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The Elephant Gates is a recollection of the simple pleasures of childhood caught up in an inevitable tide of change With vivid and touching detail it recalls Weeratunge’s life home and family in her native village of Depanama on the island of Sri Lanka Weeratunge’s memories reveal a yearning for past times when traditions like celebrating the New Year or a Full Moon Day still endured Her poignant reminiscences evoke compassion for a misunderstood vagrant and a captive elephant and curiosity for the appearance of the Pot Bellied Merchant and Uncle Robert the Capitalist She celebrates everyday heroes like the Coconut Plucker the Cook of Sweet Meats and the Buffalo Herdsman With delicate diplomacy cultural change is signaled by events such as the abandoning of the firewood hearth and the arrival of the television These intricately woven stories are told with an engaging voice and graceful prose Time as it often does has softened the edges and imparted a gentle humor in each vignette whether in describing a rice harvest or sharing a game of checkers on the veranda Ultimately The Elephant Gates reaffirms our innate affinity for home family and the need to belong

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