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With contributions of 18 different authors parties and organisations from the International Communist Movement Content Presentation and introduction by Ludo Martens James Klugmann Titoïsm a tool of capitalism and imperialism 1951 Niel Gould The Twentieth Congress and After April 1956 Nina Andreeva All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks Anti stalinism is a Trojan horse in the communist movement Kurt Gossweiler Errors and Successes in the Building of Socialism Strong and Weak Aspects of the Struggle Against Revisionism Dr Wiktor Zbigniew The causes and the forces of the counterrevolution in Poland Communist Party of Cuba Fidel Castro and Raul Castro Cuba didn't fall it's stronger by relying on its people Kim Jong Il Workers' Party of Korea Building socialism by combining ideological cultural and technical revolution with people's power Party of Greece Thoughts about the reversal of the socialist system in Europe Armando Liwanag Communist Party of the Philippines Stand for socialism against modern revisionism Ammar Bagdache Syrian Communist Party Counter revolution in the Soviet Union Communist Ludo Martens Workers' Party of Belgium An assessement of the collapse of the Soviet Union Socialist Unity Centre of India SUCI The development of revisionism in the CPSU and restoration of capitalism in the former Soviet Union Adel Samara The Soviet Union from revolution to collapse Ishmael Rinashe Dube Zimbabwe The collapse of socialism in the Soviet Union and its impact on some southern African countries Kurtulus DHKP Revisionism and liuidation of proletarian internationalism Harpal Brar The Economics of Class Struggle under Socialist power Vijay Singh Revolutionary Democracy Stalin and the uestion of the market socialism in the Soviet Union after the second world war Initiativa Communista Italy The historical significance of the Twentieth Congress Appendix Proposals for the unification of the International Communist Movement

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