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Durante anos o objetivo de vida de Libby Morgan foi tornar se sócio gerente da conhecida e competitiva firma de advogados onde trabalha Para tal sacrificou tudo – amizades casamento e o sonho de criar uma família uando finalmente é chamada à administração Libby mal contém a sua felicidade mas não está preparada para a notícia ue irá receber face às dificuldades económicas Libby é despedidaSem perspetivas de trabalho Libby aproveita para cuidar das amizades ue descurou Assim enuanto retoma velhos hábitos passa a freuentar uma loja de malhas local onde nutrirá amizades ue lhe mudarão a vida É ali ue conhecerá a doce e sensível Lydia a proprietária da loja e a sua espirituosa filha adolescente Casey; bem como a melhor amiga desta Ava uma jovem muito tímida e ingénua ue carrega um segredo ue não ousa contar a ninguém Não tardará ue Libby considere auela loja a sua segunda casa e auelas mulheres inspiradoras a sua nova família Consegue mesmo encontrar o amor na figura de um médico enigmático conhecido por doutor Coração de PedraMas uando tudo finalmente se parece recompor Libby é confrontada com uma fantástica oferta de trabalho ue caso aceite poderá ameaçar a felicidade pessoal conuistada há tão pouco tempo ue opção escolher uando os dois mundos são tão incompatíveis?

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    Sometimes I drink soda It's bad for me I know but there are bubbles and it is sweet and it is very mildly wickedFlat soda however is another matter entirely When I was three I came across a broken bottle with an inch or so left in it of flat sweet sodaI still have a scar beside my mouthAnd it didn't taste all that good with the bubbles goneSadly the bubbles are gone from this new Blossom Street novel Yes we have all the elements we learned to love a woman seeking her true path a handsome slightly unavailable guy he's a doctor ladies He saves wee little babies babies teens in trouble knitting including the pattern for a hat for those wee little premature babies and the reuisite happy endingI should have loved it right? But I didn't it was flat The characters walked about earnestly and chatted earnestly in ways no one ever wouldI feel bad because really I do love Macomber's work usually But this one reads like a pre final draft plot outlineFlat soda Sorry

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    To start off let me admit that if I'd seen this book in a grocery store I was given a free copy for an honest review I would never have brought it home The flowers the ball of yarn the pastel colors this doesn't make me think I'll be interested in a book I prefer graphic covers naked bodies promises of detailed sex scenes However within the first chapter Debbie's writing style and her main character Libby had already won me over Her job loss and the withered plant by her late mother's picture made me need to keep reading; I just had to know how her life got better Through the many plot twists as Libby's life got better and got worse by turns I wanted to keep reading The budding relationship with Philip and the many ways they improved each other's lives was beautiful to read I also enjoyed the side plot of Libby's friend Robin and her romance which she keeps secret from Libby for uite awhile Towards the end there were some truly heart breaking scenes but I was grateful that nonetheless Libby and Philip still got their happily ever after

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    Libby is an attorney who has given up almost everything for her job and the chance to make partner When she is called in for a meetingshe knows this is her moment She didn’t count on this being the moment when she was let go She soon realizes she doesn’t have any prospects and all she has to show for her years of sacrifice is a failed marriage broken friendships and a mostly unhappy existence A good yarn becomes her salvation and the chance at starting over My thoughts I am a big fan of Debbie Macomber but this book didn’t hit the spot for me This is no reflection of the writing which was fabulous as always My issues are purely plot driven The characters were not very likableeach had their own uniue ways of annoying me Too much of a lot of nothing going on I also thought the adoption scenario was corny and unrealistic on many levels I will definitely read Debbie Macomber again but it may be awhile before I visit blossom street againFor book fun check out my blog

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    I forced myself through every word I now cannot think of any words clean enough to deserve recording here A mediocre read that jumped right onto my hate list by having a stereotypical attorney as the main character and tackling uestions about career and motherhood with a heavy handed horribleness that left me wanting to go work billable hours Awkward and overdone and all the romances sucked

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    Starting Now is a new addition to the Blossom Street Novels and if you enjoy that series this one will also warm your heart If you haven't experienced Macomber's books she can really wrap you up in her characters You should give her a try it's not necessary to read this series in orderThat's what these books are heartwarming I couldn't read books like Starting Now every day but they are wonderful change of pace for meLibby is a divorced hard working attorney that has sacrificed almost everything to make partner in her firm She is very surprised when instead of being made partner she is laid off Her boss admonishes her to take some time and get a life It takes Libby a while but she does change her life tremendouslyPart of that change is taking up knitting again which brings her to A Good Yarn the shop on Blossom Street The shop doesn't play a huge part in Starting Now but it's there in the background as alwaysLibby's path to happiness isn't straight by any means Every time she thinks things are going her way something happens to throw her off the path but eventually she gets there after all that's what these books are all about you feel SO GOOD when they endI find some of the dialog to be overly dramatic I feel like I'm reading a soap opera and I guess I really am But I go into these books knowing that so it's not really a criticism in my case Also the inner dialogs get really repetitive These aren't direct uotes but things like Libby had always wanted to please her mother and She was so attracted to Phillip even though they both had been burned by relationships before These types of sentiments are repeated on almost EVERY page Worded differently but OK I get itMacomber does have a way of attaching me to her main character and dragging me along through every emotion and trial they experience She's very good at describing feelings maybe too much thoughI'm not embarrassed to say I really enjoy these books in moderation Everyone likes to melt at the end of a romantic book right? You should try it if you don't think that's true Starting Now is a very clean read and appropriate for older teens who might be looking for some adult romance books

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    It's my 1st read or listen for this author and it was ok It's what I figured it'd bea bit cheesy and no heat But i expected that What I didn't like was how frustrating the main character was She drove me nuts a bit and then she finally got her act together and there was only a few minutes of audio left I was left wanting

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    As a woman who loves both romance novels and knitting I was delighted to come upon the Blossom Street novels by Debbie Macomber I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Starting Now as an advance reader's edition and once I picked the book up I couldn't put it downStarting Now is the story of an attorney named Libby Morgan who instead of making partner earlier than she expected at the Seattle law firm where she's employed is laid off due to hard economic times caused by the recession With nothing else to fill the time she once used to practice law she is forced to make another life for herself Libby joins a gym and reconnects with fellow attorney and former college friend Robin Hamlin When Robin brings Libby to A Good Yarn Libby decides to take up knitting again a hobby she'd walked away from after her mother died Her first project knitting hats to donate to the local hospital's maternity wardThis tale follows Libby as she goes from an almost obsessive worker with no time to even care for a houseplant to someone who ends up volunteering at the hospital Libby finds friends in the owner of A Good Yarn Lydia Lydia's daughter Casey and Casey's friend Ava Libby also makes friends at the hospital including Dr Heart of Stone who isn't exactly what he seems to be and discovers that there's to life than working endless hours a dayStarting Now is a very easy read that grips you from the first pages and easily carries your attention through to the end of the novel The characters are real people with real faults They are easily to relate to and Debbie Macomber's magnificent use of prose makes you feel their pain and their happiness I would recommend this novel and this series to anyone who enjoys a good storyand especially if they love to knit

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    I've read a lot of Debbie Macomber's books over the years and one thing that hasn't changed is the audience that she primarily writes for Christian grandmothers That being said Starting Now is not a bad book It's predictable but sweet and interesting The main character Libby has lost her job and now has way too much free time on her hands which results in her spending time knitting and volunteering at the hospital rocking premature babies This gives her a chance to meet new people strengthen old relationships and form new ones Ultimately she has to decide if this new life is the one she wants or if her older career driven life is still worth chasing Two little things made me crazy in this book First of all everyone in this book eats soup all the time People are constantly going out for soup delivering soup to one another or ordering soup to go Debbie Macomber must really love soup Also Libby's answer to everything is perfect It's never great sounds good wonderfulit's always perfect I thought if I saw the word perfect one time I was going to scream Anyway if you're familiar with Debbie Macomber then you will enjoy this book If you enjoy light inspirational novels with family and relationship themes you will enjoy it as well

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    I another good addition to the Blossom Street series

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    Always love her books Uplifting Makes me feel good for the rest of the day Love happy endings This book does not disappointFor years Libby Morgan dreamed only of making partner in her competitive high pressure law firm She sacrificed everything for her career—her friends her marriage her chance at creating a family When her boss calls Libby into his office she assumes it will finally be good news but nothing can prepare her for the shocking reality She’s been let go and must rebuild her entire life starting now With no job prospects in sight Libby reaches out to old friends and spends her afternoons at A Good Yarn the local knitting store There she forms a close bond with Lydia the sweet natured shop owner; Lydia’s spirited teenage daughter Casey; and Casey’s best friend Ava a shy yet troubled girl who will shape Libby’s future in surprising and profound ways As A Good Yarn becomes a second home—and the women a new kind of family—Libby relishes the different person she’s become She even finds time for romance with a charming and handsome doctor who seems to be her perfect match But just as everything is coming together Libby must make a choice that could forever change the life she holds so dear