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It was a quick read and a fun ride It pulled me in right away and I couldn t put it down I love books that do that Looking forward to picking up the novel when it comes out. Breakfast Is Severed Follows A Man Through A Changing World After The Life He Knows Is Ripped Away America Is In Upheaval In The Wake Of A Global Food Shortage He Learns, All Too Quickly, How We Are All Part Of A Precariously Balanced Community And When The Balance Is Lost Society Is Devoured By The Chaos Of DesperationCome Follow David Cameron As He Tries To Survive The Chaos Of This New HellCIETY For SUPPER Follows A Family In Their Struggle To Survive In The Aftermath Of A Global Food Shortage And Ultimately The Collapse Of Society The Life They Know Is Ripped Away Ben Donnelly And His Family Have To Fight To SurviveYou Re Going To Find These Stories To Be DeliciousMake Sure You Get Breakfast Into You Before Supper Is Ready Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Review 3.5 StarsPlot Story It s a very short story, like a teaser for the full length book to come The premise of the story looks very interesting and I think I would like to read the full book and see where and how things will change It was a bit confusing for me with all the action, but the reason for it was not sure to me It was a very fast paced read as you are thrown to story in mid action.Characters The main character David Cameron, seems like a strong character, but again it was too short and a lot of details about him were missing, for me.Romance Kills The love interest is short here and kills that were very crude, but still wasn t sure by whom they were made.Writing Breakfast is Severed is a well written short story It has lots of details of the surrounding, but it lacks the detail of emotions and characters, but again it s very short.Beginning We are thrown in as chaotic changes occur around the world of the main character David Cameron.Ending I loved how the author ended the teaser By the end of this short story, I wanted to know already what was going on.Cover Art The cover is very beautiful I love the simple style of it, a lot.Blurb The blurb describes very well the story and it s not reliving too many details which is nice.Other StuffOpening Line WHILE THUMBING THROUGH A MESSAGE ON HIS cell phone, David Cameron bit into his freshly toasted bagel Highlights The overall writing style of the author.Lowlights For me it fell on the details and I need a bit information I didn t know what was going on and what was hinted just wasn t enough for me.Final Thoughts overall it was a fast read and I liked the author s writing style Just needs a little tweaking with the details and characters and I am sure the full length book will be a 5 starts book and I will enjoy reading it.Memorable Quotes We are only nine meals from anarchy Read the original review at The Reading Bud A short review for a short story Breakfast is Severed is a well written and riveting story that does a great job at setting the stage for the full length novel that will come next As the reader, I am definitely intrigued by the premise and looking forward to the full meal I will leave you with a thought provoking quote from the story We are only nine meals from anarchy Can you imagine what would happen I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Breakfast Is Severed by TyCobbsTeeth is a short story which serves as a prequel teaser for Society for Supper I know that because it is so stated on the first page I opened I am happy It is so annoying to read something that is billed as a short story, which I take to mean a complete short story with a conclusion, and then find out I actually only read a teaser I ll probably buy Society for Supper for that reason alone.From the beginning, we have either an engaging or a repulsive cover Readers get to decide Then we have a title that we will probably misspell at least once Watch out for the stealthy auto correct feature Then we have an author name which will probably stick in a reader brain for awhile Three cool things and we haven t even started reading David is in the US Army serving as an IT specialist As with many specialist technical jobs, he has defined shifts and is able to spend time at home with his dog He is able to lead a normal life, have a girlfriend, watch TV, walk in the park, normal things There have been disturbing news items from around the world about food shortages Countries that were not self reliant, that demanded imports to feed their population, were self destructing Rioting populations were overthrowing governments People were resorting to cannibalism.Over morning coffee, David receives a message He had to report immediately to his unit, no further information Before he could even respond to the message, a fire blossomed on his block and his, as well as other homes, were destroyed Shoeless and without a uniform, he reported to his unit and was told to prepare for redeployment within hours Unable to use cell phones government blocked after borrowing a car from his boss he rushed to his girlfriend s house to ask her to take care of the pet during his absence.That didn t work out well The reason is why this is a teaser, so no further revelations This is available through Kindle Unlimited Only 27 pages, it shows a quality of writing that makes me want to download Society for Supper along with the reason above I even learned a new word, labradoodle When I highlighted it in Kindle, I expected to get back a blank screen but, nope, it exists. To be clear my disappointment has nothing to do with the writing style or plot The style is good and the premise is interesting.Short stories are whole, albeit small, tales They have an arc They may leave an opening for continuation at the end, but they are a complete story in and of themselves Despite Breakfast being labeled as a story, it is not it is a teaser If I d known it was a teaser, I wouldn t have picked it up to read.With that said, I may pick up the book when it actually comes out since it seems like it will be good, but I was quite disappointed to find I was accidentally reading something that offered no closure I hate that. This was actually a really good teaser, the entire time I m trying to figure out wtf is going on I would most likely read the whole book thank you for the appetizer, now I m ready for dinner