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Ali and Caden thought they were your average teenagers trying to navigate high school pressures and college decisionsDuring a camping trip all of that changes when an earthuake ushers in an Alien invasion on their small desert hometownLives are lost and friendships are tested as Ali and Caden along with their best friends begin running for their lives However nothing can prepare them for the secrets they discover when they begin learning about themselves then they ever thought possible

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    I settled down one evening ready to read just a couple of chapters of uake before I fell asleep Didn’t happenOnce I started I couldn’t stop until I read the last page It was so worth the bed head and puffy eyes I had the next dayI like the way Lisa brings you in and makes you feel like your right there along with Ali and Caden I did find a few grammar errors but it didn’t stop me from loving the storyI REALLY want to tell you all about it so instead I’m going to finish by saying “I loved it and can’t wait to get wrapped up in the next book”

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    I know this may be unorthodox but yes I am the author and yes I am reviewing my own book PI made a few mistakes rushing this to publication but do feel the story has potential and am hoping for creative criticism to make the seuel even better I do hope that people enjoy the story

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    I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads programI am pleasantly surprised I didn't think I would like this book as much as I did This book has everything in it from action to a hint of romance So let's talk about the charactersFor one I pretty much liked them all I adored the friendship between Ali and Christine Christine reminds me of my best friend so I loved her character Caden kind of annoyed me in the beginning view spoiler I didn't like his reaction to Ali wanting to go out of state to college Plus the one thing that really irked me about him was the fact that he was all about Gemma Prime example his mother was just found murdered but he doesn't go to comfort his sister What did you do to my brother?Gemma flinched at the mention of Caden and then suinted in anger Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? She jumped back at Ali's face You aren't the only one that lost a parent today I don't know what happened you selfish bitch and I really don't care if you believe me She turned on her heels and stormed out of the front door with Caden closely followingWhat the heck was that? How do you let someone talk about your sister like that? I'm glad in the end he came back to his senses and stuck by his sister's side hide spoiler

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    I wish they had half stars or 10 stars Good Reads uake is definitely worth a 35 closing in on but not uite 4 The book was too short and the ending abrupt I remember reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm in one night high school That’s classic literature not young adult by it was a shorter book than uake so the length of the book is not my issue for a young adult book It’s just that it ended with me not craving but looking for the next chapterNow onto the reason I gave it the almost 4 starsI absolutely loved every one of the characters The teens in the book are very real and I could have easily been friends with them when I was in high school if my brother had been on the basketball team My brother and I were close like main characters Ali and her brother Caden so they seem very real to me and their mom has definite similarities to our mom when we were in high school I already kind of disliked the bad guy before she was revealed as the bad guy and she is perfectly despicableThe story is riveting and moves appropriately fast for young adult fiction so it makes the book hard to put down Once the details of the alien invasion become apparent how the pieces all fit together makes senseI’m anxious for the follow up book AfterShock to come out and will definitely read it I’m just personally not a great fan of cliffhangers but I suppose the suspense is supposed to “kill me” That worked I’m on the mailing list because when it’s ready that next book “must be collected”

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    reviewed for around Table Book ReviewsLisa Arrington does a great job keeping you guessing with all of the twists and turns in uake We follow along with a group of teens when these strange earthuakes keep happening But they're not like your normal uakes The ground splits and a thick goo starts coming from the ground With all of the strange happenings going on these teens will have to rely on and help each other through it all Even the best of friendships are put to the test It's not told from one person's POV so we get to see what everyone is thinking even the aliens I really enjoyed that about this book Most author's give you just one or two POVs This way we get to see what all are thinking and how they are handling the situation If you're like me and you read a lot of NA and YA stories uake will be a great getaway from the norm It'll have you thinking and trying to solve the puzzle to truly figure out what is going on I do feel that a few parts were rushed But that didn't hinder my understanding of the story I'll be looking forward to reading of this story and putting together all of the pieces along the way

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    I must have overlooked this book it was sent to me some time ago via a book tour So my sincere apologies for not reading it soonerI looked at the blurb and wondered how I would get on with this as its not my usual style of a book I would choose to readIt was a bit slow in the beginning it took me uite a while to fathom out who was who and what actually was going on once I did I imagined myself watching this like a movie on TVThe earth uakes were not your usual kind of earth uakes and this goo would come out of it I can honestly say if this is your kind of book genre you will enjoy it immensely that doesn't mean I didn't I did but it was hard going for me because of the content I have given 4 stars to this book simply because I am not going to be biased and rate it because I personally found it hard going because of the subject matter looking outside the box I think this book is well written flows well and although gets off to a slow start it reaches a good climax

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    This was a really different exciting story Lisa does a great job introducing her characters and getting you to really care about them She spent a lot of time setting the stage so it takes a bit to get to the unexpected reason behind the uakes but she takes you on a crazy adventure with lots of twists and turns It is really hard to come up with a story that is extremely uniue and diverse but this one is You never know what is going to happen next It keeps you guessing and you always guess wrongOn another note Lisa is also an author who cares about her readers and her story The copy of her book that I received was full of errors so in my original post I commented on how that distracted from the story Lisa contacted me to let me know that the errors had been corrected and she was sorry that I had received an old edition of the book How great is that? If you are tired of the same old story line you really need to pick up a copy of uake You will not be disappointed

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    I GIVE uake by Lisa Arrington 4 starsI gave this a 4 star rating because I really enjoyed this book a lot At the beginning I was how ever a little confused about what was going on But the story is very interesting when you realize what’s going on I liked the flow of this book I connected with all of the characters in this book I was in suspense off and on throughout this whole book I didn’t want to put it down either It was very different from anything that I have read before In fact that was what got me hooked on this book lol I read from daylight to dark until sadly it came to the end I think the author done a good job with this I did feel like the end was rushed but I am only hoping there will be to this story Please give me on this story I got to dislike a certain character in this story I won’t give no names because I don’t want to give anything away It is definitely a must read

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    REVIEWED FOR ROUND TABLE BOOK REVIEWSuake by Lisa Arrington is an interesting take on a plot to take over the world In this case the world we are introduced to is small town Arizona The characters are well developed As the story unfolds we get to know about Ali and her brother Caden typical kids in high school On a camping trip and earthuake and its strange after effects have them running for their lives The interaction between them and their friends as they try to stay one step ahead is a great story Some of their decisions remind me of “that” typical horror story of the teenagers in the woods You know “Don’t split up” Some of the interactions are a bit predictable Yet it is suspenseful and uniue in many ways It has a tiny cliffhanger at the end which nicely sets up a new plot line and the second book

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    Our protagonist Ali and her big brother Caden are actually sweet together Arrington created a brother and sister team that work together which I thought was impossible and happens to be uite refreshing Following them around the story made me want to give my own little brother a hug which since he’s a lot bigger than me now would only result in him karate chopping me in the neck and asking me if I’d lost my mindnot really Ali and Caden materialThe plot twists and turns to achieve a well balanced mixture of “holy crap” and “I KNEW it” And Arrington isn’t afraid to make those hard decisions including hacking off likeable characters which I always find hard but sometimes fun to do‘uake’ is fun uniue and warm But it’s also spooky gutsy and sludgy inside joke for those who’ve read it Way to write Lisa Arrington