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It begins as a fairytale romance a shipboard meeting in 1880 between vivacious Southern belle Florence Chandler and handsome English cotton broker James Maybrick Courtship and a lavish wedding soon follow and the couple settles into an affluent Liverpool suburbFrom the first their marriage is doomed by lies Florie hardly the heiress her scheming mother portrayed is treated as an outsider by fashionable English society James's secrets are infinitely darker he has a mistress an arsenic addiction and a vicious temper But Florie has no inkling of her husband's depravity until she discovers his diary and in it a litany of bloody deeds

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListI was given a print copy of this book by the author for my honest review SPOILERSI enjoyed this book almost as much as I enjoyed the author's book about Lizzie Borden This one was an eeny meeny bit uhgory though I had to skim over some stuff because ew This book was written around the idea that James Maybrick was Jack the Ripper and his wife was Florence Maybrick The idea stems from the diary and watch that was found with Maybrick's name on them and the diary giving vivid details on the murders The watch had the names of the victims scratched on it along with Maybrick's name This is still a mystery I did some research and the diary and watch were both proved and disproved so who knows I say he did it But that's just my opinion The is told in both Florence and James point of views mostly Florence James pov only seems to come about when he starts to go mad and killing and gross stuff and he's bat sht nuts if it's all really true or wasJames married a very young Florence who was from America and they lived in his home with one of his brothers and a host of servants Florence had two children by James a boy James and a little girl Gladys And they were so happy until Florence finds out James has another wife and 5 kids Really dude?After some time Florence starts having her own affair with one of his friends which James finds out about and he beats Florence uite freuently This is supposedly what made him start going out and mutilating those women Other than the fact that he's whack a doo I wonder too if him taking arsenic and other crazy stuff all of the time made him a bit nutsy cuckoo I mean maybe this was a thing I didn't know about but I don't think I would be taking deadly stuff like the things he was taking Anyhoo Florence finds his diary and is appalled of course In this book James asks her to poison him so his children won't have to live with the shame and he's dying anyway But then she is arrested for killing him and they have it all set up to kill her and then she's released but the damage has been done and she's pretty much shunned by everyone even her kids They were taken to live with Dr Fuller and his wife when Florence went to jail James Jr changed his last name to Fuller and year later when he was 29 he took cyanide and died WTF is wrong with these people? Gladys got married but they never cared for their mother again Of course now I want to read every book on both Florence and James ever written if there are any so I can see what they really thought I think the author did an awesome job of letting us be in the mind of Florence and live out a scenario that very well may have been true The happy couple below ↓

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    Find this and other reviews at 'd love to say Brandy Purdy's uniue style and sense of humor led me to this piece I'd love to have some brilliant intellectual anecdote about James Maybrick or Florence Chandler I'd credit my morbid fascination in Jack the Ripper if I could but I'd be lying through my teeth and probably choke on the deceit because in truth the credit goes to whoever put the final stamp of approval on this jacket Two words folks cover slut One day I'll kick the habit but not this day and in all honesty tomorrow doesn't look good eitherLike The ueen's Rivals and The Boleyn Bride The Ripper's Wife is chock fully of singular characters but unlike her earlier novels this one surprised me I enjoy Purdy's work well enough but I've always found it a tad fluffy and while there is plenty of superfluous detail in her latest release I was shocked at where she took Florie's story There are some genuinely dark and disturbing scenes in this piece and though I'm not an advocate of gratuitous violence I think this particular narrative needed to go someplace foul and admire Purdy's treatment of the material That said I wasn't as exactly enchanted with Purdy's heroine Florie begs for sympathy and shirks responsibility at every opportunity She's incredibly naive and doesn't have an ounce of personal ambition I found her unwavering affection for Jim disgusting on a number of levels and I was thrown by her relatively modern views on her husband's dependencies Ultimately her perceptions undermined the authenticity of her character and there just wasn't enough substance in her being to capture my imagination andor interestFinally and I know I'm nitpicking here I didn't like the structure of this piece The story seemed to lose its way once Florie loses the children Everything after that felt awkward and forced and though I liked Purdy's nod to the historic record I think there is something to be said for knowing when a story has reached its end

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    What a dreadful disappointment This book is another case of cover lust gone wrong but I also was incredibly excited by the premise In 1889 Florence Maybrick was condemned for poisoning her husband James Maybrick The case caused a great sensation and James's name became famous again in the 1990s when a diary allegedly written by Jack the Ripper was found and James Maybrick was implicitly revealed as the killer Personally I am not convinced in this theory the diary was probably a hoax and there are not many clues pointing to Maybrick However the idea that he was Jack the Ripper and that his wife discovered it seemed just perfect for an exciting dramatic and creepy novel What went wrong then? Unfortunately almost everything Let's start with the less important things I did not like the writing there are too many descriptive parts and the descriptions of hats and clothes seem endless Purdy also has a passion for italics there are so many And I mean it Okay I'll drop that now It doesn't help that the plot has some terribly slow and boring parts Predictably the most interest sections of the book are the pages from the diary but I still found them a little over the top Obviously reading from the point of view of Jack the Ripper I was prepared for some truly gory parts but I had the impression Purdy overdid them a little I have a strong stomach but some points were hard to read If you have a problem with violence do not read this bookIn my opinion the novel was also excessively long I think the story should have ended after Florence was freed from prison because nothing really important happened after that But the worst thing about the book is definitely its heroine Florence and the model she gives Alert ranting ahead And possibly some minor spoilersFlorie starts the novel as a whiny spoiled naive girl but I was prepared to be patient She was going to experience some truly shocking experiences and hopefully have to endure a dramatic character development Unfortunately very soon in the book something happened and killed all my good propositions A few days after Florence and James's marriage she discovers that her husband keeps in a closet all sort of medicines and poisons Scared and worried for her husband's health she confronts him and he beats her badly After that Florie wants to write to her mother to complain but the servants tell her James has prohibited her to send any letters before he has read them Florie is furious but then James comes home and explains her that he did it for her sake beating her was a mistake an isolated case that won't happen again and she should not exaggerate it by writing to her mother And Florie agrees with him and thanks him for being such a good husband I'm loving italics too today What the hell? Unfortunately Florence's character only gets worse as the story progresses Predictably James keeps beating her and then she discovers he also has another wife and a mistress Shocked she takes a lover Alfred and also lets her brother in law Edwin abuse her And it is abuse she is not consentient After that Edwin thinks he has the right to abuse her everytime he wants and Florie can't do a thing about it really? And she doesn't see the point either “Finally I just gave up struggling and let him have me It really wasn't worth fighting about” Seriously? And then Florie finally reads the diary view spoilerbtw James gives it to her because he is terribly repented but doesn't have the courage to kills himself so he wants her to kill him but she can't do it either What? hide spoiler

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    See for full reviewI have recently realized that I apparently have a huge problem I find these authors that have books that sound so wonderful I go get their books and add them to my toppling TBR pile and I then cannot find the time to actually read them I know many of you fellow bookworms probably have the same problem When I decided to read Brandy Purdy's newest novel as part of her blog tour I realized I have almost all of her previous novels on my shelves ready to be loved and devoured but that I had not yet read even one of them And per the usual I am now kicking myself that I took this long to read her books The Ripper's Wife pulled me in from page one Set up for most of the novel as Florie Maybrick telling her side of the story from her meeting and falling in love with James Maybrick to the downward spiral of their marriage and her discovery that James was Jack the Ripper all the way to her final sad and lonely days and interspersed in the middle of the novel with James Maybrick's diary entries detailing his violent and twisted alternate life as one of the world's most infamous killers the novel never had a dull moment for me The reader knows from the beginning what the outcome of Florie's life will be and the horrid turn her life will take and this caused a delicious sense of foreboding to hang over the whole story even the seemingly fairytale beginnings of the Maybrick's early marriage It doesn't take long for Florie's life to spin out of control and while Florie makes some very bad mistakes over the years that had me yelling at her to grow up and make the right decisions for her and her children it was heartbreaking to watch the vicious beatings she took at the hands of this supposedly loving husband and the eventual jail time she served for a murder she didn't commit I am not completely sure how much of this novel is based in fact and this would be one of my only complaints about The Ripper's Wifeno author notes at the back of the book explaining what is fact and what is fiction but the life Florie lived within the pages of The Ripper's Wife is absolutely heartbreaking Ms Purdy does not hold back from detailing the horrible things Florie went through and the descriptions are uite intenseJames Maybrick's diary entries are likewise vivid and descriptive and I felt like I was watching those poor women be stalked and torn apart by this sick and twist man For some it might be hard to read these passages but I would ask why someone would think to read a novel about Jack the Ripper and shy away from then reading the bloody detailsthe actions of this killer were violent and horrible and Brandy Purdy perfectly brings it all to life Having now finished the novel and looking back at the story as a whole I feel Ms Purdy did a remarkable job at giving life to these characters each one of which is flawed and sympathetic in their own way even James believe it or not Her descriptive power is superb and I felt completely immersed in the story as it unfolded If you are a fan of historical fiction and are able to stomach what by right should be a graphic and depraved story given the subject matter I would highly recommend The Ripper's Wife

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    The Ripper's Wife is the latest release from Brandy Purdy In this book she tackles the one of the great historical mysteries that still fascinates so many people today the murders of Jack the Ripper The author based this story on some writings discovered just in the recent decades that may point to the identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper In these writings Jack is outed as James Maybrick a merchant man who marries a beautiful American named Florence The story is told from both Florence's and James' point of view which I thought really added a lot of interest to the storyThe author creates a very plausible story in which James is driven to pure madness by the thought of his wife cheating on him This and some other scary personality flaws lead him to commit the Jack the Ripper murders We get to see Florence's thoughts as she begins to piece together that the wonderful man that she thinks she has married is really a cold hearted psychopath There are a lot of things that begin to cause her to believe that he is not exactly the fine upstanding gentlemen she was led to believe he was when she first got married We also get to see James' take on how he is able to convince himself that what he is doing by murdering prostitutes is really okay I love that we got to see both sides of the story It definitely made it interesting to see the story from the perspective of both Florence and from James himself much interesting that seeing only one perspectiveI really enjoyed the writing of this book You can tell the author put a lot of time into really developing a distinct voice for both Florence and for James I like the way that she was able to include a lot of historical elements that really made the story pop There is still a lot of debate as to whether or not James Maybrick was really Jack the Ripper However the author makes it very compelling case within the story that James and Jack are one in the same and definitely makes for very uniue perspectiveSome of the story is pretty graphic but then again these are the Jack the Ripper murders we are talking about so everything that the author has included really fits with the story and lends a very eerie feel to this book perfect reading for the week of Halloween Overall I really enjoyed this creepy story and historical fiction lovers who want to be a little bit scared while reading a historical novel will also enjoy this pick

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    THE RIPPER'S WIFEWritten by Brandy Purdy2014; Kensington 484 PagesGenre fiction crime retelling historical fiction suspenseRATING ★★In 1880 English cotton broker James Maybrick meets Southern belle Florence Chandler aboard a ship and soon fall in love When they reach England they are soon married and settle down in a wealthy section of Liverpool Once married they discover that they don't really know who the other person is Chandler is the not society heiress she claimed to be ad Maybrick has a mistress and drug addiction From Chandler's point of view we see how she discovers her husband's diary and knows his darkest secrets I was really looking forward to this novel I have heard good things about the author have been interested in theories about the Ripper and the fact that this was a true story I found that the story moved uite slowly that I began to skim some paragraphs to move the story along It read like a bad melodrama without know it was one I did like how Purdy reimagined facts into fiction and it made me really interested in learning about the real Maybrick and Chandler I would definitely try another book by Purdy as I think her writing has potential and this may be an editing issue I received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Blog

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    Characters There were no characters in this book that I found even remotely likable I think it would have been a lot enjoyable had Florie been a sympathetic character I particularly disliked her penchant for blaming Jim's actions on herself especially considering that there were no characters to tell her and the reader that none of it was at all her faultPlot Obviously a book about Jack the Ripper is going to be disturbing but I found the diary sections of this book to be over the top and I read a lot of mysteries so I'm not easily disturbed I also really didn't like the transitions between the diary and Florie's narration The switch from her to the diary was always made clear but there was no indication when the book would switch from the diary back to Florie which caused some confusion The basic idea of the plot wasn't bad but I didn't think it was well executedOverall If you've liked Purdy's other books you very well might like this one I've found that she isn't my favorite author so the things that bothered me about this novel might not bother fans of her work at all Received from NetGalley

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    Can't make it The narrativenarrator is irritating me to absolute pieces So shallow and ditzy just going on and on and on about the colors of everything she sees from the curtains to the carpet to the brother's tie Her new dresses and hatsand on and on Holy moly let's move on to the story shall we?The fact she's so shallow and ditzy also has me not feeling much sympathy for what she must go through later Simply don't care enough to read any

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    Yuck TriedStory Filthy1 DNF StarListened with TTSNot CleanUgly Language

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    Not for the faint of heartThis book wasn't what I had thought it would be but I still liked it The writing was beautiful for the most part with long lengthy descriptive sentences of what the characters wore ate and did While I loved the author's writing I didn't much care for Florie I thought her naive and innocent Her husband James' diary came along toward the middle of the book and it was gory and very graphic The all caps words and extra exclamation points drove me batty Toward the book's end Florie's story became very depressing and disturbing She became almost obsessive over boys and men who shared similar physical characteristics as her beloved estranged son Things finally started looking up for her when she took a job at a boys' school built her own cottage and began adopting cats Not stellar writing by any means but a book I still enjoyed despite the bloodiness and violence I am interested in reading of the author's worksAnd for those of you who tend to judge a book by its cover I love Florie's red skirt on this cover