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Named To Kirkus Reviews Best Books Of Sprung From The Variously Lush, Rugged, And Frozen Emotional Landscapes Of The North Country, This Luminous Collection Of Stories Captures The Progress Of A Diverse Ensemble Of Souls As They Struggle To Uncover Themselves And Negotiate A Meaningful Communion, Of Any Kind, With The World Around Them A Brilliant But Troubled Bangladeshi Physics Student Searches For Balance, Acceptance, And His Own Extraordinary Destiny After His Father Disappears When A Halloween Blizzard Immobilizes Minneapolis, A Young Woman Is Forced To Confront The Snow Bound Nature Of Her Own Relationships And Emotions During An Excursion To An Idyllic Swimming Hole Hidden In The Black Hills, Two Old Friends Unexpectedly Compete For The Affections Of An Irresistible, Though Married, Lakota Woman Like A Mythical Expedition To Reach The Horizon Or The Quest To Distill Truth From The Beauty Around Us, The Revelation Confirmed By These Imaginative Stories Elegant, Sometimes Jarring, Always Wonderfully Absurd Is That The Very Act Of Reaching Is Itself A Form Of Touch The Quiet Plains Of The North Country Serve As A Perfect Backdrop For Parsons Moving Debut, A Collection Of Short Stories Whose Characters Often Live Deeply Solitary, If Not Always Lonely, Lives Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Eloquently Written And Replete With A Continual Stream Of Un Hackneyed Twists And Turns, Parsons Collection Is Superbly Crafted Engaging, Riveting, And At Times, Mind Boggling, The Sense Of Touch Is Earmarked To Become A Literary Classic San Francisco Book Review Five Star Review Parsons Has Made Himself A Man To Watch In The Literary World Each Of These Stories Is As Thrilling As The Next Portland Book Review Five Star Review Each Story Is Honed With Purpose And Infused With Subtle Energies He Creates Delicate Lines Between The Frigid Cosmos And The Warmth That Can Be Generated Among People Parsons Writing Has A Strong Pulse This Debut Assortment Heralds His Promising Career The US Review Of Books Top Rated Recommended Review This is one of those books that came into my life at just the right time I had been reading a number of rather long and heavy novels and a collection of short stories was just what the doctor ordered to get me out of the early stages of a slump I will also admit that I was drawn to this book for one reason I have fond memories of my visits to the upper mid West, which is the setting of most of these stories.The unifying theme among these stories, at least for me, was the importance of connecting with others The characters in these stories are experiencing some degree of solitude and move towards relationships with others Since no story in this collection is tied to any other story, this unifying theme is especially important.This is a very masculine book I don t mean that as a criticism in fact, it is a nice change of pace for me And I m not saying that it would not appeal to female readers after all, I am a female reader , but masculinity is evident in each story and, in my opinion, is a necessary element.When it comes to short story collections, I m rarely on the fence I either hate or enjoy the entire collection and this is one book that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to just about anyone I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review I received no other compensation for this post. FIRST READS I am required to say that I won this book on a goodreads giveaway.There s something really exciting about a writer sending you his own book to read and review I just went to the post office and picked up a package sent to me by the author himself I always treat people who show me their own work with care and respect, and I tend to be really excited about this kind of things It happened to me with performers and filmmakers but never with real authors, and this somehow feels personal I really enjoyed The Sense of Touch , Ron Parsons first collection of short stories Maybe it s because he s a new writer that nobody around me has ever heard about, and it makes the interaction between the two of us interesting already But it is probably also because it s interesting His style isn t uniform, and he s definitely not predictable I m not a short story person myself, but I can tell some of these short stories just didn t really have a point and didn t really plan to teach you anything on life They were just there, and you can feel they are real, or based on real events or real feelings and notions Some of them were just plain weird and I couldn t really relate, and some of them were great But reading this book, reading this stories made me feel like something different is happening here Some of the stories were simply good and new, deep yet simple to understand the complexity, like Big Blue and Be Not Afraid of The Universe Some of them I didn t understand But this is a true indie book.For me it was a different experience, and it s recommended for anyone who wants to try something else. Thank you to Ron Parsons and GoodReads for the copy of The Sense of Touch which I received in a GoodReads first reads giveaway.I passed a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon today reading The Sense of Touch , a collection of short stories taking place in Michigan, Minnesota and South Dakota I found poignancy, starkness, surprise, quirkiness, love, bemusement, honor, randomness, sadness, humor and unforeseen twists in the stories I even found a touch of Fargo ness in the characters of one, in the snowfall of another Ron Parson s creates a very eclectic bunch, who draw you into their stories in a drifting and engaging manner Having my own approach to reading short story collections, I pretty much open the book randomly and start from there, rather than reading beginning to end I found that some of these stories are told in that fashion, which I quite liked Some left me pondering what might befall the characters after the end of the story, others had a clear finish For me, my top 3 favorites are Be Not Afraid of the Universe , Big Blue and Beginning With Minneapolis each very different from one another Definitely a great book to purchase as a gift for a friend too The Sense of Touch is a book to read when you can t decide what book to choose from I thought I d just read one or two stories and come back to the book later, but before I knew it I had read the whole book and really wanted to read of the author s stories Hope to see another collection from Ron Parson s in the near future I rarely enjoy short stories as they do not give me the time to get involved with the plot and characters However, after reading the book blurb of The Sense of Touch, I was all agog.Let me begin by saying The Sense of Touch is gripping and highly original In a way, reading them reminded me of Roald Dahl s short stories Ron Parsons has an extraordinary ability to describe the wonders of universal themes with his pen.Out of the eight stories, I especially enjoyed Hezekiah Number Three Naseem is a character worth knowing he s like a fish out of water Eccentric and quirky, Hezekiah Number Three will definitely grab any reader s attention as he never knows what s going to happen next.The Sense of Touch is a satisfying collection that leaves me wanting.I received a complimentary copy of The Sense of Touch in exchange of my honest review. 4.5 stars Did I enjoy this book I did.The Sense of Touch is a collection of short stories And it s unlike anything I ve read before ever It s beautifully written Mr Parsons writing style alone could make just about any story interesting.Each story is unpredictable, unbelievable, and confusing And somehow, he makes them all thoroughly entertaining I got to the end of each story and thought, huh But immediately went on to the next story wondering how he was going to top the last one.I m pretty sure Mr Parsons breaks just about every rule of creative writing and actually manages to pull it off I m not sure if he s a brilliant cutting edge artistic force in literature or just some really weird guy who s managed to capture my imagination But I know I ll be on the look out for his next book just to see where he s going next.Would I recommend it Yes.Will I read it again Probably not.As reviewed by Belinda at Every Free Chance Book Reviews I received a copy of this book for review purposes. The Sense of Touch is a collection of beautifully written short stories that shamelessly portray the nature of humanity at its best and at its worst.I absolutely loved Ron Parsons writing style His magnificent choice of words enables the reader to float serenely through each story as if on a bewitching river of outstanding literature.Each unique story was like reading an enticingly delicate poem, as his words were as graceful as poetry.These stories will encourage you to think about them in depth and may enable you to perceive situations a bit differently I believe that each individual will contemplate each story differently but I am certain that each reader will assuredly gain some promising insight on his her own life matters.I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. 4.5 starsEach of these stories, although all different in regards to the plot, they were all very, very good The writing is top notch, and the editing nearly flawless, but I was surprised to see several instances of two speakers in one paragraph But the details Mr Parsons uses in his writing they are just great and really show the characters and their motivations and the dialogues were some of the best I ve read Very natural and authentic The tales range from being light and humorous to unexpectedly dark, even painful at times But they all share an element of the human condition that is fascinating and heart warming Well done. I enjoyed this debut collection of short stories by Ron Parsons The characters are interesting and their stories are well told Reading them reminded me of Winesburg, Ohio, another narrative of life in the Midwest Each story pulls the reader into a mile trek in a stranger s shoes you touch the texture of lives and find alienation, longings, and loves woven together, as they must be to keep out the cold The writing is clear with mature observances that rang true to my understanding of humanity I highlighted sentences particularly well done something I ve not been moved to do in quite awhile In any case, I hope Ron continues to write and publish perhaps a novel next time The Sense of Touch is a collection of short stories written by Ron Parsons First things first the author can write well However, I had a hard time getting into some of the stories, and when they were done I just felt kinda meh on them Like they weren t awful, but weren t great This book gets a lot of really good reviews so maybe it s just me I though some parts were interesting, but I think overall I wish there was action or real conflicts that would raise stakes Everything just seemed kind of safe if that makes sense This seems like something that people would read in a college literature course Not that that s a bad thing, just not really to my tastes.