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Silver Blaze The Adventure Of The Yellow Face The Adventure Of The Stockbroker S Clerk The Adventure Of The Gloria Scott The Adventure Of The Musgrave Ritual The Adventure Of The Reigate Squires The Adventure Of The Crooked Man The Adventure Of The Resident Patient The Adventure Of The Greek Interpreter The Adventure Of The Navel Treaty The Final Problem

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    A 85% Extraordinary Notes Wherein Sherlock Holmes is given backstory and greater dimension, while the stories get darker and complex.

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    The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that had originally been published in the Strand Magazine Much like we like to watch our favorite shows with a new episode every week, the Strand published these stories and fans couldn t get enough Readers, not unlike fans today, wanted to have a marathon, so Doyle published collections allowing them to binge out on their favorite detective This is the second Sherlock Holmes collection and at the time it was thought to be the last At the end of the stories, Holmes fights Moriarty to the death as they fall from the edge of a cliff into a waterfall The fandom was strong, however, and Doyle would eventually succumb to the pressure and bring Sherlock back.

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    The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes, 4 , Arthur Conan DoyleSilver Blaze The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Adventure of the Stockbroker s Clerk The Adventure of the Gloria Scott The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual The Adventure of the Reigate Squires The Adventure of the Crooked Man The Adventure of the Resident Patient The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter The Adventure of the Navel Treaty The Final Problem 1994 2003 1372 231 1381 9789647134699 1389 19 1398 64 9786226591096 19 7 8 9 10 11 12 .

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    Mr Fry is a genius of interpretation

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    This is just a wonderful , to me, walk down memory lane, re living and re experiencing some of the most iconic Holmes stories ever written by Sir Arth.This book contains such gems as The Musgrave Ritual , Silver Blaze , The Resident Patient , The fabulous Greek Interpreter and of course the amazing, emotional, fatal The Final Problem.The Final Problem, what can one say, I almost had tears in my eyes as view spoiler the letter arrives for Watson to return to the Hotel, I m shouting at the book, its fake, don t leave Sherlock on his own, its a trap , but as ever, he rushes back and we all know the consequences hide spoiler

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    Another series of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as reported by his faithful biographer Dr Watson and it becomes clearer than ever that the real draw of these stories is the fascinating character of Holmes himself The mysteries are secondary to the enjoyment, though many of them do prove to have distinct elements of interest otherwise why would the great detective have bothered himself about them , but it really is in observing the fascinating character of Holmes himself that the reader is immersed in them Indeed, this collection provides a rare treat for the reader in that we learn about the detective and his early life and connections than has previously been the case Thus it was that some of the most interesting stories here, for me at least, were those that hearkened back to Holmes youth and showed us the man he was and in which we can see the seeds of the man he would come to be.The first of these in this book is The Adventure of the Gloria Scott The primary interest in this tale comes from the glimpse it gives us to Holmes first case though the following tale, The Musgrave Ritual is really better classified as his first actual case, since the Gloria Scott comes across as an intriguing mystery to which Holmes is largely a spectator and the impetus for his decision to become a detective We also get a glimpse at Holmes college days and of the only friend he made there and thus far in the stories the only friend at all that he seems to have ever had aside from Watson Finally this tale gives us a glimpse of a young Holmes still capable of emotion and surprise to the point that he cries out in horror at certain circumstances that, in later tales, would have left little other than a wry smile and remark of interest on his lips.As noted above The Musgrave Ritual provides us with a look at what could probably be considered Holmes first real case in which another University acquaintance of Holmes comes to him, based on his youthful reputation, with an apparently insoluble puzzle that revolves around the man s lothario butler and a bizarre family tradition Holmes of course breaks the case and takes no small relish in recounting the strange tale of an event done prematurely before my biographer had come to glorify me to his friend Watson The Greek Interpreter continues in our discovery of the details of the mysterious past of Sherlock Holmes as we discover he actually does have a family and did not, as might seem likely, spring from the brow of Zeus full grown We in fact meet his older brother Mycroft, a man even withdrawn from normal human society than his brother, but who also seems to possess even greater observational powers a fact that leaves both Watson and the reader shocked to say the least It was indeed quite amusing to see the two siblings spar with each other, each vying to outdo the other s seemingly gnomic observations upon two strangers viewed from a window, and each gently chiding and correcting the other This scene, nothing a game of one upmanship between brothers, does an excellent job at both making Sherlock seem human at the same time that it exemplifies the peculiarity of his abilities and his subsequent estrangement from other normal people I also wondered in passing whether the germ for Nero Wolfe was planted in the mind of Rex Stout upon reading Sherlock s comment about his brother If the art of the detective began and ended in reasoning from an arm chair, my brother would be the greatest criminal agent that ever lived All that is needed is Archie Goodwin to do the foot work, a brownstone in New York and we re off to the races.The Memoirs even show a bizarrely puckish aspect to Holmes personality when, in the second to last tale The Naval Treaty , Holmes plays a practical joke for his own amusement at the expense of the nerves of his already rattled client something strange indeed though perhaps not altogether out of character given Holmes obvious desire to showboat and his distinct streak of misanthropy.Other tales in the volume that were of interest The Crooked Man which I found to be a rather affecting tale of retribution in the face of personal tragedy and The Yellow Face which, at the same time that it displayed some squicky elements of racism and abandonment, still managed to rise above them and display a story of ultimate familial devotion and personal love.Of course one can t leave off discussion of this volume without making mention of The Final Problem the story in which Holmes greatest adversary Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime, is born Doyle had grown weary of the public clamour for tales of his peerless sleuth and decided it was time to end it so that he could concentrate on other characters and stories Well, as it turns out this was not to be, but what resulted was an exciting tale in which Holmes finds himself pitted against the greatest adversary of his voluminous career After months of playing cat and mouse with Moriarty and his insidious league of crime Holmes finally has gathered the pieces he needs to crush the vast criminal organization and its most dangerous leader Moriarty, of course, is not likely to take such a possibility lying down and thus we have a final chase across London and Switzerland that ends in view spoiler an off screen and thus retcon able death for both Holmes and his adversary hide spoiler

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    June 7, 2019This is Doyle s second collection of canonical Sherlock Holmes stories, containing a dozen tales originally published in The Strand magazine between Dec 1892 and Nov 1893 It s included in an omnibus volume of Holmes books that my wife gave me several years ago, The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, which is enhanced by all of the original black and white drawings by gifted artist Sidney Paget I ve recently begun using it to dip into when I m between other reads so in this installment I ll review only the four stories I ve read so far.Of these four, I d actually already read three of them elsewhere before starting this book These are The Adventure of the Stockbroker s Clerk, which is included in Great English Short Stories though I didn t comment on it in detail in my review of that anthology and which is actually difficult to comment on without a spoiler The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual, the antiquarian flavor of which, built around a strange centuries old family tradition, make it one of my favorites in the Holmes corpus and The Adventure of the Final Problem The latter story is the only one Doyle wrote in which Prof Moriarty actually appears he s alluded to in The Valley of Fear As well read Holmes fans already know, it s also very pivotal in the history of the Holmes canon but no spoilers here So the only newly read selection here is The Adventure of Silver Blaze This one involves the disappearance of a race horse favored to win a major race and though many Holmes stories don t involve murder, this case is one that comes with a corpse I did not figure out the solution though of course it seems pretty obvious once Holmes explains it and the racing milieu might appeal to Dick Francis fans I haven t read any of his work myself, but my wife has More later June 23, 2019This afternoon, I finished the remaining stories in this collection All of them embody the characteristic features of the author s Holmes fiction challenging intellectual puzzles that present opportunities for pure deductive reasoning, a satisfying period ambiance, human drama sometimes with exotic features , and the comfortable Holmes Watson interaction While I won t comment on all of them individually, the titular box in The Adventure of the Cardboard Box, mailed to a respectable and demure middle aged spinster, draws the reader in immediately with its grisly contents two severed human ears I d read this one as a kid, since I recognized some of the dialogue in the beginning but I d otherwise forgotten it completely The Adventure of the Yellow Face was my favorite here it s also a rare Holmes tale in which the great detective s theory of the case proves to be wrong that s no spoiler, since Watson tells us so in the first paragraph In The Adventure of the Gloria Scott Doyle looks back into Sherlock s college days, to recount his first brush with the world of crime Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock s observant and analytical brother, is introduced in The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter in the original canon, I believe he only appears here and in one other story Finally, The Adventure of the Naval Treaty is one of a few Holmes cases that involve high stakes for British national interests.With critics who disparage genre fiction as if general or mainstream fiction wasn t a genre of its own , it s axiomatic that mysteries, for instance, don t address serious philosophical issues Of course, mystery readers know that bringing characters face to face with issues of good and evil, crime and punishment, extremes of human moral behavior with serious stakes, is uniquely apt to suggest questions about right and wrong, meaning and purpose in the universe, and theodicy to say nothing of social and psychological questions True, Holmes doesn t often wax explicitly philosophical And when he does, he s apt to prompt readers to ask themselves the questions rather than to pose answers But the former is something that the best of serious fiction does I ll close with a couple of quotes What object is served by this cycle of misery and violence and fear It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable But what end There is the great standing perennial problem to which human reason is as far from an answer as ever There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as in religion Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers All other things, our powers, our desires, our food, are really necessary for our existence But this rose is an extra Its smell and its colour are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.

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    After reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s first set of 12 stories called adventures, comes is the second set of 11 stories called memoirs I don t know why when these stories follow the same pattern and style as those adventures I read that these stories were originally published individually in 1894 in a British magazine, Strand Maybe, it was just the way of grouping these short stories Silver Blaze John Straker tries to drug the horse Silver Blaze so he can bet against him and win a lot of money to finance his mistress Holmes solves the case by checking the behavior of other animals in the barn Nothing remarkable here 2 starsThe Yellow Face Jack is black Effie is white They have Lucy who is black Jack dies and Effie marries John Effie hides Lucy because she is black to John No crime for Holmes to solve Looks like just a story on racism and not your typical Sherlock Holmes 2 starsThe Stock broker s Clerk Two brothers trying to fool a job applicant A story similar to the previous ones where an undesirable person is eliminated so that the crime can be committed Quite a good story to read even if there is no big action I liked this one 3 starsThe Gloria Scott This story seems not to follow the usual format a customer comes to Holmes and Watson, they investigate, there is a cover up, they employ the power of deduction the crime is unfolded, the situation is rectified In this story, only the power of deduction is used and everything is flashback memory I liked the fact that there is variation in this collection and of course the plot is very interesting Gloria Scott here is the name of the ship 3 starsMusgrave Ritual Very interesting plot It also deviates from the usual Watson telling the story This is the story within the story frame tale where Holmes is the narrator recounting a story that happened before If I understood this correctly, this is one of the first story where he used his power of deduction and that incident is very interesting because of the oak 3 starsThe Raigate Puzzle A coachman, William Kirwan is found dead murdered holding a piece of paper with some notes appearing on it Holmes, an expert in handwriting, deduces that those notes have been from two men The plot is tight and stimulates thinking Well told 3 starsThe Crooked Man Holmes asks Watson to get his opinion regarding the death of a man where the prime suspect is his wife The way the crime was put in the open is not really new but maybe during that time it was so this should be okay 2 starsThe Resident Patient Doctor Trevelyan is offered by Blessington good lifestyle in exchange of the professional fees that the doctor gets from his practice and by default, Blessington becomes Trevelyan s resident patient Then when the doctor meets another patient, the whole scheme becomes questionable Quite interesting for me 3 stars The Greek Interpreter This is where Holmes elder brother makes a debut appearance Mycroft also has those great observation skills and power of deduction that Holmes has It s just that he does not have the energy so he Mycroft consult Holmes regarding his neighbor, Mr Melas, the Greek interpreter Melas is invited to translate a document but when he arrives in the house of his client, he sees that the windows are papered so the suspicion begins and the plot thickens I liked this one too 3 starsThe Naval Treaty An important naval treaty is found to be missing in the office of Mr Percy Phelps, an old schoolmate of Watson The document is taken when he was out taking some coffee The story is a long one with each suspect and his her possible motive is analyzed This one made me want to become a detective Very good analysis 4 starsThe Final Problem The story that introduces Holmes arch enemy and greatest opponent, the criminal mastermind, Professor Mortiarty The 2011 film Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows is based in part on this short story It ends with Holmes and Moriarty plummeting into the falls, and Watson is shown writing the final sentences of The Final Problem on his typewriter Very engaging story and I can t wait to get a copy of the film so I can watch it myself What a nice way to end this collection 5 stars At some point in my reading, it became boring I noticed that some of the stories became formulaic I thought, what s the use of completing the canon when the reading is no longer enjoyable and becoming a chore However, the last two stories recapped the collection quite well So, I am off to the third collection of his short stories called The Return of Sherlock Holmes Again, I am not sure why these are grouped as return Did he rest from writing and came back by publishing these stories in series But that is not important, the stories are nice to read

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    Que el t tulo incluya la palabra memorias sugiere mucho y, aunque s que la mayor a ya sabe c mo termina, no por eso voy a arruinarle el final a la minor a Creo que no supera a Estudio en escarlata o El sabueso de los Baskerville y, aunque varios de estos cuentos me supieron a poco, vali la pena llegar hasta el final Adem s, las aristas que se presentan de Holmes lo pintan mucho mejor que en los libros anteriores sigue siendo un mis gino, lamentablemente eso no lo cambia Har un punteo sencillo sobre los relatos que est n incluidos en este volumen, sin spoilers La calificaci n total corresponde al promedio de las estrellas individuales que puse entre par ntesis Silver Blaze 4 entretenido cuento sobre la desaparici n de un caballo de carreras y el asesinato de su entrenador Holmes despliega mucho humor e iron a, siempre burl ndose de la ley pero manteni ndose dentro de ella para defenderla La cara amarilla 5 se presenta como uno de los casos en donde Holmes fall Un hombre acude a l, desesperado, porque sospecha que su esposa anda en algo raro El relato es muy bueno por el trasfondo que tiene y el se or Munro se llev mi respeto El escribiente del corredor de Bolsa 4 con este cuento casi me duermo la explicaci n del denunciante es demasiado larga , pero en el final tiene un giro interesante La corbeta Gloria Scott 3 es el primer caso de un joven Holmes y se lo presenta a Watson La historia me pareci original y permite conocer al Holmes estudiante, aunque el relato me aburri en varios momentos El ritual de los Musgrave 4 otro caso de juventud de Holmes El planteo del enigma me gusta por lo que implica Me molest que se atribuyeran tantas calificaciones a una persona s lo por ser de X nacionalidad plasma una poca, eso seguro Sent que estaba leyendo Asesinato en el Orient Express Los Caballeros de Reigate 3 se presenta a un Holmes d bil y eso suma Es el caso del robo de unas casas que luego termina con un giro peculiar No me gust mucho.El jorobado 4 un coronel aparece asesinado en el mismo cuarto cerrado en donde discut a con su esposa Fue ella Encontr un par de referencias a Los cr menes de la calle Morgue, tal vez era imposible no verlas sobre todo por lo del cuarto cerrado El enfermo interno 3 un m dico pide la ayuda de Holmes cuando dos hombres misteriosos uno diciendo que es catal ptico se presentan frente a l No es una brillantez, pero intriga lo suficiente El int rprete griego 5 este me gust porque se presenta a un personaje que ven a esperando desde hac a tiempo y porque cualquier cosa que contenga un problema ling stico de fondo me llama la atenci n El final es interesante El tratado naval 4 demasiado largo y con una motivaci n tan d bil como efectiva Esta vez, el asunto tiene car cter pol tico y Holmes debe ayudar a mantener el equilibrio El problema final 5 nombre m s spoileador , imposible Y Watson empieza cont ndolo todo, sin compasi n por el pobre lector al que le romper el coraz n Aparece Moriarty, el Napole n del crimen , y el resto es historia Menos mal que ya tengo El regreso de Sherlock Holmes

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    The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes presents a collection of cases of our ingenious detective, Sherlock Holmes, chronicled by his ever loyal friend and at times assistant, Dr Watson This consists of eleven cases where Sherlock Holmes s ingenuity is skillfully demonstrated According to my enjoyment of the cases, the ratings ranged between 3 to 5 stars except one which for some unfortunate reason I didn t enjoy much The Silver Blaze , The Naval Party , The Final Problem , The Musgrave Ritual , The Raigate Puzzle , The Greek Interpreter , The Yellow Face , The Crooked Man , The Stockbroker s Clerk , The Resident Patient and Gloria Scott This collection of cases too, like all others I ve read thus far, shows Holmes s extraordinary analytical skill, power of observation and his exceptional ability to disguise himself In all these capacities, Sherlock Holmes never ceases to surprise us Though he is fictional, I have always admired and respected this extraordinary man as if he was a real living being However, this particular set of cases drew me very close to Sherlock Perhaps I even fell in love with him for when his end came which not in my wildest dreams I thought possible for he was immortal to me , I cried like a child P.S A day is gone by, but I still can t believe what I read He cannot really die, can he God help me I need time to recover.