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Ele é o assassino perfeito Imparável Impossível de identificar Pensa ele CHICAGO 1931 Harper Curtisum vagabundo paranoico e violento dá de caras com uma casa ue possui um segredo tão chocante como a natureza distorcida de Curtis permite o acesso a outras épocas Ele usa a para perseguir as suas raparigas cintilantes – e tirar lhes o brilho de uma vez por todasCHICAGO 1992 Diz se ue o ue não nos mata nos faz mais fortes Experimente dizê lo a Kirby Mazrachi cuja vida ficou devastada depois de sofrer uma brutal tentativa de assassínio Continua a tentar encontrar o agressor tendo como único aliado Dan um ex repórter de crime ue cobrira o seu caso anos antes À medida ue prossegue a sua investigação Kirby descobre as outras raparigas as ue não sobreviveram Os indícios apontam para algo impossível Mas para alguém ue devia estar morto impossível não uer dizer ue não aconteceu

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    SUEEE this book is going to end up being the it book of the summer and probably beyond because some of you are slow to catch on and it deserves a longer it cycleit is about a time traveling serial killerwhich sounds like drunken mad libs but it works time travel the idea of time travel freuently either makes my head hurt or is just too silly for me to care aboutbut this one is different the time travel is never given any scientific justification it just is and you accept it or you read a different book a man finds a magic house that is both his and not his whose door opens to different points in the past and it is filled with objects that he both recognizes and doesn't recognize are we having fun yet? basically these objects create a pull in him a need to move through time to track down the girls to whom these objects belonged to taketo have taken these things from them when they were young and when he first identifies them as one of his shining girls and then to return to them years later and murder them so it is his story and their stories and the story of the one who got away without him knowing hunter hunted and magic house in a chronological tangle that works perfectlyin a way it reminded me of life after life because as each shining girl is introduced you can't help but feel a character attachment to them even though you know what is coming just like you knew ursula was going to come to a bad end over and over but you couldn't help feeling optimistic that maybe this time will be the time she makes it through i've also heard it being called dragon tattoo with time traveland while it has shades of that in its mutilating of womenfemale vigilante aspect this one doesn't have any gratuitous sexual violence for the book to spend way too much time describing and it has real recognizable characters that aren't cartoons girls who shine seem to grow up to be women with purpose women who subvert traditional gender roles to become welders in wartime or fight their way into a boys club architecture firm or who have the potential to change opportunities for women as they assist in abortion clinics or encourage young women at risk to overcome their circumstances but this might be overthink the murders are gendered obviously but there isn't a lot of time spent on motive because there isn't motive it is chilling because there is no real reason for it except a compulsion a gut based instinct rather than a measured philosophy about why these girls they shine through time and that is enough but there isn't a connective thread except the one he creates by killing them and swapping their totemic objects and he makes mistakes along the way with girls who lose their shine with falling for appearances with experimenting with his methodology and with accidentally leaving kirby alive this is not a preternatural mastermind; just a man with a twisted need to kill who happened to stumble upon a magic houseand the story is horrifying obviously the murders are graphic to those of you who know who you are and have limits there will be entrails and a sad dog story that somehow gets sadder but at the same time it can be genuinely funny kirby is great she is tough without coming across as a cartoon like lisbeth does you love her because she has overcome but still remains so normal not a victim but not some superior vigilante either she definitely takes charge of her situation but she still has soft edges; she is not caricature and she shinesgreg was just telling me a couple of weeks ago and then wrote in his review of the book that with lethem's female character in dissident gardens lethem keeps telling you she is smart and sexy but you never really see it as a reader because he's not great at writing women here you see all of kirby her vulnerability her love and irritation with her mother her frustration with her symbolic status as survivor her anger and her determination and her drive to finding answers that will sometimes land her into uncomfortable situations and you can see why she was singled out to begin withdefinitely make this part of your summer reading listcome to my blog

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    No not the twins from the Kubrick movie but the targets of a serial killer who finds a time portal in Chicago during the Depression and jackrabbits his way through recent American history killing women and taking trophies Until that is he encounters a tuff girl who’s not so easy to do away with It’s the black hole version of The Time Traveler’s Wife

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    Here's the thing about this book it is a mash up of many different genres and while the execution was perfectly fine I felt none of them were showcased in a way that was particularlyoutstanding?A breakdown of some of the different elements this book tries to incorporate along with a few thoughts on eachTime travel the jumps in timeline in this book involve a weird house in Chicago in the 1930s It shows Harper Curtis all the girls he's yet to kill and allows him to slip in and out of different periods to spy on have brief cryptic interactions with and eventually kill his victims That's basically as much explanation you'll get I didn't necessarily mind this at first even though a little detail might've been nice I'm not really sure why time travel was used in this book however it added so little by way of the coolnessinterest factors that you could have taken out this plot device entirely and the book would have been pretty much the same animal The House's presence confuses me greatly is this supposed to be a this place'll drive you crazy thing a la The Shining? Serial killer Those girls shine to Harper oh they do But why? Although I appreciate that this isn't a panting pervy book we're not given enough reasons why these girls shine to him Serial killers especially ones patient enough to wait so long before acting on their desires are often methodical creatures of habit whose insatiable impulses do have rhyme and reason at least to the killers What's triggering Harper? Something is and yet I never felt like I understood what made one girl call out to him over another And when so much of the book takes place from his POV it's a problem if you don't understand him to some degreeThere are a few moments that bordered on the uncomfortable but this story doesn't really commit fully to exploring or even showing us the twisted psychology of a man fixated on stalking little girls from their childhood Yeah there are scenes that may shock you if you don't readwatch a lot of thrillers but it's all pretty dispassionately displayed Like THERE now there are entrails on the floor see those? Harper pulled those out Now he's going to move on and you should tooHorrorThriller Tension This book could have used of itHistorical detail I suppose there must have been historical markers for the different time periods but I can tell you that a few weeks after finishing it I don't remember a single oneVictim POVhuman interest This is the part that's supposed to make you sympathetic and provide a human element to this story Kirby one of the girls he preyed upon made it out alive She's investigating her would be killer in the year 1989 and the even accepting the freedom and tools she has to do it it all pretty much amounts to nothing view spoilerbecause the killer comes to find her hide spoiler

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    This book is weird The climax features a one sided snowball fight And it’s about a time traveling serial killer It’s weird It’s also not very good The Shining Girls is a book of parts and some parts work some parts don’t Each chapter focuses on a person and a time Harper the time traveling serial killer spends most of his chapters in the Great Depression Era plotting escapades to the future to kill “shining girls” The other main character is Kirby a shining girl from the early 90s who survives Harper’s homicide attempt She partners with Dan—a loveable Chicago Sun Times reporter who was my favorite character—to catch her killer If a chapter title read Kirby 24 June 1992 I would read with gusto If a chapter title read Harper 18 January 1932 I’d groan and settle in for an unenjoyable chapter It’s problematic when you don’t want to read any of the antagonist’s boring tedious and repetitive chapters since they amount to than half the bookI picked this book up after hearing the phrase “time traveling serial killer” But Lauren Beukes doesn’t sufficiently develop either of these ideas The time travel seems like a gimmick Harper finds a House with a Room full of objects and names of shining girls he will kill decades in the future He can walk out of this House into a different time to hunt these women I don’t really understand the House or the rules of time traveling here Harper often loops his own narrative hopping from a later time to an earlier time with seemingly no conseuences Structurally the time traveling is difficult to follow As I said each chapter is headed with the character’s name and the date but when I’m reading fast and the chapters are short I lose track of “when” I am in the text The intricacies of Harper’s sojourns back and forth through Chicago were lost on me And since we jump from past to future events are spoiled long before they ever happen Beukes could have used this foreknowledge to create great dramatic irony and tension but the way she used it only lessened my appreciation of the narrative I knew what was going to happen but I wasn’t pushed to fear what was going to happen A linear narrative would not have worked for this story but—if this makes any sense—I would have appreciated a linear non linear story As a serial killer story it fails as well Why do I read murder novels? To attempt to understand a killer’s motivations To admire the tenacity of a victim Or to empathize with the devastation of a victim To figure out whodunit Yet all of that was absent here For the excess of Harper chapters I suffered through I still don’t understand him as a person Unlike many popular serial killers Harper is neither charming nor horrifying; he merely kills Kirby is a likeable protagonist but her motivation to find her killer is the most striking aspect of her character Not much else defines her And while this story is a mystery to Kirby it is never a mystery to the reader who knows the killer and his secrets from the first page One thing that impressed me about The Shining Girls was Beukes’s research Chicago is an important part of this novel The time and characters may change but Chicago remains constant The research is impeccably detailed and thus Chicago breathes with life But as I’ve noticed with other historical novels especially those set in bright American metropolises during sumptuous eras the author can become indulgent with the depth of her research There’s too much here It’s too referential Often it feels like a famous Chicago landmark is alluded to merely because the author had seen it in her research And despite all the research I’m surprised by the way the dates are written in the chapter headings Perhaps it’s an editorial error but the dates are written in the datemonthyear format—eg 1 July 1989—even though this book is the American edition and it is set entirely in America Even in the non American editions it would be authentic to use our admittedly backward monthdateyear format Thematically The Shining Girls shines a little brighter Harper’s pursuit of “shining girls” is a good metaphor for the way a patriarchal society punishes girls with promise wanting to push them back to their “proper” place And the idea of a House that dictates who Harper will kill years into the future well represents the idea of a true psychopath Once Harper finds the House he appears to have no control over himself Harper was meant to kill is meant to kill will always be meant to kill He is a killer in every iteration of time and spaceI’ve written a lot about a book I didn’t really like If you want Chicago and history and murders read The Devil in the White City Murder Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson instead 1 it happened in real life 2 it has Ferris Wheels

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    It's not easy to sell people on the concept of The Shining Girls because every time I try to describe the plot I can't do it without making this sound like the dumbest possible idea for a book This is a story about a time traveling serial killer See? It sounds so dumb and so bad And if you read it and came to the same conclusion I would not blame you at all But much like the cranked to eleven lunacy of The Girl on the Train this book just worked for me In essence this is a very very dumb idea for a story that has been executed very very well which is also how I describe Pacific Rim a movie where humans build giant robots to fight giant aliens and it's actually one of the best movies I've ever seenOur killer is Harper Curtis and while on the run from gangsters in 1930's Chicago he discovers that he can time travel Specifically he finds a house that acts as a sort of portal to other time periods and only Harper Curtis has the keyThe specifics and the logic of how and why Curtis decides to use this power to hunt and kill women across time does not matter the point is that he does and one of his victims manages to survive Kirby Mazrachi is in college in 1989 when Harper Curtis attacks her and leaves her for dead She makes a physical recovery but becomes obsessed with finding the man who tried to kill her To do this she applies for an internship at the Chicago Sun Times with a sports writer who used to cover homicides and enlists his help tracking down her attempted murderer The chapters move back and forth across time showing us the various murders that Curtis commits while in the present Kirby attempts to find a pattern of unsolved murders that will lead her to the man who tried to kill her Curtis we realize does not kill at random Each of his victims is in his mind a girl who shines across time enabling him to locate her It's not made totally clear what he means by shining but each woman is doing something revolutionary or noteworthy when Curtis cuts her life short this is the point in the review where I'm very tempted to say that Kirby is in a race against time or something like that I'll let you know that I resisted that impulse but not happilyLook I'll come right out and say that book is not for everyone The violence is detailed and gruesome particularly the scene where Curtis first attacks Kirby and we see every horrible action The deaths and brutalization of women and animals alike are described and it's exactly as upsetting as it should be Other reviewers have pointed out and I agree that all of Curtis's victims besides Kirby never get to be anything other than victims each is introduced to the reader and given a backstory just to make sure that we understand how upsetting and sad her death is and that's all we see of them Also Kirby has a romance subplot that really didn't work for me first because it was a distraction from the central plot and also because I have a sneaking suspicion that Beukes included it to show us that Kirby is recovering from her trauma as if the best way to fix a woman is to give her a man But May December romances have never been my particular thing so maybe that's why it didn't work for me This is honestly of a three star book but I'm giving it an extra star because Beukes made two very very good choices in her storytelling and I have to give her credit for them First she sets parameters for Curtis's time travel abilities he cannot travel further back in time than 1929 and this means that we don't have to go through some idiotic revelation that Curtis was actually Jack the Ripper or something or considering the Chicago location HH Holmes And the second very very good thing Beukes does is a spoiler so I'm going to hide it view spoilerSo Kirby is raised by a single mom and doesn't know who her father is About halfway through the book a terrible thought occurred to me oh Jesus are we going to find out that Curtis had sex with Kirby's mother during one of his time travel jaunts and he's Kirby's father and that's why they have this connection oh god no no no nooooo It would have been an awful twist and Beukes could have easily gone that route and thank god she didn't because otherwise I would have had to explain to the nice people at the library that I couldn't return The Shining Girls because I had thrown it into a river hide spoiler

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    The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes first published in 2013 is fascinating almost hypnotic for many reasons but emphatically because its style and subject matter makes it an odd fit for clearly defined genres Combining elements of horror murder mystery thriller crime and time travel fantasy this book finds itself on a uniue bookshelf and Beukes demonstrates her rare gift of imagination and technical ability Using a shifting perspective jumping chronological narrative techniue that works brilliantly with the time travel elements of the story Beukes’ prose is tight and fast paced Her characterizations are also spot on complex and humanistic; with a very likeable strong female protagonist and a wholly deplorable antagonist Especially good are her sketches of the victims Beukes crafts them into three dimensional real blood and soul people Good enough for Stephen King or Richard Matheson behind it all is a deliciously mysterious haunted house No mistake this is a novel about a time traveling serial killer and the necessary contextual violence will be too much for some readers but it also appears that this South African author is a baseball fan so I liked it even A very good read

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    Of course I have pet peeves don’t we all I am bone weary tired of books being promoted as the next Gone Girl or worse stilljust like The Secret History So just to set the record straight this is nothing like Gone Girl and the only relation I can see to Stieg Larsson’s books is that there is a female survivor who is not prepared to lay down Then again a great many books have kick ass female survivors The problem with this need to categorize some books as being similar to this or that is that all too often the book suffers in comparison This is no exception What we have here is a time travelling serial killer Very cool concept no doubt I was just underwhelmed if you will with the executionSo suspend belief and come along Our dirt bag killer Harper Curtis has found a house in depression era Chicago that is like a portal to both past and future years thereby allowing our killer to step out the door and into the past or some future Chicago landscape Inside the house Harper finds objects that seem to cause a compulsion or perhaps a memory of past compulsions within him which in turn leads him out the door and into another period of time where he finds one of his victims at an early age allowing Harper to leave one of these objects with her until such time as he can come back and retrieve it and her Kirby is one of Harper’s victims Problem is she didn’t die but survived the horrific attack and is determined to find the brute responsible She is courageous with a uick and sarcastic tongue that she uses deftly to keep irritants at bay Haunted by her past Kirby is stuck in time unable to move forward until she can mark paid to her past This girl needs closure The magic house with its time portal and time travelling artifact like objects is never really explained It is what it is thereby allowing the reader to fill in the blanks And then there are the rest of Harper’s victims and there are many We meet them at various stages of their life but a glimpse at best is all that we are awarded And so it is that we meet insert name here Harper has met her as well and so we know she is destined to die a graphically brutal death As terrible as it sounds I had a hard time connecting with any of these so called shining girls as the author never really painted their canvass for me I mean come on if I am going to plunge into the lake then I want to see its murky depths get pulled in by the undertow feel the water sluicing off my skin Instead there I was on the time travelling serial killers bus as he moved from stop to stop kill to kill leaving objects taking objects hurtling through time but I cannot say that I ever really cared about his victims which in turn meant that I was pretty much just biding my time and waiting for the ride to be over Kirby of course was the exception which sadly to me conjured this all too omniscient sense of what was to come A truly uniue concept that I can only wish had been explored a little further fleshed out carved into my empathetic being enough to make me care about its characters So yeah three all hype no heft but pretty cover kind of stars

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    A killer travels through time picking his victims and leaving mementos behindI thought I'd venture outside of my comfort zone with The Shining Girls and I certainly managed that It was far too gory and violent for meThe trouble is that almost half of the story is told from the killer's point of view The reader gets a front row seat at the crimes usually immediately after a series of passages describing the girl so that an emotional connection is formed with the victimI was on a run listening to the audiobook now let me be honest I was on a mildly taxing walk listening to the audiobook and I had to turn it off when he attacked Kirby It was simply too much with all of the horror violence and the bit with the animal tooPerhaps if I had been reading a physical book I could have skimmed the awful bits But even then I think it would be safe to say that this was not the book for meI was really excited when Beukes introduced the reader to the newsroom of the Chicago newspaper Her description of the reporter's cubes all stacked up on one another with the sports and feature writers off to the side was eerily accurate to where I workI also enjoyed the interactions between Dan and Kirby those two were snappy and funOverall though the gore of the story was too much for me Only recommended for readers who can handle that type of thing

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    There's a lot for me to love about this book1 The main character Kirby is fantastic She is a survivor literally independent courageous and determined a bit of a smart ass with a smart mouth But she's no mere Mary Sue possessing vulnerabilities and flaws that make her uniuely Kirby and nobody else I found her funny and totally sympathetic uite honestly the entire novel pivots around her Without her the intricate house of cards the author builds would collapse in on itself at the slightest shift 2 The villain Harper is a skeevy creepy predator a wholly horrific construct of misogyny and homicidal tendencies There isn't much depth or nuance to this guy he's just a walking talking body of hedonistic impulses and demented desires We don't get any personal history for him or why he should have become what he's become We know some of his twisted motivations derive from the magical ualities of the House but not all of them You could even argue that the House sees the evil in him and draws Harper to itself 3 It's about time travel in that tangly mind fuck way that makes my brain itch a pleasant buzz but one with bite The mechanics of the time travel are not explained or explored in the ways they usually are in a sci fi novel The time travel just exists There is a House that holds the magic and its door opens onto different years of the same city anywhere from the 1930s to the 1990s It's this House that allows for a time traveling serial killer and for that uniue premise alone the book deserves a second look What can I say? This book has a lot going for it and I liked it I liked it a lot But not once did I love it I was intrigued I played along with the mystery of the time travel fitting pieces together where I could and trying not to get too caught up in the logic faulty or otherwise While Kirby stood out bright as the sun as one of the Shining Girls the rest of Harper's victims feel underdeveloped by comparison almost throwaways mere plot devices It was hard not to get them mixed up with each other I also felt a tad underwhelmed by Kirby's hunt of her attempted killer The uncovering and following of clues felt clunky a cobbled together hodge podge process where results are based on luck and coincidence than real groundwork and actual hunting This is largely a plot driven piece and if puzzles and the snake eating its own tail nature of time travel appeals to you then definitely check this out As I was reading it I was struck by its cinematic ualities and won't be surprised if The Shining Girls gets optioned for the big screen This review is also posted to Busty Book Bimbo

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    I was going to fire up the time mower to do this review but I was scared I’d bump into a homicidal maniac so I left it in the garage this timeHarper Curtis is a hobo during the Great Depression in Chicago who makes a miraculous discovery when he gains access to a mysterious house that can transport him into the future up until the early ‘90s Unfortunately Harper is a psychopath who starts using names and objects in the house to track and murder women in various times Harper thinks that the house is leading him to girls who ‘shine’ and that killing them will complete some grand design Harper engages in a ritual of meeting a girl as a child then using the house to go to a time when they’re adults and murder them He tries this game on Kirby Mazrachi and severely injures her but she miraculously manages to survive his attack In 1993 Kirby is a college student who is obsessed with tracking down the man who nearly killed her and she gets an internship at a newspaper to research similar cases She convinces a former crime reporter turned sports writer named Dan Velasuez to help with her investigation although he thinks there is little chance of turning anything useful up This has got an intriguing premise even if it isn't the first time traveling serial killer story I've heard Beukes has a distinctive writing style that I generally liked and Kirby was a strong protagonist although I had a hard time believing that any of her bosses at the newspaper would take the kind of crap she regularly dished out from an intern Still I didn’t particularly enjoy this book and that was mainly because of Harper CurtisHarper is certainly crazy and evil enough to make a good villain His attacks on the women are described in graphic detail and his murder attempt on Kirby was particularly brutal and disturbing But that’s all there is to him He’s just a crazy guy with a knife who hates women and nothing else Any history we get is just meant to reinforce that like a story about him torturing farm animals as a kid Being able to travel through time makes him scarier but other than that he’s no different than any other serial killer that we seen a thousand times in fictionPart of this may be some bad timing on my part I’ve been watching the Hannibal TV series as well as rereading some of the early John Sandford Prey novels which featured plenty of murdering whackos so I think I’ve got a case of serial killer burnout Whether that influenced me or not I found Harper’s brand of crazy just tiresome after a while since it was all about getting off on making innocent woman sufferMaybe if there had been view spoilersome type of motive for Harper to be killing people all over time I could have gotten into it However once it was revealed that he was really just closing time loops he had created rather than being guided by some force related to the house I lost interest in him completely hide spoiler