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Funny thing about life is that people seldom recognize its beauty or what they have until it's gone In 1842 New York City Isaiah Whitfield a pioneer in photography daguerreotypist and a religious zealot is no different Incapable of recognizing anything but the bad in the world he embarks upon a crusade to perfect society and to bring about the Second Coming If he can scare people away from sin even if he has to kill the sinners to do it Isaiah is certain that he alone can bring about Christ's return That is until Satan makes him an offer he can't refuse In 2012 Rachel and her fiance occupy Isaiah's old apartment Rachel outwardly happy with her life deep down wants something When an undeveloped daguerreotype is found hidden in her studio's wall it sets her life and the fate of New York City on a collision course with disaster Rachel falls hopelessly in love with the man in the old picture but unwittingly frees the now demonic serial killer Isaiah Whitfield from Hell True to form he immediately goes on killing sprees in two different centuries As Rachel finds out loving a time traveling serial killer straight from Hell has its downsides For Isaiah complete blindness to the wonders of this world may have ruined him for ever Can the power and beauty of love change a demonic serial killer? Can Rachel come to her senses before she loses her fiance and possibly her own life in the process? In the summer of 2012 the fates of many in New York City depend upon it

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    This review appeared first on Oh ChrysRecalling reading of a daguerreotypist in Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables I was delighted to read Savio's work The daguerreotypist in the former novel captured me despite his murky mystiue and evasiveness so I was hoping for the same in The Daguerreotypist I am not surprised that authors use this profession to portray characters as dark as the rooms their products reuire Besides the presence of a daguerreotypist I was most excited to read about the alternating times periods 1842 and 2012 of New York City Despite these initial attractions I found The Daguerreotypist to be lacking in vital areas writing and characterization Fortunately the fast progression of the plot and its ever increasing intrigue made me appreciate the novel beyond its flawsReaders are introduced to Isaiah a religious fanatic who feels that by deterring sinners from their vices using inhumane scare tactics he can prepare a society ready to welcome his Lord With the theme of religion pulsing each page and in a hypocritical light The Daguerreotypist proved to be insightful leaving me afraid that such people may have existed or even worse still do Like in every multi perspective book he ended up being the character I was most excited to read about the character that demanded my attention His was the only personality that was well portrayed He was dark and macabre the machinations of the Devil himselfA recently moved couple about to get married Rachel and Brian were uite difficult characters to enjoy reading about Their characterization was not as powerful as the crazed Isaiah; however they certainly did propel the plot with their sleuth and curiosity Specifically it was Rachel's unholy obsessive attraction to Isaiah's daguerreotype found in her new apartment that enveloped the plot with a blanket of suspense and fear Though the suspense was not mind aching and the fear was not crippling the events that ensue the discovery of the mysterious daguerreotype opens a Pandora's box fit to destroy any bonds Rachel has and to risk her relationship and the aspirations of her politician father Conversely Brian's character was so underdeveloped that later I deduced that his inclusion was solely to maintain a love triangle The relationship between the future newly weds was not described well and seemed to only have a trickle of pertinence to the progressiveness of the plot With closer examination of their lackluster development I found the Brian Rachel relationship to be annoying For instance Rachel uses Brian's insecurities to control himNow the ground shaking character that certainly raised my interest was Belial He is one of 1842 Isaiah's customers who seems to know about Isaiah's life threatening crusade More than Isaiah would like him to know With such knowledge readers will be curious to learn how he knows of these dark secrets It is also an opportunity for readers to see the unfazed Isaiah evolve into a person of fear a different perspective from his serial killer persona Belial's unveiling of Isaiah's secrets turn the murderous zealot into a desperate man willing to do anything to stay alive I enjoy the scenes with Beliah and Isaiah because not only were they better portrayed but they added a thrill factor to a fast moving plotSavio's organization was impressive I never got confused about which time period took center stage The transitions between the couple and the crazed zealot were smooth overlapping each other in a way that maintained steady interest I also appreciated the historical research that etched the novel especially in its expositions However it would have been wondrous if the plot was encased in descriptive writingSavio does telling than showing This is especially evident when considering that Brian is conveniently a history teacher Considering that this novel heavily relies history I found it unoriginal that Brian was readily available to provide a scholastic infodump at the tip of his tongue when reuired The most unfortunate area where Savio's writing fell short was in the relationship of Rachel and Isaiah I was not expecting a lot of insight in their impulsive attraction but it would have been great if the romance had a stronger presence The diction of The Daguerreotypist was didactic and simple to understand Every now and again a passage of elouence appeared only to be marred by coarse dialogue or a vague taunting descriptionThe plot of this book really had me going like really Unfortunately the writing and characterization lacked the flourishes of captivating writing This can be easily dismissed with the racing plot it unfolds depending on the reader's interest levelIn the end the writing could not refrain me from enjoying a book with awesome potential I was engrossed in the plot despite the novel's deficiencies Reminiscent of a Stephen King novel The Daguerreotypist held my attention and ended with a cliffhanger which leaves me waiting for another installment

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    The book was initially very captivating The author did his research presented a lot of interesting facts and made me want to keep on reading I wanted to learn about Isaiah Whitfield and I wanted to know what Rachel and Brain were going to figure out I've read a book with a similar storyline where we have insight to what's going on and someone in modern time is reading old letters it definitely makes for an interesting story and viewpointI was however disappointed with all of the character development The love between Brian and Rachel was not really present The author's use of I love you hon really didn't solidify the feelings By the end of the story I was just becoming aggravated with Rachel and the agenda the author had set out for her The characters all seemed to be the same person just possessed in different bodies I should have felt terrified about Isaiah and his killings I should have felt as curious and involved in the history Rachel was reading I should have felt sympathy for Brian Instead I was left kind of aggravated The most tolerable character I found was the police officer from 1842All of that being said the writing wasn't too shabby aside from a few anarchisms in Isaiah's Dialogue I doubt they would have used 'Up yours in 1842 The narrative was a bit choppy I was never sure who I was actually following it would flip even within some paragraphs from Rachel to Brian to the officers I think Christopher Savio did a pretty good job overall If he kept on with the historical context throughout the book it would have offered As I said I was really captivated at the start of the book The characters were presented well the writing was pretty good the history was there but I'd like to see character development If Christopher Savio works on his writing his research and his character development I think we could potentially see a best seller in the midst

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    I received this book directly from the author in exchange for writing an honest review I was drawn by the title and premise of this book time travel a love story and the twist about the daguerreotypesThe story begins in 1940s New York with Isaiah Whitfield who has a daguerreotype shop He is a millenialist who believes that if he can perfect society by stopping sin it will bring about the Second Coming of Christ He begins murdering prostitutes and drunkards and as the law is closing in he makes a deal with the DevilJump forward 160 years to Rachel and Brian a young couple who moves into an old apartment in New York City They find one of Whitfield's old daguerreotypes and when they develop it Whitfield comes back to life Rachel becomes obsessed with Whitfield much to Brian's dismay Whitfield then continues his killing spree in both times as Rachel compulsively researches his lifeWhile I liked the story itself I was never really drawn into it The characters are not very well developed and I was annoyed by some of the dialog Rachel and Brian use each other's name or Hon with each sentence they speak Whitfield's character is real although I never felt truly connected to any of themThe best parts of this book are the descriptions of old and new New York City And it's easy to imagine Whitfield's confusion when he's transported to a city ablaze with the neon lights of Time's Suare I also enjoyed reading about the process of making daguerreotypes and the differences in how crimes were handled in past times I loved the part where the 1840s coins in Whitfield's pockets brought him a small fortune in 2012Overall this is a uick read that entertains I think that a good editor would improve the dialog and character development and turn this into a really good book I give this book 35 stars

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    Brian and Rachel's relationship was still in the honeymoon phase They'd just found an apartment they could share and still allow Rachel a place for her dark room While fixing up the dark room they found an old daguerreotype Rachel began to gather the things needed to develop the daguerreotype Both she and Brian were anxious to see what they'd found Little did they know the daguerreotype would change their lives in ways neither could have guessed No one could have guessed that something happening in 1842 would reach all the way into 2012 The only uestion now is will Brian and Rachel survive this unexpected surprise or will it destroy them both Mr Savio has an amazing plot in this book The characters are well defined and easy to identify with The idea of something like this happening sets off all kinds of uestions Mr Savio's writing style makes this an easy read I recommend this book and think everyone should keep an eye on Christopher Savio His books are going to be very popular I did find issues with this book While the story is good the characters terrific Mr Savio needs time to work on his writing Phrasing trouble and just plain rough reading take away from the wonderful story inside this book I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because with a bit polish it could be on the bestseller list Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review