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Inspired By And Reminiscent Of Samuel Beckett S Absurdist Stage Play Waiting For Godot, This YK Theater Comedy Satirizes The Frivolous Extravagance Of The Mega RichBob S Billionaire Boat Boasts The World S , Richest People On It, And Will Enable Them To Celebrate The Arrival Of The Year Twice In A Row By Crossing The International Dateline On New Year S Eve The Co Captains Of The Boat Two Regular Guys Keep Themselves Amused With Endlessly Silly Banter While Occasionally Debating Whether The Whole Thing Is Just A Fictional Stage PlayMeanwhile, Two Wall Street Traders Who Are Bitter About Missing The Wealth Cutoff For The Billionaire Cruise Are Determined To Blow Up The Boat And Thereby Become The Two Richest People On Earth This , Word Satire Offers The Ultimate Experience Of Comical Absurdism, With Fun Philosophical Musings About Everything And Nothing, As The Zaniest Billionaires Ever To Gather On A Single Vessel Prove That There S Still Plenty To Complain About At The TopAll Purchase Links Will Be Posted Here

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    Waiting for 2000 is a wonderfully witty, and truly absurd, ode to Samuel Beckett s absurdist play, Waiting for Godot Mr Love pays careful attention to detail, and manages to pay tribute to Beckett s famous work, while still remaining marvelously original and true to his own voice, no easy feat to accomplish The dialogue includes just the right amount of repetition and the right rhythm to endow it with authenticity In fact, the two principal characters, Sam and Al, names are also cleverly chosen in this story , discuss the fact that they speak to one another in a similar fashion to Vladimir and Estragon But while there is an appropriate amount of cynicism, and even a dash or two Marxism, there really isn t much of the bleak fatalism that underscores Becket s play Mr Love s style is perhaps even absurd than Bucket s, making Waiting for 2000, a whole lot of intellegent fun This is comedy for the well read, which is something that the literary market could stand to have of.

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    You know those days when you come home from work Usually on a Monday after having a grueling, stressful day When all you want to do is wind down and relax, but walk through the door only to find that your cat has puked up a fur ball on your brand new area rug and the kids have piled dirty dishes sky high in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher You know that feeling you just need a break an escape from reality Well, Zack Love s Waiting for 2000 is DEFINITELY that escape Zack s stage play takes you aboard a cruise ship on a comedic adventure with a boatful of zany crewmembers and overly eccentric billionaire guests Throw in a couple of jealous, bumbling Wall Street traders into the mix and craziness ensues True to Zack Love s witty writing form, Waiting for 2000 provides you with lots of laughs and head shaking theatrical moments that will undoubtedly make your bad day so much better

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    Waiting For 2000 is another hilarious story from Zack Love I can t tell you how many times I laughed reading this play There are some great characters, from the co captains Al and Sam, to the billionaires Mr Ching, Little Blue, and French fashion designers Paula and Dana There is never a dull moment in this story If you ve read any of Zack Love s other work it has that clever and funny writing style that he s so great at If you re looking a fun read, check out Waiting For 2000 by Zack Love.

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    Get in a time machine and join the play Zack Love has hit a home run yet again I say Happy New Year Firecrackers and fireworks,Waiting for 2000 gives me belly laughs that simply burst Two commas, three commas Which is the zone How do I get there By how much you own Better toothpicks will make you rich,Gold and silver may do the trick.Dot.com, domain name,Pick the right one or you aren t in the fame game.Little Blue with dolphins too,What time is it, autographs for you.The queer queen kings of cool clothing,Waterbed on water, vomit Ugh Revolting.Every other minute billionaire demands,Without a care of other people s plans.Meshugass, neurosis, craziness, up to no good,Intercom announcement, Al is understood Live your life, it s the only one you ve got.Don t wish to be someone else, they could be worse off.Knowing little random details, omniscience right Disclosure no problem, it was written by the playwright.Celebrate two New Year s all in one night,International Dateline is it in sight.Make it into history while amusing aloud,Passengers, confusion, speculation about.Vain, self centered assumed money could buy,Experience simple realities, just give it a try.A trader who s a traitor, punny expression.Few hundred million dollars short for an invitation.Consequence of time s passage the story unfolds.Life happens, life changes, stories to be told.Events are special to everyone regardless of social standing,Money may bring privilege but doesn t make it fulfilling.Bob s VIP bathroom has a funny password.Godot leaves secret message, robotic voice heard Y2K compliant, will it work after the date,Wealth and genius can t guarantee our fate.History repeats itself, so the saying goes.Same actions, same words, living life new to old.Simplicity is sometimes what s best,Life is too short to worry and get stressed.Perfumes, pits, simple height clearance,Little things really do make all the difference.Does money breed arrogance Without money mean no existence Does she look like she s from where Does she sound like she s from there Lottery pools and losses too,Just how much is too much to lose Talk resolutions and procrastination,Binoculars, barges, paid Wiggles detonation Push ups and singing romance to me Is there a special meaning I should see Burglar tourism, you say what is that One Click Waiting for 2000 is where it s at Do they make the second New Year s celebratory line I can t say because you will have to go get yours online Way to go Zack Another comedy hit Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve every bit

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    This review is MY opinion of this book Please read the synopsis and any other reviews before deciding on purchasing this book Zack Love took me out of my comfort zone, again Waiting for 2000 is a play Al and Sam are the co captains of Bob s Billionaire Boats They are taking the 2000 richest people in the world to the International Date Line to celebrate the year 1999 ending a second time During the trip the guests pop in with their quirkiness A Chinese man who has gold teeth and uses gold toothpicks, two rich women who are all about voicing their discomfort and of course, Bob There is a love story, and Al, who although being told he is in a play, doesn t believe he is in a play So come and sail on Bob s Billionaire Boat and meet the richest people in the world who feel their problems are the most important problems You might even get a bang out of it.This play will give you the giggles and make you shake your head as these people come to the captains with their problems Does love win Does Al ever realize he is in a play Do they celebrate the coming of 2000 twice One click and find out.

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    ALL ABOARDOh my goodness All I can is that I need to hitch a ride with the dolphins and somehow board Bob s ship In all honesty, I could fill a bowl with popcorn, find a comfy seat, and sit and listen to Al and Sam indulge in discussion all day Okay, so maybe not all day I would need a toilet stop preferably in Bob s VIP bathroom BY pushing the pulsating orb and saying Open says me The king nerd must pee The crazy silly characters in this theatre comedy are highly amusing and confusing eccentric and bizarre They certainly had me giggling with bemused enlightenment if that makes sense If it doesn t, then perhaps you should read this hilarious short.But, as always, in true Zack Love fashion, there was so much hidden within this piece of writing So, do me a favour, when you pick up Waiting for 2000, I hope you, too, delve a bit deeper than the hilarious surface and explore what is the world of Zack s writing.

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    If you re looking for an exquisitely fun read, then Waiting for 2000 is the book for you Set as a play, you are made to feel like you re sitting in the audience, watching the characters perform on stage as the story unfolds.You are presented with moments of laughter as character after character enters the Captain s cabin, full of quirkiness and demanding a solution to their problems The witty conversations between the Captains and their overly eccentric billionaire guests will provide than enough entertainment.Never a dull moment between Al and Sam, the ship s Captains, their scenes are full of thought provoking conversations, keeping you glued to the page waiting to see what they say next.Lots of laugh out loud theatrics and Zack Love s clever writing style are the perfect combination to make this a you better one click now comedic adventure.

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    I absolutely love a book that has me thinking about things and laughing all at the same time.Waiting for 2000 is one of these books I love that Zack isn t afraid to write comedy type books and make people smile while he s doing it All of the people on Bob s ship are just hilariously funny and leave you wondering if most people really are that way Well rich people that is Each person on the ship has there own uniqueness about them and there own view of how things should be This book is a breath of fresh air with all of it s differences I really enjoyed listening to Al and Sam talking about all the passengers and crazy things that keep going on on the ship It s a bit wild But I promise this book will leave you grinning from ear to ear and it s funniness is just enlightening As always Zack has given me another book to say I loved and truly enjoyed reading A must read.

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    Everybody loves a good laugh because life is too stressful This play was equal parts funny, weird and thought provoking I say funny because it s just silly that 2000 billionaires are travelling to a different time zone to have another Y2K New Years Weird because the conversations with a few passengers are quite strange but fitting with the story Our captains are thought provoking with some pretty serious topics This would actually make for a fun performance.

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    Again Zack is dosing us in his brilliance.Im a huge fan and he as yet to disappoint weather it be a short story like his previous work The Doorman or City Solipsism or a longer read like this.He truly is a great author and his passion for his writing is inspiring.I look forward to amazing books to come.