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One passionate night Two lost souls A whole world of troubleJuggling two jobs to keep her belly dance studio afloat keeps Abby Anderson’s mind off her shattered love life—until a reawakened pain sends her into the arms of an anonymous stranger she plucks from the audience of her tribal belly dance show No names no strings no romance She tells herself it’s a harmless hookupUntil he turns up at her day job Derek Collier the sexy heir to the Collier media dynasty just landed everything he’s always wanted the publisher’s seat at the Orange County Herald Except his first order of business is to sell the newspaper Reeling from his family’s betrayal his only comfort is the memory of that mysterious belly dancer and the perfect night they spent together He won’t rest until he finds her againShe’ll lose everything if he does

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    35 Passion Traditional Stars 12In today's world it is so hard to be able to do what we really want to as a career we may feel a calling for something deeply but it may not be what will pay the bills So how do we decidedo we throw all of ourselves to what we truly want or do we conform and plow ahead on a path we know we will never be passionate about Or do we become crafty and live in both worlds the everyday world and also the passionate oneThis novella presents this uestion and shows how important it is to recognize what brings you joy in your life The author uses the art form of Belly Dancing and it works extremely wellLittle did I know there had been cause for people to look at it as something than a beautiful art formIt seems our main character had experienced the innuendos from others but as she became stronger in herself she realized this was her calling When the studio she was part of was up for sale she took the plunged and bought it Now she is barely getting by; temping at the major newspaper dancing at the nightclub and teaching is the way she is trying to make ends meet Unfortunately it is not working out and she is almost close to losing the studioWe meet her as she is getting ready to perform she is not going to think about late rent or anything else for that matter no she has made a decision to find a man in the audience tonight and if the feeling strikes her she will experience what she has not had in sometimePhysical contacttouch stroking caressingall of it she will give in to what many have offered and turned down tonight she just wants to feelwith no commitment He is at the bar back in his hometown angry with the change of events For years he worked labored and learned the newspaper game sweated and dealt with all the politics only to have learned the new course of action his retiring father has set in motion He was supposed to take over the paper he was suppose to run the show now they have decided to sell it out from under him He is in the club to just stew he needed a distraction from the painShe comes out from the curtain a beautiful vision nothing like he has ever seenshe sways and ripples; she hypnotizes him with the tattoo she has wrapped around her belly she comes to him at the bar draped in layers of chiffon coins and other exotic tokens eyes meet eyes an invisible chord connects them she leans to him and whispers meet me in the courtyardThese two meet and the agreement is made one night only; no names information or personal tidbitsof course it was a night of their lives for both of them she leaves under the cloak of the early hours wanting to stay but knowing she must goAs the next day happens a meeting for the newspaper takes place he is at the side of the publisher she doesn't understand what he is doing there He is announced as the new head She is transferred to be his ex assistantWhat will she do how can she handle this she needs this job to pay off her studio The charm of this novella was how much it gave us within the shorten structure We were able to see all of the steps and they make sense There was a bit of insta lust but under the circumstances it was fine I appreciated learning of the belly dancing art form and its history Overall a fast paced read for a blossoming series A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    I never write reviews with spoilers and here I am writing two spoiler y reviews in one day But the thing is I can't properly review this book without spoiling the hell out of itYou know how you can't watch a sci fi movie with a scientist because they sit there and critiue the science and the behavior of the scientist characters? Well it's the same way with a belly dancer reading a belly dance themed romance novellaIt's not even that this book gets the details of belly dance wrong the author's description of the character's tribal fusion costumes and movements is generally right although it's unlikely but not impossible that a fusion dancer would have a regular gig at a Middle Eastern restaurant The book is also write about the financial difficulties of running a dance studio so that felt like a realistic external conflict to motivate ZeninaHowever for a belly dancer the romance feels like horrorYou know how people joke that a lot of romantic gestures in movies and books would read like predatory behavior if it happened in real life? Yeah this story is like that If a man behaved towards me the way the man in this book behaves towards the belly dancer I'd be terrified and I know friends who have been subjected to unwanted stalker behavior so I had a hard time getting immersed in the romanceHonestly my difficulty all started when the main character is getting herself psyched up to have a one night stand It's been a year since a rough breakup and she hasn't gotten laid since then Now don't get me wrong I'm sex positive and I really liked seeing a woman who was out to have a good time as opposed to being pursued The problem is that her idea is to pick up a guy at her dance gig And she doesn't even take a moment to think about the problems of belly dancers being wrongly associated with sex work or about the potential problems this might cause for her for instance damaging her standing with her employer losing her gig entirely or having other customers think they can hire her for special favorsSo anyway she seduces a handsome man for a one night fling and they have a good time and she's happy because she's not afraid to ask for what he wants in bed and he's happy to give it to her although we discover this after the fact as the story fades to black before they get down to it There's no actual sex scenes in this book so if you prefer explicit romances this is not the one for youThen guess what? SURPRISE HE'S HER NEW BOSS But he doesn't recognize her without her makeup costume and fake hairBUT HE'S OBSESSED WITH HERSo he shows up for her next gig and when the bartender kicks him out at her reuest dude WAITS IN THE FUCKING PARKING LOT AND TRIES TO STOP HER FROM GETTING INTO HER CARThat's stalking behavior It's not cool So many dancers have a friend or someone from the restaurant walk them to their car because they're scared of this exact thing happeningSo then when she tells him that she doesn't want to see him again it was a one night stand please leave her alone what does he do?HE FUCKING HIRES ONE OF THE REPORTERS FROM HIS FUCKING NEWSPAPER THAT HE OWNS TO TRY TO TRACK DOWN HER REAL NAMEThis is one reason why dancers have stage names so that creepy fans can't track us down and harass us at work or home IT'S NOT FUCKING ROMANTIC IT'S FUCKING STALKINGSo even though this story has a nice Happy Ever After ending where they both help each other save the thing that matters most to them which shows a beautiful mutual appreciation and respect I couldn't feel happy because HE WAS A FUCKING STALKER This is the sort of thing that belly dancers have nightmares about

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    DNF at 66%I liked the writing style It was clean and expressive I liked the heroine and the premise and was looking forward to reading this bookBut the development of the relationship was really bad The main problem with this book is that the author spends a lot of time detailing useless shit like what the heroine was doing with the reports or her making cappuccinos etc and then just kind of magicks up relationship developments The stuff about her job would have been fine if the author had devoted eual attention to the important parts of the plot 1 54%Heroine has had a grand total of 3 very short and impersonal conversations with the hero view spoilerWhen he came back to see her and she shooed him away and the other 2 days she worked for him and he said do this for me and she said ok hide spoiler

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    I absolutely loved this novella Abby and Derek's love story is a delicious tale that will make you smile long past their happy ever after Abby meets Derek when she is performing as her bellydancing goddess alter ego Zenina Sparks fly and they share an exuisite night together They meet again and Derek doesn't recognize the exotic Zenina and the straight laced Abby are the same person I look forward to the next story in the California Belly Dance series and I hope Abby's best friend Melanie features in an upcoming story

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    Shimmy for Me is a fantastic contemporary romanceRead full review in the 2015 June issue of InD'tale Magazine

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    i knew it was short going in I mean pb was only listed at 117 pages but it felt even shorter than that took me less than an hour to read would loved it if it were a bit long

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    3 35 starsThis was an enjoyable story I like Abby and Derek and liked their story This is the first book I've read by this author and I liked it well enough that I'd consider trying of her work in the futureAbby is a temp at a Newspaper when the story begins but that's just the job to bring in money Her true occupation and love is a belly dancing studio she took over a year ago when her teacher decided to retire It's been tough and Abby has had a hard time making ends meet Abby had a boyfriend but they broke up a year ago when he made her chose between him and her studio and she's been single ever sinceDerek is the son of the current publisher of the newspaper he's taking over His family actually owns other communications businesses and Derek had wanted to take part in building his family's business specifically the newspaper Unfortunately by the time he got into a place where he was told the truth about how the business is fairing things are so bad that the rest of the family wants to sell the company Derek decides to see what he can do to stop the sale of the company before it's too lateTBH the book description pretty much tells it all and the story is short enough that if I tell much it'll just end up being spoilers I will say that the love is pretty much insta love one night and they're both hooked I could understand why they both did what they did when they did it but it was too bad that it caused issues that almost made a reunion impossible Abby and Derek do work things out though and the story ends with a nice resolution and a HEA for Abby and DerekThis was an enjoyable story Abby was a good heroine and I liked her Derek was a good hero overall He seemed like a jerk at work but considering the situation Derek found himself in I could kind of see how he wouldn't be Mr Nice guy at work I'm glad he was able to figure things out and come through in the end Overall this was a good story with characters I liked note I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator did a pretty good job FYI the last 21 minutes of the audio is a preview for book #2 in the series

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    To start this off this is my first story reading about a belly dancer so it was definitely interesting and fun to envision our female lead swaying and enchanting her audience during performances I enjoyed the sprinkles of humor throughout the book as well as the drama and work put into the attempts at saving the two businesses our main characters attempt to save However one thing I found hard to keep from my mind was the actual romance of our two main characters It was hard for me to find true love within their story of falling in love wondering constantly if they were confusing lust for something There was not enough focus on the building of their feelings for one another and the things Abby seemed to fall in love with I found hard to understand how it would make her feel love On Derek's end I found a severe lack of build up of love for our main character to make it hard to believe that once again this wasn't misunderstood lust In the end there was enough drama in the plot to keep me turning those digital pages to find the conclusion of their story

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    Short and sweetWhen I started reading this I thought it was going to be a lengthy book however it was short exciting and uite refreshing The belly dancer was wonderful her best friend Melanie was great at her hunky Derek was even better Nice story

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    The book was too short I liked the characters the descriptions of places in the story the relationships of the characters and the love story I will read of this author's books