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Late spring the year of our Lord 1370 Owen Archer ex soldier and spy is preparing to depart Wales his work for John of Gaunt completed But his attempts to arrange safe passage home to York are thwarted by a mysterious suicideIn York Lucie Wilton is disheartened by her husband's long absence and concerned by allegations against her apothecary Then Brother Michaelo brings upsetting news forcing her to journey to her father's manor outside the city Increasingly desperate she accepts the company of a stranger who proves invaluable when they face dangerAngered by Owen's prolonged absence aware of malicious rumours John Thoresby Archbishop of York orders his return But Owen's stay in the land of his birth has created divided loyalties in him And those who serve the Welsh rebel leader would have Owen sign up to fight and never go home

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    Robb provides plenty of Welsh history Owen explores his roots as he makes a pilgrimage to Wales ultimately causing uite a stirRobb shines in her well developed characterization You sense the anguish and concern as characters are challenged by loyalty Robb penetrates her casts thoughts and feelings raw emotions giving dimensionality as they uestion inner turmoil I liked the tension in the relationship of Owen and Lucie made this than a mystery especially with the familiarity of the characters with each installment The plot is a maze of dramatic twists roadblocks unearthed at every turn intrigue keeping your interest The plot merges with sub plots involving the main characters in the end it falls together wonderfully Robb's endings always tease just enough to make way for the next in this well crafted seriesVisit Raven Haired Girl for reviews giveaways

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    I didn't think this was up to the high standard of the previous books in this series Well researched as always with maps and an author's note at the end but slower paced I agree with previous reviewers that it's also darker but I think the series has been moving in that direction for a while now and I like that And speaking of dark I wished there was of Archbishop Thoresby and Brother Michaelo; they've been developing in intriguing ways and I think they should have their own book

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    Candace Robb's Owen Archer mysteries seem to be getting darker Her characters are full of doubts It's realistic if not pleasant I didn't enjoy this one as much as some of her earlier books in the seriesIn A Spy for the Redeemer we find Owen still in Wales uestioning his own politicalfamilial loyalty and assigned to find a murderer Meanwhile Lucie's back in York dealing with a teenager an attack against her ancestral home and doubts of her own

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    I'm truly enjoying this series although I entered into midway through starting with book 6 Set during the time of Chaucer Owen Archer is a former archer who when blinded in one eye became a steward to an Archbishop His wife Lucie is an apothecary In book six Archer undertook a pilgrimage with his father in law to Wales Archer's native country After completing his pilgrimage including seeing a vision in the well Archer's father in law dies This book picks up there with Archer still in Wales and Lucie in England Intrigues spies robbers and the clergy all figure in this book Well worth the read

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    I really like this historical mystery series The plots alternate between a woman who runs and apothecary in 1370's York and the adventures of her love interest a former soldier now fixer for a powerful figure in the church Some titles in the series are stronger than others but overall good reads with a lot of well researched detail about the time period

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    This was a book with a very intriguing beginning and interesting characters but the story just fell flat for me at the end I guess I just didn't find the Welsh vs English tensions all that thrilling or flushed out

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    1370 Owen Archer is instructed by Archdeacon Rokelyn of St David's to find the murderer of the stonemason Cynog before he will be allowed to leave with his men Meanwhile back in York Lucy Wilton has her own troubles to contend withAn enjoyable historical mystery

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    Good story well told as always

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    The lack of Lucie and the family spoiled this one for me I prefer the books set in York

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    Such a different mystery being set in medieval times A nice change of pace