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Futuristic Wow I was Given this book as a gift, Its not usually the kind of genre that I read But I was willing to give it a try And I am so glad I did This is a well written short story that takes place in an apocalyptic new world The story is about Reho who is my new hero, he s kind of like Hercules in the future But he has no idea he s a hero nor does he care to be one He s a Bad ass and I love him already There s fast cars and a stadium filled with people who love to see gore and blood I can t wait for what s to come in this series that will draw you in It was over too quick I want More This author knows how to write a story Red Denver, One Of Several Successful Communities In Usona, Post Blast America, Has Thrived Because Of OldWorld Machinery And A Strong Community Government With His Past Behind Him, Reho Has Made A New Life For Himself In Red Denver Until Soapy, A Local Crime Boss, Starts A Chain Of Events That Leads To A Climatic Final Face Off Between Reho And One Of The Genetically Modified Warbeasts Designed By The Hegemons An Alien Race Determined To See Humankind Go Extinct Adding SamuriSteve s review Goodreads Red Denver is the story of an anti hero named Reho Plagued by a tumultuous past, he must fight to survive in the post apocalyptic world that Mr Denham has so vividly painted But survival won t be easy Not when a powerful crime boss wants him dead and unleashes a genetically engineered beast to get the job done.Part action, part thriller, Red Denver is a short glimpse into what will undoubtedly be one of the best indie scifi adventure books of the year I m looking forward to Reho and highly recommend picking up this short story before the full novel hits. Red Denver tells the story of Reho, a man running from his past We meet him shortly after he has been placed in jail for murder The story fills unfolds as Reho faces the judge and is sentenced to fight in the Red Rocks Arena The fight scene is fantastic This book is a mix of science fiction genres Reho is a mix of superman meets everyman His actions reflect him as of an antihero I look forward to the series and watching Reho s transformation.This author does not waste one word He tells the story a rare talent indeed 5 Stars. While I don t normally read sci fi fantasy, I was blown away by the world that D.L Daenham creates in his well crafted Red Denver.The hero, Reho, is easy to connect with I love anti heroes because their struggles are so compound, making the moment when they succeed in their own right a victory that the reader can share in Reho is no exception and in fact is a most enjoyable protagonist that caps off this suspenseful short story.A must for sci fi fantasy fans and any reader looking for an exciting story I look forward to the novel Come on May I haven t read very many prequel s and they usually don t leave me counting down the days until the novel s release I am extremely excited to read about the Hegemon Wars. Good preview of the upcoming series, The Hegemon Wars Looking forward to reading it Quick easy read that leaves me impatient to read The Hegemon Wars Well written teaser Would highly recommend to others. A delicious taste of things to come Look forward to of Reho s adventures. Overall, D.L Denham s Red Denver is a fun little read which introduces us to Reho, a man with no last name who has been set up by Soapy, a local crime boss who wants Reho dead.Reho is a man with both a past and a future as Red Denver is meant to act as somewhat of a vignette into one of his many adventures The reader is given a small glimpse into his former life on the eastern seaboard of what was once the United States as well as the promise of a future that may see him return there.Denham successfully provides just enough information to whet the reader s appetite Within the short tale, we know that 1 Reho seems as if he s a decent man doing what he has to in order to survive 2 an alien race has attempted to conquer humanity 3 there are uninhabitable sections of the U.S 4 the local governments are shady and corrupt and 5 many of the ways of the world before the nuclear blast still remain.While Red Denver is a good read, there are two minor issues I had with the story.First, while Reho is a serviceable hero, the character needs to be humanized a bit in future adventures Red Denver almost makes him too much of a good guy even though he does kill in order to survive Further, it s acknowledged that he s virtually indestructible with healing powers that quickly erase any injury As a result, it s difficult to believe there s any credible threat to him.Second, there s too much reliance upon the term OldWorld in regard to the description of the past The characters refer to nearly everything in Red Denver such as guns, cars, aspects of the legal system by the preface OldWorld for example, one character raised an OldWorld rifle at him Since items and practices that were around within the last 70 years are used on a daily basis and still seem prevalent in 2083, the use of the term becomes a bit cliched.Those, however, aren t major hindrances to the story I do wish Red Denver was a little longer but I d also like to see what Denham does with the proposed series based on this short Until then, this all too brief look at the world in which Reho inhabits will have to suffice this review will also appear on bookie