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Alex Seems To Have It All A Great Penthouse Apartment, A Lovely Girlfriend, And A Prestigious Wall Street Job But Below The Surface He Is Sure Of Nothing But His Angst Ridden Doubts And When He Realizes That His Doorman May Be God, Or Sent By God, He Will Question Things Like Never Before This Novelette Is A Story Of New York Doormen, Tormented Love, Empty Office Life, And The Theological Questions That Arise In Response To The Horrors Of Evil

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    Wowwhere do I even begin It s very hard for me to find a lot of mentally stimulating reads for me now a days I read A LOT and I read A LOT of really great books and novellas, but NOT a lot that really make me think and grab my attention curiosity like this short novelette by Zack Love did As a former New Yorker myself and someone who lived through 9 11this story really hit home It was extremely well written, the editing and formatting were beautiful and the cover is amazingone of my favorite ones this year, which is saying a lot because I m a total cover junkie If you have not bought itbuy it If you have it but have not read itread it You will not regret it and it will blow your mind Good job Zack Love I won t go into much detail about the story itself1 Because I HATE spoilers2 already provides a free sample3 This is a story that needs to be experienced personally without any outside interference I do not leave many reviews, I only review 5 stars and something that I know I would recommend and this novelette is at the top of my list so far this year My recommendationadd it to your TBR as soon as possible and get to reading Enjoy

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    The Doorman is an enthralling, soulful tale with intertwined themes of identity, love and faith Skilfully crafted, the story develops with one foot in reality and another in the surreal, a stance that gives rise to magnificent prose Symbolism as a form of foreshadowing adds texture to the story, with seemingly inconsequential details becoming chillingly relevant as the narrative unfolds Zack Love can write His style, language and characters demonstrate, once again, his ability to challenge the audience with new and alternative considerations.

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    What would you do if an elevator ride made you question your most fundamental beliefs That is precisely the situation in which Alex, the narrator protagonist finds himself in this intensely thought provoking novelette Following this Hero s Journey takes the reader on an exploration of the most profound questions posited by philosophers and sages throughout history.The Doorman is a beautifully written story, with theological underpinnings and mystical qualities, in which the author tackles such weighty concepts as love and loss, good and evil, destiny and free will That he is able to accomplish that so artfully in so few pages is a testament to a very sophisticated talent for story telling and strong, well developed technical skills.The prose is tight and flows seamlessly The dialogue and internal monologue of the narrator protagonist are at times almost breath takingly poignant The characters are richly drawn and in some cases, brilliantly challenge established preconceptions The issues are both timeless and timely and the story concept is innovative and original.Despite the length, The Doorman is easily one of the most impressive stories I have read in a very long time and would, in my opinion, stand as an equal with award winning prose.

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    A thought provoking story, beautifully written Like all this author s work At one point it gave me chills and a little gasp Alex is a great character many of us can relate too, going through the motions Living in the world of expectations, hard choices and evil that has everyone asking questions I m sure we have all asked can t wait for from this author.

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    COGITATION AT ITS FINESTCogitation the action of thinking deeply about something contemplation That s what I performed after first finishing The Doorman This story made me think, soul search, question ideals that I hadn t thought to question for a long time if not at all And to be honest, I don t feel it was the storyline alone that had me deliberating You see, Zack s writing has a tendency to make you cogitate He takes you on a journey through life s everyday events but leaves you pondering the path you just took In The Doorman, you meet Alex, an atheist who is happily wrapped in his own myness He forms a rapport with his building s doorman and soon finds solace within the conversations they share Soon after the horrific event of 9 11, Alex starts to question the identity, or so the divinity, of his doorman Now, I don t want to give anything away, so I will leave the recount at that But what I will say is this Novelette was a wonderful read that had me smiling and teary, quizzical then reassured It was another perfect example, by Mr Love, of a story well developed and executed I highly recommend The Doorman to anyone who wants a short, sweet read that will make you think.

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    I love this author s work so i was excited to find out he had a new novelette due out, being priviledged to be given an advanced copy for an honest review, I read it and i can honestly say i was not disappointed.It had me from the start wondering if the doorman Lenny and his predictions and time scales would be correct, however when the attack happened on Alex s place of work and how Lenny had kept him behind and made him late that day it brought up questions for Alex and me about Lenny and the weird, wacky and thought provoking questions and conversations that happened in the every day elevator rides to and from his living quarters.Could Lenny be God Why did Lenny keep Alex talking longer the day of the accident How did Lenny know it would take 10 months for him to pluck up the courage to change jobs Etc etc And so on, with many questions than we all have answers for.Perfectly executed answers, well written, researched and thoughtout.

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    Zack Love is known for his witty romantic comedy, Sex in the Titlehowever, this novelette is so different It is about a man who is going through the motions of life with the awesome job, an apartment that anyone would love, and two women who adore him He for all intents and purposes is living the dream, but something happens to change all of that He is forced to re evaluate his worth and goals in life That s when tragedy strikes again on a larger scale causing him to question everything he believed This made me cryI don t know what kind of cry to call it, but my heart hurt Zack, I LOVED this little story, keep them coming

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    The Doorman is an inspiring and thought provoking short story.It struck a cord with me, especially since I live so close to NYC and could totally appreciate Alex thoughts and reactions towards his experiences in the story.For those of you who have read Zack Love s Sex in the Title, this novelette is a departure from Zack s witty, silly and humorous anecdotes, showcasing his amazing ability to write a thoughtful, deep and beautiful story.If you haven t yet read any of Zack s works, I highly recommend this short story as an excellent introduction to his awesome writing

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    I m posting this as my first reaction after reading The Doorman I will come back to it, but I need a few days to process what I ve read.Bloody Helljust finished The Doorman wow speechless have no idea how to write the review Bloody hell that was some deep shit Wow smart, intelligent mind is ticking over I m not usually lost for wordsThe Doorman, had ideas so complex, yet in a strange way so simple, that they made sense, if that makes sense but I m still getting my head around the bigger pictureAmazing

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    Dear Zack Love,You should keep writing Your books haunt the corners of my mind.Love,Amy Pope