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This is a story for people who believe that fate can bring two souls together or maybe it s a story for people who don t believe that, but wish that someone would convince them that they re wrong Either way, this is a story that has the power to make even a cynical mind believe in serendipity.This well written screenplay challenges many stereotypes, and poses the sociological question, under what circumstances might an affluent white woman become romantically involved with a homeless black man It stands as a reminder that the superficial can illusionary A person can have the right education, the right job, the right address, and the right partner, and still feel empty inside Likewise, someone who doesn t even have a bed of his own to sleep in can have a brilliant mind and possess an incredible talent The female protagonist s character arc is well executed as she employs introspection and comes to the realization that she is unfulfilled despite the trappings of success The male protagonist, likewise, grows and develops as he begins to fully understand his worth and overcomes personal challenges to realize his potential In the course of surmounting inner conflict, the equation of happiness with finding someone who appreciates you as you truly are is uplifting in a world obsessed with superficiality The pace is good and the dialogue flows well The secondary characters are interesting and well drawn The premise is original, thought provoking and timely I could easily see this being a very marketable vehicle for a well established African American actor It would be a shame if does not eventually get optioned It would be a terrific film.This is a story so good that it can speak to one s soul And that s a rare and precious gift So, this screenplay is like a hidden treasure or maybe it s like a treasure map Either way, reading it can bring you much than merely a couple of hours of escapist entertainment. When you look for beauty, you usually end up finding it If there is a line from Central Park Song, the newest release from Zack Love that sums up the story for me it is this Central Park Song is brilliantly written story that is actually a screenplay While this is my first time reading this type of format, it works so well that you are transported into the story Melinda is a successful lawyer and Rodney is a brilliant, handsome, young man who is homeless Despite being from such different backgrounds, their chance meetings leads to a strong connection between the two While their feelings grow, both Melinda and Rodney have to face their own realities and struggles Can they overcome them and have a happily ever after You just have to read and find out Central Park Song is a well written story that you can t put down Zack Love knows how to tell a story, whether it s a screenplay, short story, or novel The beauty of Central Park Song is that it shows that connections and love can happen any where and with anyone It shouldn t matter, who you are or where you come from I love the optimism of that message.Rodney says it best when he says When you look for beauty, you usually end up finding it You ll find it in this great story. Whether we call it coincidence, destiny or fate, in one moment lives can collide and change forever.It is a chance encounter that brings the young, brilliant, but homeless Rodney and the beautiful Melinda a successful lawyer from an affluent family together.Albeit coming from entirely different backgrounds, the two form an immediate connection and inadvertently fall in love.But, as Shakespeare would say, The course of true love never did run smooth The protagonists are forced to confront and overcome their innermost fears, face social antagonism and stand up for their love before being rewarded with a happily ever after at the end of the script.Following the principles of storytelling, the screenplay is vibrant, deeply romantic and engaging The pace is brisk, the dialogue witty and memorable, the characters relatable, compelling, driven by passion and ambition In addition, there are some superb supporting characters.Favourite quote When ideals are but rotting phantoms of youth, and love is an empty echo of solitary illusion, and every breath lingers into a heavy, gray pain, then eternal sleep is the last sweet mercy I ask for Rodney I struggle with PG rated romance I know, I know smut lover I just like sex with my romance but that doesn t take away from Zack s intelligent, beautiful story telling, as i find with all his work.This quote appears in the screenplay and captures the spirit of this story When you look for beauty, you usually end up finding it sigh You can t plan love or when someone will crash into you in a way that makes you question your purpose and path With an unlikely friendship, can love still blossom against all the odds Read and find out, in this new romance from Zack love Everything Zack Love writes is different from everything else he s written at least so far as what I ve read and that s all his currently published work There is no Zack Love formula Still, there are a few common threads running through his work Originality of story, of character, of voice and tone a sense of humor and an outlook that is raw, natural and real With regard to those elements of Mr Love s work, I suppose you could say Central Park Song is of the same But it s also than that It s a beautifully written love story set right in front of our noses, in a part of the world most of us never see Central Park Song would make an excellent indie film, and I hope to see it in a theater someday In the meantime, I m glad Mr Love has made the screenplay available, as I really loved the movie that screened in my mind. This was the first screenplay I ve read but despite the different format, it was just as easy to sink into the characters and their lives as it is for me when reading a story in book form I love that this story showed the difference between those who seem to have nothing by most people s standards, yet feel so full inside vs Those who seemingly have everything yet feel so empty It took one those homeless people who views life so simply and with so much love to help someone living the rat race discover how to actually live and see beauty I loved that this book so accurately depicted a mental illness that plagues so many people and how it shows why it s not so easy to just take your medicine While he was a very minor character, I d also love to hear the story of the elderly Ethiopian chess playing wise man and how he ended up dispensing wisdom to other homeless people in Central Park I hope the author someday tells his story as well. I don t usually read screenplays but Central Park Song is such a beautiful, intriguing story I had to set aside my usual novels and short fiction only stance and step outside my comfort zone I was not disappointed Central Park Song is a charming romance about two people whose chance encounter crosses social barriers and makes you wonder if dreams really can come true Lovely story that really made my day.Another winner, Zack Can t wait to read your next story When you least expect something Bamm there it is What a wonderful love story.It was a different type of reading, Reading a screenplay was a surprising good read, Mr Love as always writes with such feelings and takes you on a wonderful journey. Can Love Really Conquer All What If You Met Someone From An Entirely Different World Who Could Change Everything In Your World And In Ways You Never Imagined Central Park Song Explores That Scenario And Is An Urban Love Story Reminiscent Of Good Will Hunting, Pretty Woman, And Six Degrees Of Separation Rodney Is A Passionate Black Man With Brilliant Talents But A Mental Illness That Leaves Him Homeless Melinda Is A White Manhattan Law Partner With An Artistic Soul, Trapped By The Pressures Of Corporate Law, Her Wealthy Father, And Her Three Year Boyfriend A Charming Chance Encounter Leads To A Magical Courtship And Life Changing Choices That Make An Unlikely New York Romance PossibleWARNING This Is A PG Love Story So There Is NO HOT SEX In It, And This Is A Screenplay Which Means That It S Formatted Differently, And Written Entirely In The Present Tense With An Emphasis On Actions And Dialogue Rather Than Inner Thoughts If That Hasn T Scared You Away Yet, All Purchase Links Will Be Posted Here Let me say that this was one of the most creative and beautiful stories I have ever read I loved that Zack wasn t afraid to write something completely different than most authors He did an amazing job with this screenplay and I am so honored I got to read it because I really enjoyed it and fell in love with the story It s absolutely delightful.Rodney is unlike any other man you will read about His soul is artistic and filled with so much delightfulness I loved how he described love, how he saw it You could feel it within your own soul when you read his words I was so mesmerized by this man and loved watching him grow and become than anyone thought he would be.Melinda is a wonderful woman I enjoyed following her journey She is strong and vibrant and I loved that once she met Rodney all of the goodness and love within her came to the surface and she saw that she needed to make some changes in order to truly love herself.Rodney and Melinda are definitely not two people you would ever see being together But let me say that you can t pick who you fall in love with and these two souls belonged together I adored their relationship and loved watching it grow So if you have a fondness for a romantic and beautiful love story I highly recommend you read this book It s remarkably written and will touch your heart in so many ways To give you a little snippet here is one of my favorite quotes from this wonderful book Let the park live in you until it sings you a song Taste the air of dampened wood in your mouth Hear the autumn leaves rustling in the zephyr of your mind See the squirrels bounding across branches hanging from your thoughts Let your soul frolic in the smell of the park s grass Touch every inch of the park that you memory can fly through as if you had only two minutes left to live.