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The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyOn the rolling Missouri River a riverboat of fur traders a US Senator and Prussian royalty are all heading to the Yellowstone from St Louis Preacher's onboard because the nation's fate depends on the passengers landing safe and sound But it won't be easy Two beautiful women make a play for Preacher So does a killer So does a band of river pirates No sooner does Preacher beat back these threats than the riverboat lands in the middle of a blood soaked Indian ambush with a Prussian nobleman and his family taken hostage Preacher has no choice but to go off in pursuit even with a traitor trying to slaughter him Someone wants to start a war and change the course of American history Only a lone mountain man and the ambush of bullets he wields with deadly unerring force stands in the way

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    I thought I'd give another western novel by William W Johnstone 1938 2004 a try The last that I read Preacher's Blood Hunt seemed less than stellar and received a 35 on my detailed scale As introduction to the protagonist in this series Preacher is a mountain man living in the early 1800's whose primary occupation is trapping Content with both solitude and good company Preacher's toughness and loyalty are legendary He often finds himself bound by honor and friendship to address the injustices common to his wilderness setting where the mindset is each manwoman for himherselfIn this installment Preacher is persuaded to accompany an old comrade now working for the American Fur Company and his unusual group of passengers on a dangerous trip up the rolling Missouri River in a riverboat A US Senator and his family and a Prussian Count and his entourage mix mingle and rub elbows and fists along the way Add to this volatile mixture a healthy dose of pirates Indians and one spy intent on causing a war between nations and you have the recipe for non stop action Without giving away too much of the plot this installment was in line with some of the earlier Johnstone novels The action while continuous was mixed with some romance and intrigue Multiple enemies gave the story depth than Preacher's Blood Hunt An enjoyable and uick read perfect for the beach Other than a slight case of sunburn On a detailed scale I'd provide this novel with a 43

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    I love the W W Johnstone books His nephew JA Johnstone does a great job of continuing the existing series This is another story about Preacher the First Mountain Man In this book Preacher even fights a duel with a Count from Prussia

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    I really liked this one a thick pocket book a great story and lots of action Preacher agrees to go up the river on a paddle wheeler with another mountain man or less as a favor However he had no idea their cargo would include European aristocracy as well as a US congressman and family They were not surprised to have to fight off river pirates but they had not counted on being ambushed and taken hostage by a party of Indians led by someone from the boat passengers with a grudge

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    Another solid outing by Johnstone and his First Mountain man Preacher This time Preacher is convinced to help a river boat filled with city folk travelling from the East to the West where Preacher is heading after selling his furs Bit of different setting but the same Preacher style and action A page turner

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    Very GoodThis is a great western tale written by a wonderful writer and again good wins over evil It is interesting and thrilling all the way through

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    good story lots of action

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    William Johnstone has written another masterpiece Full of villains and heroes Preacher is a real BA with a strong moral value I highly recommend Johnstone to everyone Better than movies

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    In St Louis to sell a load of furs Preacher gets involved in a brawl and is helped by an old friend looking for him Russell offers him a job escorting a riverboat to Yellowstone to buy furs Reluctantly he accepts then regrets it when he learns a Washington politician his family and a party of Prussians are coming alongThe Prussian Duke is arrogant and headed for trouble Preacher had agreed to help out against river pirates and possible Indian attacks not to nursemaid a bunch of pilgrimsHe gets it all before he's done and a plot as devious as anythinh out of WashingtonAnother terrific adventure with the legendary mountain man

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    Preacher's slaughterAnother fine story by William Johnstone Thoroughly enjoyed it I wonder if Preacher is real or not or was there ever someone like him in the Rocky mountains

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    Preacher wins againTypical fast paced action with a few surprise Twists along the way Bloody as is usual with Preeacher and Dog