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GAY BDSM Erotica Jesse Ryan is a young hottie just coming on the San Francisco kink scene After being dumped by his alpha jock boyfriend the 22 year old impulsively disappears into a new life with a hardcore master To the young Jesse they were just words But his new master uickly and brutally teaches Jesse exactly what NO LIMIT and NO WAY OUT mean for a slave boy WARNING Hardcore action

10 thoughts on “Disappear Brutal Master #1

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    Off to a good start on this seriesNot at all what I first thought but intrigue d after the first page I think I will enjoy the journey that Jesse is now on with the Taker Seems like it will be a brutal torturous journey Looking forward to reading

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    Boring and without plot Also badly written Seriously the book was written almost entirely by phrases like this

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    I'll read serials but I like them longer The concept is great the master is evil the slave does not know what he is getting himself in for Just the way I like it Not a romance this is gay eroticaporn with a plot that really starts to develop further along This intro whets the appetite