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Deep cover DEA agent Landon Cross can’t seem to escape his past First his cover is blown by a guy he’d busted in another operation Then his rescuer is medic Trey Jernigan his best childhood friend first love and a person Landon betrayed as teenagerNow Landon’s life is a mess and so is he physically and emotionally Incredibly Trey forgives Landon and allows his former friend back into his life in all kinds of ways Landon would never have thought possibleBut a crucial decision Landon made while undercover comes back to haunt him Trey also has to deal with very tangible pieces of his own past Will Trey and Landon be able to solve their problems and build a life together?

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    It's no secret that AM Molder is my favorite GOTO author for hurthealingcomfort MM romance fiction In Does the Feeling Go Both Ways? she has given us another story where our lovely MCs get tortured stabbed beaten and shot all for our healingcomfort enjoyment Plus this has a friends to lovers and enemies to lovers theme on top of that And did I mention both boys are law enforcement officers? TRIFECTA Ms Moler rarely disappoints And don't even get me started on the HEA It was fucking rainbows and puppies and angels singing and all that is beautiful and wonderful in this world No peeking view spoiler hide spoiler

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    There was way too much going on here undercover agents drug busts gone haywire crazy arse mobsters abused women plural cause women are weak torture shootings hospital stays five but who's fucking counting? pregnancies and much much My head hurts cause WHAT? There were so many WTF moments I lost count There were also multiple COINCIDENCES and bad guys disposed of effortlesslyLet's recapview spoilerAbusive husband shot and done with convenient; drug gangsters who let a pregnant woman and a possible informant go JUST LIKE THAT; and a stash of automatic weapons left behind as trade What kind of show was the DEA running? Don't answer that Oh and the awkward we're a big happy family thing with babies used as props At one point one of the characters holds a seven week baby on her hip RESEARCH please Babies can't be carried on hips until they are at least five to six MONTHS old hide spoiler

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    Ugh I just got zero feeling from this book I didn't know if it was a supposed to be a book about law enforcement or a book about bigotry or a book about friends to lovers I dunno It was too much and just not enough I never connected with the MC's and then the sister and the girl and just too much This one just did not work for me Buddy Read with my favoritesCat Dani and Mish

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    So bad So very very bad Editing was atrocious I had to fill in the blanks for the first third of the book I probably wouldn't have minded so much except I paid over 5 for the book And that pisses me off So one star it is Bummer

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    For a good non rambling review like mine see Dani's reviewhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowIt took me this long to finally finish this book and the only reason why I kept trying is because I like this author so much I have always liked Moler's characters including the ones in this book But this book is a mess The chapters didn't end smoothly sometimes I would reread check that I had not jumped a page to see if I had missed something but no I hadn't It just wasn't a smooth transition It also needed an editor that would have polished the story into a consistent strong plot instead of defusing the main plot with so many different devices friendslovers reunited coincidence galores homophobia asshole family members abuse pregnancy the suspense with the DEA case and the cartel which would have been great just alone with the combination of the hot chemistry between Trey and Landon But that wasn't the story I gotI'm still very much a fan of Moler's so I'll just wait for her next release but as for this one I don't recommend it

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    The Blogger Girls Can you love and hate a book at the same time? If so this is that book I was absolutely all over the action and drama the undercover police work the reuniting of long lost best friends during the extraction of a captured DEA agent whose cover was blown and the logistics behind the issues that tore Landon and Trey apart in the first place I loved that I loved all of that and it was a five star story for me However the ease in which Trey brought his abused and pregnant sister into the fold felt contrived This happens just after Trey tells Landon that he hasn’t seen or spoken to his family since they disowned him Yes his conservative sister started emailing him but not once do they discuss the pain she caused Trey by abandoning him with the rest of family Not once do I see it as believable that Trey would move her in to his house indefinitely and buy baby stuff for her unborn child and make a go of it all while trying to see if a relationship is possible with Landon Plus and this is a biggie What the hell was Landon thinking about giving a baby to a known drug lord? What man in his right mind would ever think it’s the right thing to do to offer his own baby to a life of crime? Yes he was told he was an idiot but the man was a DEA agent and knows better Those two story lines were barely a 3 star read for me I didn’t like it I didn’t feel it and I didn’t believe it But the fast paced action the undercover work and relationship drama were so good that I was able to push those parts away and enjoy it for what it was fiction not reality I am not a big fan of women taking a predominant role in my MM romances and I didn’t see anything about it in the blurb or I might have skipped this one However I am glad I read it because for the most part it was really good and a solid 4 star story

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    Ahhhhh the feeeeeels That Epilogue was puppies rainbows for sure Gigi This book was great The journey of besties to enemies to redo on the friends to lovers to soulmates was so so so good Landon might as well have taken out a billboard to ruin Trey's life in HS but once Trey finds out his motives ??????? this is his mental process ; Landon Trey go straight to my 5 stars faves shelf because the journey was hot sweet dramatically linked to their jobs gunshots hospitals recovery women in various capacities surrounding them and spoilers I don't want to give away even with a tag Please read this

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    I enjoyed this a lot cute ending too

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    Love this book Wish it was a series

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    Is there anything hotter than an undercover DEA agent? Yes I do believe there is a DEA agent who falls for a SWAT team member When we first meet DEA agent Landon Cross his cover is actively being blown all to hell This obviously doesn’t go over well with the leader of the drug cartel he is investigating and he ends up in some serious troubleOne thing the cartel hadn’t counted on was that Landon Cross always had a backup plan When the DEA is notified of Landon’s cover being blown they call in some members of the local SWAT team to help with his extraction It turns out that a man from Landon’s past is tapped to help rescue him This shouldn’t be awkward at allTrey Jernigan lost everything years ago due to Landon’s actions and a years long friendship was brought to an end with Landon’s betrayal So imagine Trey’s reaction when he finds out the man he is set to rescue is the man who cost him his entire lifeOnce Landon is rescued he and Trey begin to rebuild their lost friendship and so much They seem to just fit together perfectly and things are going along very well right up until a member of Trey’s family shows up with a lot of extra baggage that throws them for a loopThe two men believe they have gotten everything sorted and are back on track when another wrench is thrown into the works in the form of a person Landon helped out while he was undercover This time this situation may just be too much for Trey to handleBetween shootings and beatings these two MCs spend A LOT of time in the hospital They both seem to be recuperating for most of the book but that is just fine with me I loved the amount of action in this book and the fact that these guys communicated pretty well for most of the story I wasn’t super happy with the ending but it was still very enjoyableAR Moler has once again pushed the characters in this book to the very end of their ropes and I loved watching it unfold With these two big Alpha males both trying to run things tempers flared but the making up is always fun to do Both men bring a little extra to the relationship and I would love to tell you but that would be a spoiler If you are looking for a hot as sin pair of law enforcement officers who can’t keep their hands off one another I would highly recommend this title