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Thought Provoking, Dreamy, Sad, And Hilarious, This Collection Of Works By Zack Love Takes The Reader On A Diverse And Unforgettable Literary Journey Through A Variety Of Topics, Themes, And Emotions The Anthology Totals About , Words And Contains A Novelette, Four Short Stories, A Theater Play, And A ScreenplayThese Seven Spellbinding Stories Spanning Several Styles And Genres Include A Dramatic Romance, A Satire Of The Mega Rich, A Somber And Soulful Reflection On The Problem Of Evil, Humorous Dating Adventures, And Stories Driven By Philosophical Musings THE DOORMAN A NOVELETTEAlex Seems To Have It All A Great Penthouse Apartment, A Lovely Girlfriend, And A Prestigious Wall Street Job But Below The Surface He Is Sure Of Nothing But His Angst Ridden Doubts And When He Realizes That His Doorman May Be God, Or Sent By God, He Will Question Things Like Never BeforeThis Novelette Is A Story Of New York Doormen, Tormented Love, Empty Office Life, And The Theological Questions That Arise In Response To The Horrors Of Evil CENTRAL PARK SONG A SCREENPLAY ROMANCE Can Love Really Conquer All Rodney Is A Passionate Black Man With Brilliant Talents But A Mental Illness That Leaves Him Homeless Melinda Is A White Manhattan Law Partner With An Artistic Soul, Trapped By The Pressures Of Corporate Law, Her Wealthy Father, And Her Three Year Boyfriend A Charming, Chance Encounter Leads To A Magical Courtship And Life Changing Choices That Make An Unlikely New York Romance Possible THE GRAND UNIFIED STORY A SHORT STORYWhat Happens When A Man And A Woman Meet In A Way That Magically Involves The Entire Universe When Both Are So Keenly Aware Of Their Place In The Cosmos That Their Connection Seems To Transcend Their Union And Capture The Very Essence Of Life This Story Shows How Each Person Is A World To Be Discovered And How Sometimes, When Two Worlds Collide, The Universe Seems That Much Closer CITY SOLIPSISM A SHORT STORYHave You Ever Been On A Train, Bus, Metro Subway Or Any Other Shared Space With Strangers And Started To Wonder What That Person Right Next To You Is Thinking This Story Takes You On A Journey Into The Mind Of A Man In A Suit And Tie On A New York City Subway Car, As He Thinks About The Woman Standing Awkwardly Close To Him They Are Total Strangers But Their Proximity Is Almost Intimate As Their Hands Share The Same Metal Subway Pole WAITING FOR AN ABSURDIST COMEDY OF BILLIONAIRE PROPORTIONSInspired By And Reminiscent Of Samuel Beckett S Absurdist Stage Play Waiting For Godot, This YK Theater Comedy Satirizes The Frivolous Extravagance Of The Mega RichBob S Billionaire Boat Boasts The World S , Richest People On It, And Will Enable Them To Celebrate The Arrival Of The Year Twice In A Row By Crossing The International Dateline On New Year S Eve The Co Captains Of The Boat Two Regular Guys Keep Themselves Amused With Endlessly Silly Banter While Occasionally Debating Whether The Whole Thing Is Just A Fictional Stage PlayMeanwhile, Two Wall Street Traders Who Are Bitter About Missing The Wealth Cutoff For The Billionaire Cruise Are Determined To Blow Up The Boat And Thereby Become The Two Richest People On Earth In This Satire, The Zaniest Billionaires Ever To Gather On A Single Vessel Prove That There S Still Plenty To Complain About At The Top MY BEST VALENTINE S DAY EVER A SHORT STORYSammy Laffowitz Is Legendary For His Dating Disasters And Sex Mishaps This Time, Misfortune Strikes On Valentine S Day But With A Fun Twist That Makes Sammy Seem Studly For Once MY WORST VALENTINE S DAY EVER A SHORT STORYYi Wang Is A NY Bad Boy Who Plans To Make History On Valentine S Day With His Female Exploits The Handsome, Alpha Male, Asian American Is A Corporate Lawyer Who Usually Gets His Way With Women, But This Time He Makes A Stupid Mistake That Leaves Everyone But Him Laughing Hysterically

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    WHO WOULDN T LOVE A LOVE BUFFET, HMM It s no secret I LOVE Mr Love s work LOVE it Honestly, as soon as he releases something, I one click it And not once have I been disappointed, which is astonishing considering the diversity of his work in this collection Seriously, the man could probably write a piece of legislation and I would still rate it 5 stars.Each of Zack s literary pieces are different, yet they all have that unmistakable Zack Love feel to them I think that is what I adore the most where his writing is concerned Okay I just lied, I equally adore his wit, humour, and philosophical musings Honestly, my Kindle is in highlighting heaven when reading his work It even sings sweet hymns to me.This buffet of LOVE literature encompasses many wonderful shorts Not the minimized pants variety, the shortened body of written words variety Some of them I reviewed below for you THE DOORMANCogitation the action of thinking deeply about something contemplation That s what I performed after first finishing The Doorman This story made me think, soul search, question ideals that I hadn t thought to question for a long time, if not at all And to be honest, I don t feel it was the storyline alone that had me deliberating You see, Zack s writing has a tendency to make you cogitate He takes you on a journey through life s everyday events but leaves you pondering the path you just took.In The Doorman, you meet Alex, an atheist who is happily wrapped in his own myness He forms a rapport with his building s doorman and soon finds solace within the conversations they share Soon after the horrific event of 9 11, Alex starts to question the identity, or so the divinity, of his doorman.Now, I don t want to give anything away, so I will leave the recount at that But what I will say is this Novelette was a wonderful read that had me smiling and teary, quizzical then reassured It was another perfect example by Mr Love, of a story well developed and executed.I highly recommend The Doorman to anyone who wants a short, sweet read that will make you think.CITY SOLIPSISMWhat is Solipsism you may ask To be honest, I m not 100% sure, but if I was going to take a stab at explaining what I do vaguely know, I would say it is the notion or idea that what fills one s mind is all that exists and, what is outside of your mind s function, is deemed unknown.That being the case, I can say once again that Mr Love s title is BRILLIANT And as you read the final line of this amazing short story you, too, will realise why.But, before I continue, I want to point out that City Solipsism is not a reflection of Sex in the Title Yes, it has glimpses of Zack s humorous writing style, but the extended use of language and overall plot is dissimilar If anything, this little narrative shows just how diverse and talented a writer Zack Love is.So what is City Solipsism all about Wellput quite simply, it is about the musings of a passenger on a subway train However, in true Zack Love fashion, it is never THAT simple.I highly recommend this fun, wonderfully written short story.CENTRAL PARK SONGI m going to be completely honest with you Screenplays are not something I would normally pick up and read I m a novel person and thrive on the character s inner thoughts, desires and feelings Central Park Song was the first screenplay I had read from start to finish, and I can tell you, I absolutely loved it Zack drew me in with his ability to write soul searching and meaningful dialogue The discussions between the characters were raw and full of emotion and held so much than just words rolling off a tongue The characters were endearing, and the premise really made you stop and give consideration to all who are around you Central Park Song makes you stop and take an open minded breath.WAITING FOR 2000Oh my goodness All I can is that I need to hitch a ride with the dolphins and somehow board Bob s ship In all honesty, I could fill a bowl with popcorn, find a comfy seat, and sit and listen to Al and Sam indulge in discussion all day Okay, so maybe not all day I would need a toilet stop preferably in Bob s VIP bathroom and pushing the pulsating orb and saying Open says me The king nerd must pee The crazy silly characters in this theatre comedy are highly amusing and confusing eccentric and bizarre They certainly had me giggling with bemused enlightenment if that makes sense If it doesn t, then perhaps you should read this hilarious short.All in all, this anthology is a fabulous collection a diverse cocktail of literary brilliance.

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    I have to say this is one of the best combinations of short stories you are ever going to read I am definitely adding this one to my favorites list because it is so unique I couldn t have been happier to have gotten the chance to read each and every single one of these stories The book itself is brilliant and gives you all kinds of things to look forward to You get insightfulness brilliance, love stories, comedies, and even stories that make you stop and think It s again a wonderful combination that everyone should definitely read Zack is a very creative writer and I love that he s not afraid to write something completely different than anyone else You will see that in each of the individual stories So completely different yet unique The stories are witty and smart and leave you wanting from this amazing writer Below you will find short reviews for some of my favorite stories in the book I didn t add all of them, but they are all amazing and you should pick this one up and make sure to see what others I don t mention The Grand Unified Story 5 Stars The beginning of this story will give you butterflies I was so lost in the way Steve and Diane were just perfect together They seemed to fit together like pieces of a puzzle It was so romantic Steve is by far one of the smartest men I loved how he described the universe and all of its significance Steve pretty much melted my heart and stole it the I read this beautiful little read It left me wanting of their story The Doorman 5 Stars I have to say for a short story this was one of the most Intelligent and insightful books I have ever read I wish it had been longer because I just couldn t get enough of it Zack has done it again and outdone himself with this amazing book The Doormen proves that Zack is one remarkable writer and I can t wait to read from him The Doorman is Brilliant For Full Review go here Park Song 5 Stars Let me say that this was one of the most creative and beautiful stories I have ever read I loved that Zack wasn t afraid to write something completely different than most authors He did an amazing job with this screenplay and I am so honored I got to read it because I really enjoyed it and fell in love with the story It s absolutely delightful For Full Review go here So if you love reading new books that will have you questioning things, crying, ranting, and laughing you need to give this one a read Because each of these books will have your emotions crazy, but in a good way.

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    I am a huge fan of Zack s writing and yet again he does not disappoint.A compilation of short stories and screenplays that are sure to suit all.I have thoroughly enjoyed,some are hilarious laugh out loud moments while others are thought provoking and contemplative.

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    I can t believe that you can get all these now in one place Of course being a huge fan I have one clicked all of Zack Love s work and to get all these for that price is amazing If you haven t read his work, you must He is a writing genius and I am obsessed with his stories Here are a couple of reviews of stories featured in thisTHE DOORMANI must say that this short story had my mind going in circles and thinking about things I must have sat there for an hour pondering what I would have thought and if I would of had the same conclusion Alex did about the Lenny, The Doorman.This does touch upon some sensitive material for some so please be aware of that, but also read with an open mind and allow yourself to just be in the moment I think we all have our opinions but they are opinions flexible and can be changed A lot of people don t realize that life is about choices NOT circumstance It made me happy to see such a point brought up in this Novelette A quote that I took from this that I thought was very interesting Evil awakens goodness from its sleep When good people take what they have for granted, they can lose it to evil A CENTRAL PARK SONG Okay honestly Is there anything this man can t write I laughed and loved Sex in the Title , then went on to an intriguing and unique read with City Solipsism , leading to The Doorman which had me thinking for hours and practically speechless after, and now Central Park Song This, again, is a short from a different angle Written as a screenplay I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about it I was nervous but I think my drama club script reading kicked in and the whole thing was perfect and played beautifully in my mind Like a script to an episode of emotional struggles from various people in different situations I found myself reading the parts and acting like the characters Trying to put myself there emotionally and it was amazing Kind of sparked a fire in me that hadn t been there for a long time.The story itself is very beautiful and I love how Zack includes a worldly conflict in almost all his reads One that people may not feel comfortable talking about but when you read his stories you find yourself wanting to and realizing that these problems exist in society Central Park Song is not an exception to this.Touching and inspirational Its like a sampler at a restaurant You want to try one of everything so to have it all on one plate is perfect One click away Book Flirts by Jessiwww.facebook.com bookflirts bookflirtsjessihttp bookflirtsbyjessi.blogspot.com

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    All of Zack Love s short stories and screenplays in one book sounded too good to be true But, it was even better than I imagined because it had a total of seven stories and some of them I had not even had the pleasure of reading before This was great because in the anthology I paid less for the seven stories than I did if you added up ALL of his short stories and screenplays I already purchased Being that I m a HUGE Zack Love fan, I went ahead and bought the anthology anyway, and it was so worth it The Doorman was one of my absolute favorite stories because it made you really think and look at life from a different perspective This link will take you to my review should you want to see Park Song is a beautiful little love story that just makes you believe in serendipity I believe if you do good by others and lead a good life all returns to you in the same manner This story just solidified that in my mind like a Hallmark channel special This is the link to my review if you d like to look further into my review.http www. review R1BX86DHCity Solipsism was like Zack Love s version of screwing with our mind, in a sense He takes you on a journey through the mind of a young man riding on the subway standing next to a beautiful woman The entire time you re getting a look into his thoughts For to this review please follow this link.http www. review R7X8RMUJI admit I am a huge fan of Zack Love and I read everything the man writes, it s very smart and he is also freaking hilarious I cannot wait until his next project is unveiled This was a really great anthology with some new work that I hadn t read yet, but loved

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    It isn t every day where I can say I loved every single story in an anthology This is the case with Zack Love s Stories and Scripts An Anthology Each story offers something different from romance and comedy to philosophical and theological What ties this set together so well is that Zack Love is a great writer He knows how to write stories that pull you in This anthology showcases that really well It s hard for me to pick a favorite from this set because I like them all so much for different reasons.Central Park Song is not your traditional romance, which is refreshing.City Solipsism is a glimpse into the mind of a man on the subway and has one of the funniest endings.The Grand Unified Story tells the story of a meeting between a man and woman and how it s connected to the universe It s a really sweet story.Waiting For 2000 is a funny play that has characters you won t forget.My Best Valentine s Day Ever and My Worst Valentine s Day Ever., bring back Sammy and Yi Narc from Sex in the Title Their Valentine s Day stories are hilarious.The Doorman is a brilliant story that will stay with you for a long time I couldn t stop thinking about this story after I read it.I can t recommend Zack Love s, Stories and Scripts An Anthology enough You won t be disappointed This is definitely worth the one click.

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    AN AMAZING COLLECTION FOR AN AMAZING PRIZE All of Zack Love s short works plus some extra bonuses for one low price Why yes, sign me up I have most of these individually but it s great to have them all in one place This amazing collection has a little something for everyone Comedy, Romance, and even a bit of Paranormal hints I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a good storyand you have plenty to choose from Here are some of my favoritesTHE DOORMAN This one is by far my favorite The story about a man in search of himself and a higher purpose Review link belowhttps www.goodreads.com review showCENTRAL PARK SONG This amazing love story is written in screenplay format, which at first made me a little leery about reading but I found it to be extremely easy, enjoyable, and a very refreshing approach on a love storyit was like watching a movie in my head as I read it I absolutely loved it Link to my review belowhttps www.goodreads.com review showThis was a good buy and an enjoyable read I highly recommend it Once again Zack Love does a great job in enveloping the reader in these wonderful stories of imagination, love, and the search for something bigger than yourself

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    Ok so I m not sure this review can contain the awesomeness that is an anthology of Zack Love s pieces of work Your are getting a massive amount of reading for such a tiny price I have read the majority of these stories and I absolutely love them all This has something for everyone.Stories that will make you think, laugh, cry because you are laughing so hard I honestly haven t found an author that has so many different genres of stories until I found Zack Love I can guarantee that you will love at least one if not stories in this anthology.Don t think just click You can trust me on this one

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    Zack Love all bundled in one, Dare I say what could be fun This new release is an anthology of his works to date,Yes, you heard right I think it must be fate Seven fantastic stories all under one cover,What a great buy Go now and discover.Sex in the Title sneak peek, that s all I will say,The Doorman makes you analyze and think, yeh.Central Park Song will have your heart skipping a beat,City Solipsism will make you laugh and giggle in your seat Waiting for 2000 takes us back in time,Billionaires, boats, Bob and silliness so sublime.A never released story is in this collection, ONE CLICK this now it s soulful perfection If you haven t yet read any of Zack s stories this year,You are definitely missing out on a gut bursting laugh I can declare THE DOORMAN MY EXTENDED REVIEWDIVINITY, SIMPLICITY, TRANQUILITYZACK LOVE has captured our minds yet again,So, listen up, take note and One Click him my friend.He delves deep, reaches into your soul.Makes you realize that we should be loving not cold.My myness was boTh new and old,I was the centre of the universe to behold.Paying off my educational debt witH layers of my soul.This is life so I have been told.Best years of your life spent in an officeE block,Loved ones living life without you to watch.Obessin and rushin , reputation to maintain,Can money buy you happiness So vain.How Does one find happiness With quality or quantity Can you decide which will give you your sanity.Are yOu wedded to your work and ways Do something spontaneous, live for today Can you say yOu have fully lived If you live to work or work to live Energetic enthusiasm foR your job never pitying your fate.Or wishing for a better one, it s never too late.Live life like there is no toMorrow, love like it is your first.Just be who your soul wants you to be, what can it hurt We live in a world where we Are free to make choices,Those choices can be good and evil, voices.Never underestimate the power of good.An unmeasurable strength to be uNderstood.Can you see the light where there was darkness The higher power lives in each one of us.Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, he told me today.That was your choice You didn t have to stay.Who is he, maybe divine Is it just me or is everyone blind How can one person be right all of the time Is my deduction off or am I out of my mind THE DOORMAN by ZACK LOVE makes you analyze and think.Then you turn the page and read, blink, think, finally a wink Get this title and add it to your list I am 100% sure you will not be able to resist This review contains quotes straight from the book,Buy it now And have a look Thanks again Zack for another powerful story CENTRAL PARK SONG MY EXTENDED REVIEW LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION INT TIM HORTON S COFFEE SHOP 7 P.M.TITLE FADES IN CENTRAL ALBERTA, SPRING 2014Winter is still looming over the prairies People meet at their local coffee shop to pass the winter blues and share stories.Chrissie, 39, sits in the coffee shop watching people in the parking lot come and go.Janet, 39, sits across from her friend, Chrissie, watching people enter and exit the coffee shop.Chrissie So, what have you been reading lately Janet A new heart warming story from a great author, ZACK LOVE.Chrissie Tell me about it then.Janet It is about a chance encounter between a lady who is alawyer and a homeless man That one event changes both of their lives forever.Chrissie I m intrigued now, tell me Janet Well, Melinda, the lady, is smart, strong and caring Rodney, the homeless man, is brilliant, charismatic and unique Together they seem to make each other realize that where they are in their lives isn t truly where they want to be.Chrissie I m very interested now.Janet Yes, it is an incredible story and written in a screenplay format Don t be scared of the format, take a chance and experience something new You won t be sorry I still was able to visualize the story and feel what the author wants you to through the characters.Chrissie What was your favourite part Janet A quote, When you look for beauty, you usually end upfinding it Chrissie That is a fantastic quote What is name of this story Janet Central Park Song by ZACK LOVE I am going to get it for your Kindle so don t worry about it My gift to a great friend Janet cont d I just think that this story reminds us that everyone has beauty and I don t mean physical You can only truly see a person s beauty if you open your eyes to their soul.Chrissie Great I can t wait to read it now Janet The artistry in the words is unparalleled Something special and extraordinary Simply beautiful Thank you Zack THE END CITY SOLIPSISM MY EXTENDED REVIEW REMARKABLE, MEMORABLE, ONE OF A KIND There is this guy named Zack,Writes with talent, he has a knack.He has a new story and I will review,I applaud it and I m sure you will too Sitting on a train the world goes by,This is my routine why Youth is exploration,Grown up is repetition.I look up and eyes connect,Does she feel the same effect We stand close in the car,I wonder where she goes, is it far My heart is beating should I speak Will she acknowledge me or freak Sitting on a train time speeding by,Spontaneity Go on give it a try Oh no My stop is here,Will she stay or follow me where..That is all I will share what can I say I read it So, I know what happens anyway Now you re hooked, what are you waiting for Go Now Buy it on the Store Will Shakespeare is so in the past,ZACK LOVE is who you should be reading NOW Hurry up fast

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    A GREAT COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES I ve read 6 of the 7 short stories in this collection by Zack Love and I ve enjoyed them all Whether he s writing a beautiful love story, a zany stage play with silly banter, or an insightful, thought provoking and quite moving story about 9 11, Zack never fails to pull you into his stories In this anthology, he illustrates the beauty, depth and range of his awesome writing and story telling abilities Zack truly puts his heart and soul into everything he writes If you ve read Zack s novel, Sex in the Title, but haven t ventured into reading any of his short stories, this is an excellent chance and price to read of his fabulous works.Here are my reviews of Zack s stories in Stories and Scripts an Anthology THE DOORMAN The Doorman is an inspiring and thought provoking short story.It struck a cord with me, especially since I live so close to NYC and could totally appreciate Alex thoughts and reactions towards his experiences in the story.For those of you who have read Zack Love s Sex in the Title, this novelette is a departure from Zack s witty, silly and humorous anecdotes, showcasing his amazing ability to write a thoughtful, deep and beautiful story.If you haven t yet read any of Zack s works, I highly recommend this short story as an excellent introduction to his awesome writing CENTRAL PARK SONG In his Latin epic poem, The Aeneid, Roman poet Virgil wrote, Omnia Vincit Amor which means, Love Conquers All And that s exactly what Zack Love writes about in Central Park Song This screenplay is about Rodney and Melinda, two totally different people from two totally different worlds As both search for their true dreams and desires,they meet and their connection is immediate And as is always true with life and love, there are many obstacles that are in their way I don t want to spoil the story by telling you any, but I will say that Zack Love has written an awesome love story here and his words weave a tale that is beautiful, touching and heartwarming And definitely a must read One of my favorite quotes among many from Central Park Song I think the love completes the soul Just like knowledge completes the mind CITY SOLIPSISM Beautifully written, City Solipsism allows the reader to get a glimpse into the mind of a man, Jack, who is taking his normal, boring commute into his NYC job Boring until he spots an attractive woman who just so happens to board the same subway car as Jack and shares the same metal pole with him Intrigued by this beauty, Jack shares with us his thoughts, memories, hope and desires all invoked by this mysterious, beautiful stranger Oh and the ending Won t spoil it for you but if you ve read Sex In The Title by Zack, then you will know that it is DEFINITELY Zack LoveTrue To Form WAITING FOR 2000 AN ABSURDIST COMEDY OF BILLIONAIRE PROPORTIONS You know those days when you come home from work Usually on a Monday after having a grueling, stressful day When all you want to do is wind down and relax, but walk through the door only to find that your cat has puked up a fur ball on your brand new area rug and the kids have piled dirty dishes sky high in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher You know that feeling you just need a break an escape from reality Well, Zack Love s Waiting for 2000 is DEFINITELY that escape Zack s stage play takes you aboard a cruise ship on a comedic adventure with a boatful of zany crewmembers and overly eccentric billionaire guests Throw in a couple of jealous, bumbling Wall Street traders into the mix and craziness ensues True to Zack Love s witty writing form, Waiting for 2000 provides you with lots of laughs and head shaking theatrical moments that will undoubtedly make your bad day so much better My Best Valentine s Day.Ever and My Worst Valentine s Day.Ever are both short stories about two of the main characters from Zack s hilariously witty first novel, Sex in the Title These two stories are just as witty and funny as his novel and these characters still carry on with their silliness in the short stories The Grand Unified Story is a new story from Zack and I can t wait to read it