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Jan Rose no longer steals data from the old computers she recycles She doesn't need to As the newest member of the police department’s High Tech Crime Unit the laptop of a murderer has landed on her desk Her job to profile and expose a killerBut that’s not allA creep lurks in the shadows stalking a friend and Jan must stop him before the hunt turns deadly The clock counts down for Jan to save her friend her job her boyfriend maybe even her life

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    I really feel the need to thank Mr Michael for graciously providing me with a copy of Script Kiddie Ever since I got my hands on Assured Destruction I developed this extreme liking for Janus and her virtual world I could not wait to know what she would be doing next or what new secrets she would unveil for me Unlike other seuels I have read Script Kiddie seems to top its own preuel and Mr Michael takes it to the next level If you are too lazy to read a long review get this this is a very good book I give it 5 stars Read it if you like a fun intelligent bookReview The way Assured Destruction ended I suspected that Janus would be embarking on thrilling police adventures and maybe we would get to witness some Cop drama we often find on TV these days but I was oh so wrong Just because the Ottawa Police Officer Ms Williams discovered Janus’s talents didn’t mean Janus would be free of problems she needed to survive the past few years trust me it is much much better than a cop dramaPlot Script Kiddie introduces us to the dangerous world of Hacking terms and methods used by such hackers and the sites that help both the good ones and the criminal ones We get to know a tiny bit of how much hacking developed over the years We also get to read about a common problem these days gullible teenagers talking to weirdo’s on the internet believing them to be harmless then discovering the truth about them As far as personal life goes Janus seems to have a complicated relationship with her boyfriend Jonny she just needs to make him feel wanted that’s all I personally felt Peter was a ray of sunshine in her mother’s life but Janus just can’t seem to trust him and his secretive manner doesn’t help the cause much either She gains mild fame at school and even has a better relationship with Chippy yes the intimidated computer teacher Overall she may have a shot at normal lifeThe plot involves Janus trying to do a good job at the Police Station and being a good friend even if the friend is hostile It takes a lot of turns and is full of entertainment We get to try and solve the crimes along with her while enjoying her witty one liners There is a point where everything comes crashing on Janus and I myself had a reaction similar to thisBut Janus is better than that She manages to prove how strong she is and we are soon led to an end that tells us we should expect from the hacker world and Peter Her stint at the Police station may not take off on good grounds but we find that there is still hope for it nonethelessCharacters My favourite character in this one is Peter He is mysterious loving and uite sweet Janus’s mom tina seems vulnerable in this one Hannah is naive and sometimes thoughtful Sergeant Haines is a pain in the butt scratch that Ethan is the bigger pain I was very very elated to find a certain “Dr Reddy” in the book well It may be lame but I still get to celebrate Gump’s tweets are my favourite they are too perfect for the situation Other virtual characters are the usual Ms Williams has my respect for not giving up on JanusConclusion This book involves a lot of technical details which is actually understandable to the general public At times though I was able to appreciate my engineering degree because it finally proved useful in real life It helped me understand a few details clearly it really did Other than that I find this book to be appropriate for all ages and extremely good there are very little profanities and the mild adult content isn’t that provocative This is one series that stays awesome no matter how many seuels there will be I am ready for the next adventure Janus embarks and I m sure everyone who reads this would feel the same way So guys please even if you don’t like my review give the book a chance It will be worth your time You don’t have to trust me find out yourselves

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    I received a free copy of this e book from the author Though I didn't win it in the Goodreads Giveaway Michael F Stewart generously offered me a copy anyway I've heard many people claim that the second book in a series could never possibly amount to the sheer intensity of the first Well those people have obviously never discovered the Assured Destruction series I honestly had to pry my e reader from my fingers to get any sleep If you've read the first book in this series and are looking for of Janus's angst and attitude paired with her oh so comical witty comebacks via Shadownet tweets then you my friend are in for an awesome follow up read What I like most about Michael F Stewart's writing style is that his words flow together in a way that's both welcoming and refreshing The plot keeps up a steady pace all throughout without lagging somewhere towards the middle or near the end Script Kiddie is full of twists and turns that will leave you nursing suspicions and assumptions as you try to guess the ending before it is revealed Who the heck is this Hannah chick? And why oh why does she have so much Hello Kitty crap in her room? Who is Peter really? Is he truly the retired hacker legend he claims to be or is it all a ruse for some ulterior motive? And what will happen to Tina Rose? Will her MS further deteriorate her health and leave Janus to fend for herself? And perhaps the biggest and most important uestion of them all how will Janus Rose Script Kiddie and aspiring white hat hacker be able to juggle all of this and complete her service hours for the High Tech Crime Unit keep her in a relationship Facebook status and save Assured Destruction from a bleak and possibly income less future? I absolutely cannot wait for the third installment of this series Bring it on

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    Superb Read I have read assured destruction loved it so naturally I was very excited to read this one it didn't disappoint me at all on any levelIt's a uick read grasping one tooI found it very hard to put down so ended up reading it in a single night Some books are worth the reversal of bio clock this is definitely one of themIt's about a young hacker her troubles with authority comes naturally when you say hacker her virtual world Kudos to author though because I have a feeling even most non technical readers will also understand perfectly everything that goes on in this storyThe element of mystery which surrounds the character of Peter is tastefully intensified left unanswered maybe for next partBeing a Network Security professional myself I was delighted to encounter the very real description of digital hacker underworld Because that showed the research behind this allIt's obvious that there is going to be a 3rd part of this story author has kept no doubt about that at all Super excited to get my hands on that one

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    I was sent a copy by the author as part of my being approved by NetGalley to review book #3 in exchange for an honest opinion While there was no condition involving writing a review for this one I still decided to do itI read Assured Destruction in 2013 and really liked it though much to my shame I failed to keep track of when the next installments were published This second volume I found just as enjoyable as the first one mainly for similar reasons With each chapter I wanted to know what was coming nextAfter her stint in book 1 Jan the main character is still in dire straits having to balance school the store her mother's illness Peter's arrival in their lives her new relationship with Jonny and the many hours of community service she owes to the police Sure she can stil somewhat rely on Shadownet to vent out but mostly she's now confronted to than she can chew and frustration's building up Characters plot I like Jan As a character she has a lot of potential some of which she lives up to and some that still leaves room for improvement She's far from perfect; she commits mistakes; sometimes she's too proud for her own good and doesn't realise what she's getting herself into until it's too late I guess her fatal flaw would be hubris combined to her problems to cope with the social aspects of life She fancies herself a hacker but is soon brought back to reality She imagines her community service as an open door to be acknowledged as part of the police but of course reality is harsher and soon she's reminded she's still just a kid in many ways don't expect cop drama here and a teenager being propelled as star of the detective show—which wouldn't be too believable anyway Her eagerness and overconfidence when it comes to computersnetworks land her in troubleHowever she also tries to fix things and help When she's humbled by people who know than her and who knows everything at 16 she accepts her shortcomings and strive to get better She also shows a lot of courage involving herself in person—not because she's too stupid to live although her mistakes could get her killed but because she genuinely wants to save other people while knowing that waiting isn't an optionI also appreciated how her relationship with Jonny was portrayed because it's light on the romance part The events of the book unfold on roughly one week and Jan is very busy so busy that she can't keep up with having a boyfriend and doing what it takes to keep him Now considering what happens I found this understandable She's worried about her role regarding the police about missing school about being wrongly accused of hacking about her mother whose health isn't great I can understand that I can understand a person being unable to keep up and I think I would have held it against Jan if she had put everything to the back of her mind to be with Jonny all the time and play lovey dovey the way it happens too often I can't say she always knows how to keep her priorities straight the carding case is a good example but that part fits with her personalityLast but not least what's going on with Peter is intriguing On the one hand I can understand Jan's wariness when it comes to this man he's new in their lives and with all the problems the store is facing of course Jan is going to think he's up to something Overall he's sweet caring understanding he tries to help her as if he was doing his best to get her to accept him Too good to be true? Perhaps he's just that a man who loves her mother and wants to earn his place in the daughter's life as well fast considering how bad Tina's health is Or perhaps he's something else Or than simply that The tech I already liked the computertech aspect in the previous book and I still like it here What happens in Script Kiddy is actually good lessons for teenagers and for anyone not internet savvy for that matter but not presented as such They're integrated within the flow of the story while dealing with real problems phishing how wireless devices can be a downfall internet predators and so onThe way procedures and technology in general are described is also easy to understand Well it's easy for me as I know enough though I'm certainly not a specialist but I think anyone would understand what's going on Some things made me frown at first and think why is this explained?; but not everyone knows what IRC is after all Problem? A few things bothered me; not enough to prevent me from enjoying the story but I still feel I should mention them The murderer's laptop was one of them would the police really hand evidence to Jan let her take it out of the precinct? This I found unbelievable and considering what happens with it next it should've tipped her off Also at times Jan felt just a tad bit immature when it came to the problems in her life mainly her mother On the other hand I can also envision her as the kind of girl who would cope by shutting off andor focusing on different things for a while so I'm not completely sure I can chalk that to sheer immaturity or to the kind of slightly neurotic persona she seems to be developing There's just so much going on that at some point the girl's doomed to breakThose put aside this second novel in the series was really a page turner and a good read for me

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    eBook copy received in exchange for my honest reviewI have read the first in the series Assured Destruction My review can be found HEREI'm going to delve right into this one but I'm going to try not make it as long winded as I did with the first Edit didn't workTo start off with Michael F Stewart continues to impress me and because I loved the first book so much Assured Destruction I'm surprised I loved this one even It doesn't always happen that way for me Things work either one of two ways where a series is concerned and where I'm concerned Either the first book is so great that the second doesn't live up to it or the first was somewhat slow placed that the second blows me away Well the author has upped the ante LOVED If you haven't read either of these books I'm sorry to say you're living on some other planet I'll say this again YA at it's best and I've read maybe a handful if I'm to be honest If you'll note what Kirkus Reviews says “A fun fast paced thriller guaranteed to distract teens from Facebook ”—Kirkus Reviews it's right on the money Not only will they be distracted from FB you as a parent may even pull your hair out because you'll be hard pressed to get your offspring to do anything when they start reading this series A warning though if you pick it up which I hope you do you'll have to bite your tongue because you won't be able to put it down either Trust me Just because it's YA it in no way shape or form means it's only intended for a particular age group I have an 18 year old son and this series seriously rocks Both Assured Destruction and Script Kiddie provide intricate and complex twists and turns To say Script Kiddie is fast paced is putting it mildly There is so much happening in this book I pulled a muscle in my brain Freaking adore it Janus or Jan isn't so much into her old tricks but she is doing community service in lieu of everything that went down in book one She's now working with the police's Internet crime unit and boy things do seem to go wrong for her Where both she and I thought she was the bomb where hacking is concerned with the first book we've both come to realise that she's at the bottom of the ladder She's only but a Script Kiddie This makes it all the exciting for me because I can just imagine what else Mr Stewart is going to throw not only her way but mine as a reader At this point I rub my hands in anticipationJan's mother who is wheelchair bound is getting worse with an added complication and Peter her mother's boyfriend is still very much present with to him than meets the eye I couldn't wait to read about him further by the time I got to the end of book one and I'm not in the least disappointed with what's transpired here Jan although she's with Jonny now still has a somethin' somethin' lapse over Karl Jan and her mom are still in financial dire straits with no let up from the oh so hated bank managerWhat Jan has to juggle in this book is something that would have probably put me in a comatose state were I in her shoes She's put on a bank card fraud case only to be pulled off I'll interject here as I totally understood all the terms mentioned due to hearing about reading about and receiving Phishing e mails to this effect I get excited over minute things Moving on She's given a computer to tear inside out in the hope of finding further information on a perp but this ends up blowing in her face and not her doing A 'friend' asked her for help with some guy who is harassing her on line a predator and Jan has to keep tight lipped or Hannah threatens to kill herself Practically within the same breath though Hannah changes her mind and wants nothing to do with Jan As should be there is an underlying message here to everyone on line What frustrates me though is that kids and adults alike still fall into these sort of traps Jan she's so super cool is so busy juggling every crazy scenario thrown her way she's not behaving like a 'girlfriend' Relationships also change and grow throughout the book I could go on and on Oh I will because Jan's many alter egos still keep me beyond entertained These stories are refreshing mind boggling at times as I don't know how the author even came up with all of it and as far as I'm concerned Jan is funnier than in the first book I love snark and you get it from her in bucket loads She can be funny to boot All the techno speak forums where there's yet techno above over and beyond my head terms is fabulous You don't need to understand every little thing but I can guarantee that you will understand most of it Even if you don't it makes absolutely no difference This book is action packed It really isI'll end by saying that I'm ever so glad I got to read the first one and now the follow up I gave the first one 45 stars and at the time the author wondered where the other half was I think I mentioned that I was keeping it for the second book hopefully WellRead Script Kiddie but please read Assured Destruction first Mr Stewart I truly adore your work with this series and look forward to it's continuation Great writing fabulous story amazing premise awesome characters What can a lover of books and stories ask for? Nothing

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    After reading this book I liked it so much and was so taken by the overall plot that I went back and read the first book in the series I am not really sure which book I prefer but I am leaning toward the second mostly because I don’t particularly like books that can give youth ideas they have enough of their own thank you I really enjoyed the way the author has taken something that we read about every day ie hacking and identity thief and turned it into something that is a really good story I think this speaks loudly to young people The author also obviously knows his stuff because though I am not an expert I can see that a lot of what happens and is done is correct and doable Jan’s family own a service Assured Destruction that takes people’s old IT gear and demolishes it while assuring that there is nothing usable or that can cause them harm still left on it In the first book Jan gets into trouble by stealing identities on the computers for her “Shadownet” As part of her community service from the first book she is working with the police in a high crime tech unit Her job becomes profiling and tracking a murderer This seems like a great job but and this is my one fault with the book I am not sure that any organization such the one she is working in would expect her to profile and expose a killer Profilers are usually very experienced people and while she is good at what she does I am not sure she has the level of experienceexpertise for this Nor do I think any police section would ever place anyone who is there as part of a community service reuirement in the jeopardy this assignment gives her They would be likely to give the task to one of their own senior paid members or would go within the force to find a candidate I really think this was a bit farfetched to me Nevertheless the story proceeds well and is uite well developed The main character though she does some crazy or stupid things don’t all young people at times comes across as a pretty good level headed individual one for whom we would be rooting Also included in this story plot are other stressful situations Jan must face her mother’s worsening illness her fading relationship a tight money situation All these only add to her stress level Still she handles is uite well considering her age and experience This is another reason I was impressed with the main character I am eager to see just where the next addition of this series goes I think lots of young people would enjoy the books They have just the right mix of realism contemporary culture and good common sense Young people would benefit from reading about this young girl and her exploits In addition anyone who works with young people would enjoy it also since there are so many good points about the books and the series thus far Finally I think many other readers who are looking for a good story about today’s complexities of life andor a good mystery would enjoy the book I received this from Library Thing to read and review

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    Script Kiddie by Michael F Stewart is the second book in the Assured Destruction trilogy You can read my review of the first book here This review contains spoilers for the first book Assured Destruction since the ending of that feeds into the set up of Script KiddieWhere the first book was about Jan doing some uestionable things and then being punished for it by the bad guy Script Kiddie is about Jan trying to hold everything together while trying to prevent bad stuff from happening After the events in Assured Destruction Jan finds herself sentenced to 2000 hours of community service Luckily for her the cop that showed up a bit in the first book recognises her hacking skills and recruits her as an assistant sort of in the cyber crimes divisionScript Kiddie definitely carries the same tone as Assured Destruction but the angle of the plot is less someone semi randomly attacking Jan and Jan trying to help and fix things I think I enjoyed it for this reason Like in the first book she does make some poor decisions but most of those were related to not being experienced with what the police wanted her to do Aside from a few naive and well a little eccentric choices I didn't feel she made uite as many poor decisions Which yay character development But she does do some silly things still don't get me wrongThe title comes from her making some forays into the hacking community — a script kiddie is a very low level hacker that experienced hackers mock Tied with the hacking is Jan's changing relationship with Peter her mum's boyfriend In the first book he was newer and distant from the plot mainly just existing for her to be annoyed that her mum has such an old boyfriend but he has become central I have to admit I'm a little suspicious of his role and I'm wondering what will happen with him in the final book I hope he really does turn out to be nice but it's hard to predict at this pointAlthough this is a second book in a trilogy and the events do follow on directly from the first book the plot is pretty stand alone I mean it's still better to read the first book first because of character introductions and back story but the plot that arises in Script Kiddie is almost all tied up by the end The only thing that isn't tied up is Jan's mum's illness — MS — which takes a turn for the worse in this book That's the only cliffhanger at the end I was going to read the third book anyway but now I need to to find out what happens with her mum I hope it won't be too sadScript Kiddie was a fun read and I'll definitely be reading the last book in the series straight away I recommend the series to anyone looking for a fast paced geeky contemporary YA series Each book is pretty short in fact my omnibus edition is only a few iPad pages longer than the last BFF I read and not a huge time commitment4 5 starsYou can read of my reviews on my blog

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    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder if you want to see reviews please click hereAs mentioned I received all three books of the Assured Destruction series in exchange for an honest review as part of the book tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours this will in no way effect my opinion of the bookEver worry about taking a break from a series and worrying about not remembering what happened?Fear not Script Kiddie picks up shortly after where Assured Destruction finished and if that is not good enough well as this story progresses it drops a few reminders about key events from the previous This is so helpful especially after long hours paintingJanus' introduction to becoming a police sidekick doesn't uiet go as smoothly as planned one of the officers has already taken to her badly and well the other whilst she supports her Janus just finds herself doing everything but what they wanted even with all her good intentionsUpon returning to school she's faced with a surprise science test which can only go so well when you've been in hospital for a few weeks and Hannah wanting her help with a very secretive and delicate subject matter than only Janus could handleOnly can Janus handle tracking down a paedophile removing the evidence he has of Hannah and shutting him down for good on her own?Not to mention realising just how much money troubles her mums having back home surely this is too much for one kid to handle especially when she starts to have doubts about her own hacking skills is she at best a Script Kiddie?Initially everything seems downhill for Janus and I think that is why I keep coming back to this book and enjoying it so much she is real life person and can only handle so much at once much like everyone else She isn't a Superhero or Princess she doesn't posses magical abilities just knows her way around coding than others around herYet she doesn't give up she keeps going until she manages to solve as much as she's able Even if she leaves a bit of destruction in her pathLike joining an online hacker forum that may be dangerous than she realises Even if she is only there to ask for adviceAnyhow Janus does end up finding herself in trouble than last time if that is even possible but the development of her character continues and I loved every page of itI only hope we get of a development on Jonny her boyfriend and Peter her mums boyfriend because I now find that after two books they're not touched upon as much as I'd like them to be considering how much is unknown about one of themI look forward to the third such a great and easy to read series

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    Like others who have reviewed this series this is becoming one of my favorite YA series and Michael F Stewart is becoming one of my favorite authorsI received a free e copy of the book in exchange for an honest review This book is a great little uick read Again the story is very fast paced and the book is hard to put down I'm glad I read this one over the holidaysThis is a fantastic story Janus is working on completing her community service hours she received at the end of book 1 She was assigned to help the high tech crime suad of the Ottawa police department to use her hacker skills for good instead of to get in trouble It doesn't seem to matter what Jan does things go wrong for her It doesn't seem to matter what she does she messes up and the other officers on the team make her feel terrible add to that that her mom is getting worse Peter is still sort of a dark horse and money being super tight and you can imagine the stress she is under Then her self esteem gets crushed when she realizes she isn't some wonder hacker like the thought she's actually a script kiddie newbie Jan's mother who is wheelchair bound with MS is getting worse and ends up in the hospital and PeterThe love triangle with Jan Jonny Karl is still present with not much headway being made in the love department for Jan That kind of annoyed me throughout the two books there hasn't been much development At one point I just wanted to tell her to choose Karl already they both have their flaws but Jonny is being a total baby This is a book that isn't just for the YA scene anyone with a twitterFB addiction needs to read this series Although I will say that if I hadn't read the first book in the series I would have been totally and completely LOST in the story so would definitely recommend reading the series in order so you understand everything that's going on Overall I give this book 45 stars I really wish we could give half stars on the rating system A great book and highly recommended series

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    Review also posted at Ja čitam a ti? Like you could see from my review which was posted yesterday Assured Destruction is a series very appealing to me Being in the world of coding and hacking is a true experience and while I did have some issues with Jan in the first book Script Kiddiechanged some things After being pulled through hell and back Jan still feels conseuences of everything that happened in Assured Destruction She now has to balance her work for the police with school business and helping her mother which turns out to be impossible As Jan is someone who doesn't give up and fights even when battle seems to be over she puts all her strength into discovering the crime and with all that helping one of her friends With new hacking world opened to her she is on the role I said in my review yesterday that while I admired Jan's abilities as hacker still outside that world she never was that close to me Gladly that changed in this book as Jan is involved in the world around her and now she is able to do good things with her knowledge I felt closer to her as she felt human and I was happy to discover some things about her Another thing is that this book was such a fast read without drags and unnecessary moments which made my reading much faster Still there are moments when I felt like too much things are happening at once but it's good thing that author knew how to wrap up this story All in all everything in this series is improving from characters writing to the emotional part which still is not perfect but much better than in the first book I cannot wait to see how things end up in With Zombies