to cause you to hold the e reader with both hands if you know what I mean The planet “Aulait” orbiting “Alpha Lacteo” ? Gimme a break Also I know in the future anything's possible but “Hucow University?” “Cream College?” Oh dear The only saving grace of this one was the older manyounger girl context – far kinkier than the first in the series