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NOTE This novel is the seuel to FAMILY TREES by Kerstin MarchNestled along the shores of the beautiful Great Lakes Meyers Orchard is where Shelby Meyers found unexpected love and strength—and now must forge a new life on her own termsMarriage marks both a happy ending and a new chapter for Shelby Meyers She and Ryan Chambers have overcome tremendous odds to stand together in her grandparents' orchard on the bluffs of Lake Superior exchanging vows Still there are challenges old and new to contend with Shelby struggles to find her niche among Ryan’s prominent Chicago family while her own mother remains unreliable and unpredictable impacting her life even from afar Though Shelby’s love for Ryan is as deep rooted as the orchard her rocky upbringing makes her hesitant to start a family Before she can reconcile those feelings a personal tragedy throws Shelby’s confidence and her marriage into crisis To move forward she’ll have to go back—to her Great Lakes hometown and her mother and to secrets she could never have guessed at as she resolves to branch out on her own

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    I was thrilled when I realized that this was the seuel to Family Trees a book I truly enjoyed I love a good love story and Branching Out is just that This book details the lives of Ryan and Shelby two individuals who come from very different walks of life Branching Out chronicles further difficulties and a great tragedy the couple must come to terms with One can't help but root for the characters and that they will prevail over their circumstances I highly recommend this book

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    Loved this book Lake Superior plays her own special role in this story which makes it a perfect book to devour over winter break

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    Branching Out picks up right where Family Trees ends When we left off Shelby had moved to the city to be with Ryan Somewhere along the way Ryan proposes kicking off the second novel with the wedding Embarking on a new journey to spend the rest of their lives together but will the secrets they're hiding destroy everythingI love the way Kerstin March continues to tell Shelby and Ryan's story Branching Out gives us an honest look into the lives of two very different people who are trying to make it and live their own happily ever after There are so many moving moments in this novel that will make you cry and give you hope Beautifully written and looking forward to book three

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    I absolutely loved this book A seuel to Family Trees Branching Out is everything readers of the first novel needed and wanted to know Set on gorgeous Lake Superior this novel follows two fascinating people who have complex pasts to face before they can move forward with their life together Check out my review on BookTrib

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    Reviewed for Chick Lit Central wwwchicklitcentralcomBranching Out picks up where it’s predecessor Family Trees left off While Shelby and Ryan embark on a new journey ready to form their union and spend forever together they have secrets that threaten to damage their relationship and everything it stands for For Shelby so much of the foundation of her life has been uprooted It’s so hard for her to settle into a life with Ryan that’s so vastly different from what she’s known And for Ryan he can’t get over the past It weighs heavily on him but he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to admit that to Shelby I felt as though Branching Out went into the backstory of both main characters allowing us the opportunity to understand the why’s behind who they’ve become and the dynamics of their relationship When tragedy strikes the only place where Shelby feels she can heal is back home at Lake Superior But in the midst of her own turmoil and grief she’s left behind the one person she swore she’d spend eternity with for better or for worse Will their relationship survive? Branching Out gives an honest look into the lives of two people who are trying hard to make it and live a happily ever after in the process There were many moments during the novel where I was overcome with emotion teary eyed angry and undeniably sad I knew there was a chance that all would end well even if that meant the status uo had changed which is so true to the way life works for most of us I highly recommend the Meyers Orchard series hopeful there will be a part three to Shelby and Ryan’s story

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    35 stars Branching out is a beautifully written heartwrenching story of loss grief and forgiveness It picks up shortly after the events of Family Trees and starts at a wedding March has done a great job at weaving in details from the first book and things that happened between the two without it feeling like a history lesson I love how poetic the writing feels and March definitely has a way with words I do admit though that I had some trouble connecting to the story until about 80 pages in at which point I then was completely enraptured Branching Out definitely delivers a powerful message and although at times is rather despondent it is also very beautiful If you love a good emotional story that will make your heart ache then Branching Out is perfect for you Just don't forget the tissues Ps I highly recommend reading Family Trees before reading Branching Out I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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    If you’re like me then you often wonder “what happens after the ‘happily ever after’?” The truth is the first year of marriage is often the most difficult of any couple’s life and things happen that make it even so for Ryan and Shelby Even if you haven’t read Family Trees you uickly get caught up in this couple’s story This book goes into intense places so that I was crying and couldn’t stop flipping pages When I began this series I thought I was just getting an easy heart warming small town romance But these two books are so much There’s so much about life and love and loss—and what it means to build a REAL partnership that endures A very special book

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    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and loved every page of Shelby and Ryan's story After the fairytale romance comes the unavoidable reality of life in all its beautiful and heartbreaking ways I adored the way family and home were centric in helping the characters navigate the rough waters we all face A highly recommended read

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    Readers of Nora Roberts and Janet Dailey need to discover Kerstin March Finish her debut novel Family Trees and immediately after you will want to begin this seuel Branching Out Love and loss and redemption a little glamour and the magical beauty of Lake Superior make this volume a nice place to spend your day

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    I read and enjoyed March's first book particularly because of the setting in Bayfield There are parts of this book that I enjoyed but I thought it was out of balance I wished that some parts had emphasis and some parts less It is hard to go into that without spoilers but I will say that I thought the discussions and time spent on the coming together in the beautiful place was way to brief There could have been so much richness in exploring their process since that seemed to be a key part of what the book was about I also think she could have explored how they came to feel about where they were and where they would be living at the end And I do have to also say that like another reader I struggled with the inaccurate geography It wasn't a big deal for me that she moved The Sea Caves closer to Bayfield But putting the hospital in Eau Claire anywhere near Fond du Lac made no sense and was disrupting Having said that there was a nice overall concept behind the book