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i feel bad giving this too low a rating cuz it has good intentions ig and these books are rare but this writing.i try not to complain about writing style in general but there was so much useless detail in this i wanted to take my pencil out and edit it down im sorry i dont care what this girl ate for lunch or where she got it i am SORRY..also the book was super preachy and i never understand why LGBT books are so preachy because the info gets outdated so fast just be specific stick to ur point characters fav moments were when nicki minaj was referred to as a hip hop star and when the one girl asked her girlfriend if she wanted to watch a Japanese anime series..this was released in 2014 A does not, and never will stand for allies Period.JUST GIRLS suffers from being absolutely out of touch with reality The writing is awkward and unpolished, the characters are one dimensional, and read like they were pulled from someone s college orientation tolerance skit script rather than reality.Tucker is absolutely insufferable She appropriates the experience of a trans woman by pretending to be one because she s pig headed and thinks everything revolves around her and her personal ideals of what should be going on Her character only gets worse in time.There are seriously racist bits strewn throughout the book I was really disappointed to see how heavy handed this was. Jess Tucker Sticks Her Neck Out For A Stranger The Buzz Is Someone In The Dorm Is A Trans Girl So Tucker Says It S Her, Even Though It S Not, To Stop The Finger Pointing She Was An Out Lesbian In High School, And She Figures She Can Stare Down Whatever Gets Thrown Her Way In College It Can T Be That BadElla Ramsey Is Making New Friends At Freytag University, Playing With On Campus Gamers And Enjoying Her First Year, But She S Rocked By The Sight Of A Slur Painted On Someone Else S Door A Slur Clearly Meant For Her, If They D Only KnownNew Rules, Old Prejudices, Personal Courage, Private Fear In This Stunning Follow Up To The Groundbreaking Being Emily, Rachel Gold Explores The Brave, Changing Landscape Where Young Women Try To Be Just Girls I really tried to like this book but I just couldn t get into it I bought this book because I read some of the reviews and decided that I should give it a try Unfortunately, it was too slow and I had to push myself to continue reading The issues that this book addresses are important, but the emotional roller coaster was at a snail s pace. A lot of soapbox standing usually puts me off a book, and there are many, many arguments made in this novel where I felt like I was doing the reader s version of watching a game of tennis However The issues raised deserve their arguments to be heard and fiction is a great format.Outside of the politically savvy college students, there are a few storylines going on here This is not a light read, parts are certainly trigger points for some It is a very confronting book that doesn t pull punches and shows the shameful way trans women can be treated by different groups It also highlights the burden to prove abuse assault with a heavy dose of victim blaming.While Tucker is very quickly painted as a hero, her heroics negatively impact her life in a lot of ways Tucker is alone when she stands up for what she believes in, and is punished for it several times over Only when a group is organised to stand up together is she proclaimed safe This is a frightening, yet valid issue.I wasn t satisfied with Lindy s abrupt departure, yet can appreciate the sense of injustice this inspired being so true with too many cases My reaction is most probably the intended effect I don t hugely relate to ya na characters, however the social commentary of this story is important, engaging, confronting and relevant. TL DR version I d give this 4 1 2 stars if Goodreads would let me I had some issues with it, but overall I thought this was a fascinating book that would spark a ton of discussion Definitely recommended if you re at all interested.This review was originally posted at the Lesbrary Just Girls is one of the new releases that I was most excited about reading, because I found the premise very interesting It tells the story of two women in college Tucker, an out cis lesbian, and Ella, a bisexual trans woman The book cycles between their perspectives When Tucker finds out that people are speculating about who the trans woman is in the dorms and being generally hateful, she angrily defends the anonymous student and spontaneously outs herself as trans in order to take the brunt of the hate herself The idea of a cis person pretending to be trans for any reason could go very badly, no matter how noble the intentions not to mention that the author is also cis , but I still wanted to see where the story would go not to mention that lesbian fiction is severely lacking in trans women characters.Surprisingly, though the premise should have been much of a minefield than Gold s previous book, Being Emily, I ended up really loving this one Emily and Claire her girlfriend do make appearances in this one, but they are minor characters, and you don t have to read the two together or in order The two things that really struck me in this narrative were the realism and the scope of the novel While Being Emily is narrowly focused on the experience of being trans, its successor weaves this in with other issues of sexism and being queer It also shows a different reality than the previous book while Emily experienced a lot of push back from her coming out, Ella had a supportive family and community She was able to access the hormones and surgery that she needed, and she had a strong support system That isn t to say that it was easy for her, but it was definitely different from Emily s experience, and I appreciated the acknowledgment that there isn t just one trans experience.Again, I can t speak to how accurate the portrayal of being a trans woman is, but the depiction of the LGBTQ crowd on campus definitely rang true The drama, the friendship, and view spoiler yes, even the abuse hide spoiler I don t really know how I feel about an ally pretending to be trans to protect another trans student That brings up so many feelings and issues Is it solidarity or making someone else s life into your own pet project Fortunately, I didn t have to decide that in order to enjoy the book It challenged my own prejudiced ideas about cis people, which is good Perhaps I needed that.I do think this is an important book, especially for the ya target group At first glance a fairly simple cut story that ends up dealing with way complex issues than I thought it could Transrights and issues, dating, hate crimes, rape and domestic violence, but also family, friendship, community, how to stand up for yourself and for the people and things you believe in Recommend 3,5 stars And an extra plus for Asian characters that weren t potrayed as transphobic. When I read Being Emily, I was looking for information as a relative came out and I wanted to understand and react as I should and not as I had been taught I was not reading the fiction but looking for answers So I felt unable to review that in a fictionnal point of view Here, I just pick a book that was on my to read list without looking at the author s name yeah, I do that And I liked it I would have rated the story 3 stars, but I rounded it up to 4 because it s so sensible in how it treats it s subject Both main characters are facing difficult situations and while they seem unable to confront their own, they don t hesitate to protect each other Though, beware there is a lot of violence in this book, and one scene in particular that can be off putting view spoiler the rape of one of the MC, which is just awful hide spoiler I can t even remember the last time I had such strong feelings about a book that were so positive and so negative simultaneously.I completely cop to the fact that I might ve felt differently if the page explaining terms had been at the end of the book instead of the beginning, but when the book opens with explaining the A in LGBTQIA as standing for both Asexuals and Allies SPOILER IT IS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS , I m gonna have pretty instant Feelings And those Feelings weren t invalidated by the book s premise, or the execution of that premise Tucker is painted as a Cis Savior, tremendously brave to call herself trans to protect a trans woman, knowing the entire time that she could just reveal that she isn t and be fine In the end, I m not even sure what it does for Ella mostly it just gets Tucker painted as a hero On the flip side, obvious bonus points for positive trans representation and bi representation , although it would ve been nice to A have it be a little clearer why transsexual kept being used instead of transgender, since the former is often misused and this book made it seem to me like the norm, while it certainly didn t mind being Trans 101 in other areas, and B have trans representation that wasn t A hot girl no one in a billion years could ever imagine had ever had a boy s body Not to invalidate that, of course, but it made everything about Ella s experience at college seem so easy, which contributed to the feeling of Tucker taking the heat just to be a savior Like, when there s an issue of a policy being created at the university requiring students to use the bathrooms for the sexes listed on their birth certificates, there is so little focus on Ella s concerns and fears about that and so much on Tucker s rage And over and over again through this book, it s about Tucker s feelings on transgender life over Ella s.BUT, two things in this book I thought were huge by virtue of being storylines 1 transwoman exclusionary feminism, and 2 same sex date rape I m pretty sure I ve never seen either of those mentioned in a book, ever, and they are such incredibly important issues to discuss in the LGBTQIA community I thought Gold did a really nice job presenting a lot of sides to the former while never condoning it, and a lot of support and validation for the victim regarding the latter, and I admire the hell out of that And can we talk about the portrayal of genderqueerness in this book My God I mean, great that Nico is a cool character and a lot of fun and a good friend and kind of a love interest view spoiler though if we did really see Nico interact with Tucker, I definitely missed it hide spoiler There were many times, when reading this, that I wanted to give up, but inspired by Tucker s martyrdom, I continued, that I might detail to you all the many, many reasons you should not read this book This review contains what some people may consider spoilers, but I ll try to keep it vague This review also contains swearwords I am an angry queer about this.1 The basic premise of this book, about a cis person pretending to be transgender to protect a trans person, is garbage You do not need to assume the identity of a minority to call out bigotry There is no positive reason to do this I can t stress that enough This is so fucking wrong Please do not ever do it.2 Having the trans person come out as repayment for this cis person s martyrdom to help the cis person overcome a different trial in their life is just un fucking real I m really fucking glad for Ella that coming out had apparently not a single negative repercussion for her, even though the cis person pretending to be trans got the shit beaten out of her Consistency The lesson from that is appalling Don t ask me about what happened the last time I came out to a large group of people It wasn t pretty like, I m sure, a lot of trans people s actual lives are.3 Tucker is, for some reason other than Rachel Gold trying to trick people into reading her other book which I somehow expect to be similarly problematic , really good friends with this lesbian couple that are at least fifteen years older than she is, because one of the women in the couple is trans, and the other wrote a book about her wife coming out sensing a trend here Why a trans woman would adopt some cis kid who s life was changed by reading about them SECOND HAND is just fucking bizarre to me I m happy to mentor young queer kids in finding their identity I have no fucking interest in being idol worshipped by some cis kid who thinks it s appropriate to pretend to be trans and protect me 4 This entire book is written like a fictionalized version of Gender 2000 All of the angry feminist characters are incredible two dimensional and seem to only exist as mouth pieces for stereotypical TERF views Which, like, is probably good as a way of educating cis people, I GUESS, but really just makes for a terribly written novel.5 For Halloween, Ella dresses up, and I quote, as white Nicki Minaj And Tucker dresses up as a woman Because, apparently, lesbians aren t women to begin with I guess 6 I went to high school with a lot of delicate, artsy kids and I knew a panic attack when I saw one Fuck you very much, my anxiety does not make me delicate I could go on And on And on But really, all you need to know is that cis people have no fucking business writing a book about what it is like to be trans It s inauthentic, offensive garbage, and it fills my heart with hurt and rage that this book has won so many awards the irony is so fucking sharp Trans people can t write books about their lives that are published but a cis straight lady comes along and writes a book that wins three international literature awards and is short listed for a fourth Was it scary to write a book about trans kids, Rachel Gold Did you feel like your literary reputation was on the line God, that must have been so hard for you.Maybe like half as hard as my life as a non binary trans person actually is.Please don t read this book.