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Alone At Home, Twelve Year Old Grayson Sender Glows, Immersed In Beautiful Thoughts And Dreams But At School, Grayson Grasps At Shadows, Determined To Fly Under The Radar Because Grayson Has Been Holding Onto A Secret For What Seems Like Forever He Is A Girl On The Inside, Stuck In The Wrong Gender S BodyThe Weight Of This Secret Is Crushing, But Leaving It Behind Would Mean Facing Ridicule, Scorn, And Rejection Despite These Dangers, Grayson S True Self Itches To Break Free Strengthened By An Unexpected Friendship And A Caring Teacher Who Gives Her A Chance To Step Into The Spotlight, Grayson Might Finally Have The Tools To Let Her Inner Light ShineDebut Author Ami Polonsky S Moving, Beautifully Written Novel Shines With The Strength Of A Young Person S Spirit And The Enduring Power Of Acceptance

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    It s been a long time since a book has made me teary eyed, but Gracefully Grayson had me sniffling at the end The story is beautiful and authentic Grayson is a sixth grader who has always felt different and alone His parents died when he was young He hasn t eaten in the lunchroom with his peers since second grade When he looks in the mirror, his reflection does not match what he feels inside Secretly, he imagines his over sized shirts are dresses and his workout pants are long skirts He wishes than anything that he could be who he really is on the outside as well as the inside When the school play comes around, The Myth of Persephone, Grayson tries out for the lead female role of Persephone, causing a storm of reaction that will affect everyone in his life I know the character of Grayson I have taught Grayson in my own classroom His struggle and his bravery are portrayed with great love and insight I m grateful this book exists not just for transgender youth, but for all young readers who are searching for their own identity and their own voice in the face of societal pressures.

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    GRACEFULLY GRAYSON belongs to that particular category of books that make you both happy and sad Grayson is a boy But he likes all things initially made for girls dresses, skirts, bracelets, necklaces, hairclips, etc This is a part of him that he feels he needs to keep secret, but he hates the secrecy, because it eats at his heart and soul.So he decides to audition for the role of Persephone in the school play But what if he gets the role He will have to wear a dress What will his aunt and uncle say What will his classmates say What will happen then Written in a simple but admirable language suited for young readers, GRACEFULLY GRAYSON explores themes such as gender fluidity, acceptance, belonging and courage Part of me finds it slightly underwhelming that the author only mentions Grayson s preference for girl clothing without expressly mentioning anything about gender fluidity, especially since this is a gender identity that young people should be aware exists and understand the meaning of.But another part of me is perfectly at peace with Ami Polonsky not labelling Grayson in any LGBTQIA way, since Grayson himself does not exactly know why he likes girl clothing and mentally associates with girls than boys.In any case, this is a beautifully moving novel It made me realize we should indeed publish diverse stories for pre teens A little bit repetitive, but the lyrical writing was enough to lessen my notice of that I m really happy I gave this book a chance, especially since I did not particularly enjoy this author s new release THREADS, so I sure hoped she would redeem herself to me with this And she did Go Ami Polonsky I m curious to see what you will entice us with next.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    This book definitely feels like it was written for a young audience, and I was hoping for so much based on the high rating But that doesn t mean it was necessarily bad I just feel like I ve read this book multiple times already.After reading a few books featuring LGBTQ main characters, I ve realized that many of them follow a specific formula MC is hiding who they are, people find out, MC gets bullied, MC finds their people and there s a happy ending I am in no way trying to say that this isn t very true and real for lots of people, but when it comes to fiction, there s so much that can be done with it For example, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera was so creative and well written, we need books like that Also, the characters or plot weren t anything too special, unfortunately I would definitely recommend this for younger readers, though It just wasn t really meant for me.

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted White and black Light and dark And me, in the middle of it all Gray This book caught my eye, but I was going to give it a pass, thinking it was suitable for much younger readers Then I came across a friend s review and grabbed it from the library Surprisingly, the book was difficult to put down and I got through it in no time at all.I am not going to summarize the plot here, since there is really none to speak of This is a sensitive and delicately written portrayal of Grayson Sender, a 12 year old who is harboring a deep secret Grayson s parents were aware of that secret and respectful of their child s uniqueness, but they were killed in a car accident when Grayson was little Grayson is now living in the home of an aunt, uncle, and older cousin, all of whom show love, but not the support or understanding Grayson needs Grayson struggles with loneliness and isolation and eventually makes a new friend Auditioning for the female lead in the school play allows Grayson the opportunity for self expression outside of established gender norms While Grayson has the support of a progressive teacher and the play s cast members, there is still fear and prejudice to contend with My only gripe with this story was that it lacked complexity I would have liked to see a deeper exploration of Grayson s desire to be a girl The experimentation with clothing, hair and jewelry heavy handedly presented outdated feminine ideals with no attempt to dismantle gender stereotypes Nevertheless, I liked this story a lot and found Grayson to be a very sympathetic and dynamic character Grayson s family was also realistic as they dealt with their fears and concerns.

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    This book is entirely PRECIOUS It is so very sweet and there was one chapter where I could feel my soul tearing up because ahhhh Books about bravery, being who you truly are, and finding your people they always make me feel aaall the things Bless this little book I do, however, wonder about its similarities to George It s kind of seriously eerie Both are about MG books about trans girls who get involved in school plays to come out to themselves, and to the universe Not even kidding THE PLOTS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME Gracefully Grayson is a bit older, set in 6th grade instead of 4th grade BUT STILL Note Gracefully Grayson was published in 2014, while George was published in 2015 But knowing how long it takes books to be published I m pretty sure there s no way George was intentionally copying or inspired IT S JUST WEIRD HOW SIMILAR THEY ARE Anyway read both because they re both adorable I really loved Grayson, who is the most precious little cinnamon roll AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED I can t even imagine the bravery that would be needed to be true to yourself in a middle school, woah, and I loved how the book handled everything There is bullying in here And there s equal parts ignoring support from the secondary characters But like my heart totally did this LITTLE DANCE every time something good happened to Grayson Grayson is too precious, I am just sayin.Also there is thrift shopping in here GO THE THRIFT SHOPPING Sorry, ahem, random.I also appreciate how the book didn t have much closure It felt like real life, you know There are tons of loose threads and questions Half of me is demanding to knoooow all the things The other half is really pleased that the book felt so real I felt like all the dialogue and relationships and scenes were totally realistic which is gloriousness There is also much feels because who doesn t like to clutch a middle grade book and be ATTACKED WITH FEELS Hmm I thought so.Okayyyyy, but there are things I wasn t pleased about Because I m the Grape of Grump and my overanalysing brain gets nitpicky There was a lot of repetition The story is mainly set at school, but there were SO many scenes that felt the same and I did get bored several times It s a tiny book but the middle dragged Grayson lives with their aunt uncle cousins, and while they seemed like super nice peoplethey let the oldest cousin bully Grayson and I don t get it Like the cousin would say something mean and the aunt would be oh don t do that in a very quiet way But the later she d be roasting a teacher or something So IDEK I m not saying this isn t realistic, because it could very well be But it made me so angry That cousin needed to be smacked in the head with a potato and told to sit down I m still not really sure why the favourite teacher, Mr Finn, got view spoiler fired I think he chose to leave, technically, but why did he get fired over Grayson being a girl in the play, yet they didn t stop Grayson from doing the play I don t get it hide spoiler

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    What did I think of this book I didn t think anything I just felt , God, what I felt I have had this book in my collection for quite a while now, and I am quite busy hitting myself on the head for picking it up NOW, so late Yeah, I know Pathetic of me I m well aware of the fact.Well, getting back to my review While I was reading the book the later parts, when all the trouble for Grayson started , I was so choked up, so emotional from then onwards, that I thought I would just give the book a five star rating and skip the review Seems foolish, right Well, you see, this book is such perfection, such a revolution, that I really thought that me using some inconsequential, lame words to describe what all I felt while reading it would just be a disgrace to this work of high praise And I didn t want to do that.I felt everything so strongly that I laughed at Grayson s silly observations, which made him smile but wouldn t have registered with anyone else, had they been in his place I am out and proud to admit that I cried like a baby view spoiler when the rumors about Finn being fired started and all the chaos in Grayson s mind started hide spoiler

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    Find all of my reviews at Grayson approaches the transgender issue with sheer grace A middle grade story that is truly middle grade There is no foul language, no sex, no romance, just the story of Grayson Sender a 12 year old boy who looks in the mirror until he can see the reflection of the girl he really knows is inside of him What an important little book this was In a day and age where young people are stepping into oncoming traffic because they aren t accepted for who they are and 8 year olds are being belittled for daring to walk the red carpet in a suit rather than a dress, Grayson s story is one that needs to be told I encourage parents and children alike to read this one.I find myself at a bit of a loss for words Thinking too hard about the struggles of young people just makes me sad and it s a Monday so I m sad enough in general already , so I m just going to steal some words from Mr Feeny Thank heaven for teachers who overstep their boundaries when parents aren t willing to deal with hard issues I m pretty sure Grayson would agree.And to the kids out there who are afraid of being different I hope one day your differences are embraced and celebrated and you feel comfortable enough to be who you are whether that person is one who wears a suit, or a dress, or rocks a purple cast while simultaneously maintaining superhero status If you or a young person you know is LGBT and thinking about suicide, please call The Trevor Lifeline at 1 866 488 7386, or the Trans Lifeline at 1 877 565 8860.

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    Quick review as I head out of Sydney 2.5 Even though this novel is definitely not aimed at my demographic as a cis adult, I still wanted to read this book as it sounded like a unique coming of age story about a transgender girl What bothered me about this novel was that I felt it oversimplified the needs and struggles of transgender children Grayson s desire to be a girl was very much restricted to the way she dressed and put her hair I can understand that the author probably didn t want to get too much into the philosophy as it s a middle school aimed book and it would ve required complexity but it s exactly this complexity that this book lacked The book ends with Grayson coming into class with a pink shirt, which honestly tells me about gender stereotypes than gender identity Further I felt the novel couldn t adequately settle it s resolutions it was all very wishy washy, especially for a middle school novel Was kind of disappointed.

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    I have a rule that I don t start books late in the evening so I don t lose out on sleep I finished reading Gracefully Grayson a few minutes before midnight with tears running down my face Good books will do that to you Ami Polonsky has created an absolutely mesmerising voice with Grayson I sometimes think I use the word love to lightly but with Grayson I can truly say I loved her still love her.Grayson has successfully isolated herself from those around her A new student ends up being the trigger for Grayson stepping out of her shell but this in turn means judgement One of the things that I was impressed with was the insight Ami Polonsky gives you for the other characters Grayson s aunt for example and Grayson s cousin.I don t really want to give away because part of the joy of book is going on the journey with Grayson, through all of it With the tears there are those moments that make your heart sing.Gracefully Grayson is a beautiful book read it.

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    I have a theory that sometimes, everything needs to fall apart before it can come back together the way it s supposed to This is a sweet little YA novel about a boy named Grayson Sender who, as far back as anyone can remember, believed he was meant to be a girl Before his parents died in a car accident, they took photos of three year old Grayson dressing in a pink tutu.Now in high school outside Chicago and living with his aunt and uncle s family, Grayson still dresses in the most feminine clothes he can get away with, pretending his long jerseys are dresses instead On a thrift store trip he buys a T shirt with a heart design and a bird pendant and wears them under his usual hoodie when he goes to school When he has the chance to audition for the female lead in the school play, Persephone, he has to decide whether he has the courage to be himself in spite of bullies, ambivalent teachers and disappointed family members.I ve read much sophisticated novels about gender identity Middlesex and For Today I Am a Boy are two , but this could be a good one for getting younger teens thinking about the issues I never warmed to Grayson s voice, though I think third person narration might actually have worked better in this case.