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Take a town full of West Virginia coal miners 17th century nobility one of the longest and bloodiest wars in history d'Artagnan without the three musketeers Blaise Pascal Rene Decartes Galileo Oliver Cromwell and Gustav II Adolph Shake well and simmer for thirteen years Eric Flint's world of 1632 is an amazing and complex alternate history universe that split off from ours one spring day in 2000 and 1631 The Grantville Singles provide readers with the opportunity to sample some of our favorite stories from the semi monthly magazine devoted to the series The Grantville Gazette We hope you enjoy them In this story Bjorn Hassler provides a CSI like murder investigation mixed with politics religion and the uniue point of view of a 17th century security consultant As usual in the 1632 universe things are just a little mixed up

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