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As a program manager you are first and foremost a leader one who must create manage and continually improve a culture that ensures the success of your project managers Establishing and maintaining processes that greatly reduce the chances of project failure is paramount to achieving the competitive edge your company seeksThe Handbook of Program Management gives program managers at all levels the techniues to put such processes in place as well as consistently integrate new technology and new people into these processes thus producing superior products and services Dr James Brown an internationally recognized authority in program and project management explains how to strike a crucial balance between operations and project implementations the precise point where you must nurture repeatable successOutlining the differences between the roles of program and project managers Dr Brown provides proven principles for establishing a successful program management culture that is supported by enthusiastic personnel and stakeholders He shows you how to develop the attributes of an effective program manager from having a vision and strategy for long term improvement to assessing people and building relationships to analyzing a myriad of means for accomplishing program objectives You'll see how to Readily adapt to changing business conditions and turn chaos into clarity Mentor and coach project managers in terms of stakeholder management Make strategic program process decisions that positively impact your culture Build strong teams on multiple levels Plan an effective program execution Manage risk in an environment of uncertaintyYou'll also learn the keys to proper portfolio management and how to capitalize on positive program outcomes Nowhere else will you find such comprehensive authoritative information on meeting the new standards of program management Dr Brown's The Handbook of Project Management is the definitive resource

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    This is a great book I have to admit that skipped a few chapters on topics I'm extremely familiar with but I still feel confident in saying the book provides a great overview of program management It doesn't go deep but it lightly touches on all of the important aspects of the role My only complaint is that there was little to no focus on program management for people without any direct reports much of the focus was for PMs that have project managers working under them This is a very broad view and I understand why Brown took it but a little detail on PM without direct reports would have been appreciated The chapters on communicating with stakeholders team building and risk management were my favorites as that's where I gleaned the most information but overall it's a solid guide for PM basics that I would recommend to anyone starting out or looking to improve on bad habits

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    Contains a serie of tip of advises for new program managers However most of the book is recommenations which applies to portafolio program or project managers Usually a new program manager was before a project manager so concepts are clear The most I expected of that book was how steps I should take to deal with a program effectively but not much of that information is presented

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    As a PgMP I must say this is a very good book on the subject of program management I recommend it to those who are new to the field

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    Insightful good recommendations

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    Mr Brown manages in epic form to translate a part of his knowledge into 239ish pages of jam packed information for the program manager Also every page has something powerful on it and this is a book I will reread over and over again as I make my way into the PM world What sets this book apart is that you can feel Mr Brown's experience on every page While there are many great lessons in this book the part on meetings and buy in are worth the price of admission the big theme of the book is simple Listen Always listen Don't let tools or second hand knowledge rule you Get down and talk to people Understand your organization understand what makes your co workers tick From this all his other points take off And what an amazing amounts of points He doesn't dig too deep; you may need a primer on product management or if you've been in the trenches as long as me you may have gathered this knowledge via osmosis From dealing with your stakeholder to software to Agile to building teams to work load; Mr Brown runs the gamut If you are a program manager or want to be one or want to know what they do this is an excellent place to look

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    I got practical guidance from this book than any of the other Project Management books in our collection For me the most useful chapters are Stakeholder Management hugely helpful in anticipating cultural push back especially the suggestion to look for the Unofficial People of Influence Program Execution Processes Rolling Wave Scheduling and the stricture to Maintain Integrity with Change Control helped me prepare my managers for needed process improvements without making it sound like; You're a bunch of knuckleheads Program Communication Processes was tremendously helpful even though my desire for a Team Charter was placated and buried

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    I'm transitioning to a program management type role at work I had never heard of program management until the position was mentioned to me in relation to my move so this was a tremendous first resourceI basically had three thoughts while reading I would've never thought of that in a million years; How did I not think of that?; I'm already doing that This book is not of the professional management strand that does cheerleading than teaching There were parts that I felt like were written especially for others and then some that were directed at me I underlined on almost every page and this will remain at work with me for a while

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    A must read for program managers and a beneficial read for anyone in a management position There are some good tidbits such as Kill what's ugly while it's young as well as advice about consistency defining expectations etc

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    Very readable book with tons of tips for program an portfolio managers Recommended

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    Amazingly concise and well written I have never highlighted so many passages in a single book