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Simon Putney has never been in love and it suits him fine He likes life and relationships to be simple and straightforward no ties no emotional complications There's friendship and there's sex what has love got to do with anything? A move to a new apartment brings him into contact with the eccentric but sweet Dee Dee Walters with whom he strikes up a friendship Dee Dee's unconventional upbringing has influenced his ideas about love and what constitutes the perfect relationship What he wants is an old fashioned alpha male to rule his heart and his home Simon thinks Dee Dee is hankering after something that doesn’t exist beyond the pages of fiction When Dee Dee gets tired of waiting for love and decides to launch a uest to find his perfect mate Simon warns him he's likely to find only disappointment

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    I accidentally one clicked this book a year or ago I kept it because it has so many enthusiastic reviews And the guy on the cover is pretty and apparently a dude named Dee Dee gets spanked but it's fluffy So what's not to like?Butyeah SeeIt's like this I dunnoI just couldn't get into it I can see why some people put it on a fanfic shelf Though perhaps it is fanfic with the serial number filed off? No idea But I say this as a HUGE FUCKING FANFIC READER okay? It reads like enthusiastic but ultimately blah fanfic The sentence structure alone was distracting as fuckSo To sum up

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    Head spinning kisses cuddling and adorable BritishismsMany thanks to Sarahlovesbooks for insisting repeatedly that I would like this book You were right It was one of those Can't put it down until I've finished fuck getting up for work in the morning booksThat title Ugh Why would anyone pick that title? That single handedly put me off reading this for a very long time But it is a super cute slice of life falling in love slowly feel good happy book It was great It's a travesty it has so few reviews and therefore I'm assuming readers To clarify this is not a book about a couple in a Domestic Discipline or BDSM relationshipI've got two parts of me warring a little over this review because technically craft wise it's not a great book It's like a second draft with flashes of awesome a brushstroke of sexual graffiti proof of the existence of breakfast was ready and waiting on the altar of my kitchen table and he’d better hurry up and worship before it vanishedBut the heart of the story and Simon's not entirely reliable narration won me over swiftly How much do I love view spoiler that they don't have sex at the end hide spoiler

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    What a puzzling but mostly tedious experience this book was I tried pushing myself but every single sentence was hardship I uit at page 47 feeling like I’d run a marathon This book was unreadable to me And thus I second everything Jenna mentioned in her review and would like to add the following so that if you are considering this book there are now positive AND less positive reviews to take into account I wish the latter had been available before I decided to give Spanking Dee Dee a goThe author loses herself in endless descriptions of mundanity while there is nothing remotely intriguing to cling onto The story progresses at a glacial mind dulling pace Buildings and backgrounds of people are described in great and unnecessary detail see examples below but above all in a stiff and very stilted way Every single sentence is a clunky mass of grammatically incorrect overly formal sentence constructions bordering on pompous writing see examples below and failing elevated diction There are plenty commas just not very many dots Chapters end in the middle of not particularly thrilling scenes that simply continue in the new chapter The narrator is supposed to be a 25 year old guy I’m certainly not buying that because everything about his narration screams ‘ueen Elizabeth recalling a memory from her youth’ The 25 year old changes apartments “I set in motion the progress of acuiring what I desired and looked forward to starting a new chapter in my life as a homeowner” He enters his new apartment “Walking up the stairs to my apartment I paused outside the door for a moment and then ceremoniously inserted my key and pushed it open” A dude he noticed earlier isn’t on the lawn any when he leaves his apartment “There was no sign of the rain man as I exited the bakery The grass where he’d been sitting was vacant” So he goes for a meal instead “Sticking my hands in the pockets of my jeans I whistled a tune and set off at a jaunty pace towards sustenance After my meal of sirloin steak with all the trimmings I sat cradling a pint in my hands my thoughts wandering idly around I mentally arranged furniture and unpacked belongings in my new abode when simultaneously ” He buys bread and – cheekily opts for another entrance into his apartment“I fulfilled my uest to purchase bread and milk choosing to re enter the bakery via the front entrance just for the sheer pleasure of walking up the broad steps leading to the original grand double doors They were made from maple and rosewood set with acid etched glass panels” He showers and shares his totally fascinating breakfast rituals“A cool shower refreshed me and after dressing in the loose tee and baggy shorts I’d been wearing the day before I set about making my favourite meal of the day breakfast at least my favourite one at the weekends and outside of term time During the working week I don’t have time to do anything other than grab a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast and a mug of instant coffee I opted for the full English repast bacon eggs tomatoes and plenty of tea to wash it down It would set me up for the day with no need to break my activity to partake of lunch After breakfasting I washed up my pots Seeing as I was in the kitchen it seemed sensible to make it the first room to put right” Woo He has neighbours too“There was a young couple at the end of my floor with a new baby boy or at least I assumed it was a couple and young I hadn’t set eyes on them I knew there was definitely a baby boy and he was new because I had witnessed a floral arrangement adorned with a huge blue balloon being delivered to their door by a local florist The balloon made the announcement in sparkling silver letters I could hear the baby crying sometimes in the middle of the night when I lay sleepless” Odd details and constructions like these make me wonder if the narrator perhaps is supposed to suffer from an Autism spectrum disorder? I didn’t make it far enough to confirm this suspicion though PS a small note on the coloured contacts that Dee Dee popped out and slipped into the pocket of his shirt You can’t fish them out with your fingers at a later time and then put them in a cup of water and expect them to be alright Contacts don’t work that way It’s only one of the seeming inconsistencies I came across but one that annoyed me as I know all about contact lenses and their aggravating aspects

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    45 starsThat book wasamazingbeautifulemotionaland exactly what I needed It has so much HEART and SOUL and FEELINGS The right ones always the right onesIt is the moment when I'm soooo happy to have GR How the hell could I found this book in the world without? It is the moment when I'm soooooooooooo happy to have my GR friends How the hell could I found this book without them? Thank you my dear Sarah You want to know what it is about? About Simon and Dee Dee A simple stuff with the most significant effectA broken relationship Moving from the old apartment in a new one A new neighbour Friendship One night stand Embarrassment Beginning of a wonderful friendship Friendship FRIENDSHIP without sex sex can only spoil everythingthat is not from me Some unpleasant events No details Some nice events No details Lovers HEAGREAT Because of the writing Though it's it not always about the writing is it?No of course not it is about the plot that is sooooooIt's about the MCs that are soooooooSignificantso fing special that is a uote from my favourite songIT ISIT ISI need to read of this author And now PS Sorry I'm helpless as always But please READ THIS BOOK READ THIS BOOK READ THIS BOOKYours sincerely

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    “Age is irrelevant It’s a state of mind not the numbers of years lived It depends on what’s inside you I’ve met old young people and young old people” And so we have a 25 year old mature teacher Simon who flat out refuses to believe in love and have a relationship We also have a 27 year old eccentric artist Dee Dee a man child who's kind and sensitive but has some strange tendencies and craves to be controlled and dominated in a domestic kind of way by his fantasy Alpha man Which Simon is not Their story is heart warming and endearing I couldn't help but wince at Dee Dee's acts at the beginning but he is such a sweetheart that it's impossible not to fall for a boy The stubbornness of Simon gritted on my nerves at times too but I knew he'd come around eventually What I thought was missing to make me one happy woman was a bit of steam between these two It was a great and entertaining read sweet and uite emotional I just wish the author hadn't kept the sex completely off the page I'm not asking for porn but a little 'action' would have gone a long way here in my opinion Also view spoilerI wanted to see that bastard James the ex who hasn't even contacted Simon once ever since he's moved away what he'd missed by not giving them both a chance As it is the insensitive pk has just gone on to having his happily ever after without realising that he broke Simon's heart in the process hide spoiler

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    Re read July 2017 Even better than I remembered Lovely It would be great if this couple really existedReview in 2013Brilliant original Not at all what I expected but it left me happy and satisfiedThis is not what comes to your mind when you hear a domestic discipline book This is a realistic story about a man who is looking for his alpha male and another man his best friend who is afraid of loving Will Dee Dee get his alpha male? Read and you'll seeSomewhere in the middle of the book I felt there was too much about the bad bad mother But once I got past that I enjoyed this book againThis is the best book I read since June when I read Uneven by Anah CrowI can highly recommend this book

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    DNF 9%BR with Tinka and Lo Lo I don't think any of us made it through this oneMy status update will serve as my reviewThis book is unreadable Nearly every sentence begins with a present participle phrase ing word doesn't have commas and is grammatically incorrect because the actions aren't happening simultaneously even though that's what's implied by the sentence structure This is beyond annoyingFor example Hurrying to the bathroom I lugged a couple of bath towels out of the airing cupboard Taking them back to the living room I thrust one at him Here dry off a bit Thanks Taking the towel he mopped his face and then rubbed it vigorously over his hair followed by his arms and legsI'm not exaggerating in saying that almost every sentence is structured this way This is only part of the problem with the writing but it's by far the most irritatingI'll add that another issue with the writing was the inclusion of too many details like the entire history of his apartment building and the process Simon went through to live there Also unless I read it wrong which is entirely possible considering how bored I was by the details the building used to be a bakery but was converted into luxury apartments Why then was it constantly referred to as the bakery?? If it's no longer being used as a bakery the euipment isn't even there any and the building now serves an entirely different purpose then it's not a fucking bakeryMaybe this is a wonderful love story with a great slow burn but I will never know because I cannot tolerate reading a book that's 90% grammatically incorrect I gave it several chances and finally concluded that I will never be able to finish it

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    Friendship Love and DiscoveryThis is such a brilliant story with characters that are vivid and real Simon has a friend with benefits relationship until the so called friend James meets the love of his life Simon is then discarded but supposedly takes it all in his stride After all they were only friends weren't they?Simon is a hardy fellow who doesn't believe in romance and eventually he moves on in his life and also moves town and there in his new and much liked apartment block he meets Dee DeeDee Dee is the exact opposite to Simon He believes in romance and love he also believes in domestic discipline romantic heroes of integrity and the fact that one day he will meet someone who will love him and be able to establish boundaries for him in a firm but loving way He eventually sets out to meet this domestic discipline hero and has a number of experiences and a few near missesSimon and Dee Dee are neighbours and become good friends Dee Dee is a lovely man yet somewhat flaky and vulnerable He is an artist with an unconventional upbringing and has a different perspective about life He also has a peculiar approach to day to day activity Simon in contrast is no nonsense and practical and the two of them develop a firm friendship Simon has a front seat to the drama of Dee Dee's search for his domestic discipline hero Eventually despite Simon's initial stance love and romance develop uietly and unseen The story charts this journey to love with humour and an engaging and witty dialogueThis is a brilliant story of two people one earnestly searching for love and one denying it exists and how love finds both of themI really enjoyed this book It is British and contemporary dealing with the subject of domestic discipline v BDSM It isn't a BDSM book though and the conversations between the two characters shows them each trying to understand the difference between the two I am not sure I understand either of these but I really enjoyed the story and the journey Simon takes to understanding both his past and present relationshipsI also enjoyed the supporting cast of characters the neighbours and Simon's friends and family all of whom recognise things about Simon that he is not ready to recognise himself and all of them fall in love with Dee Dee except one grouchy neighbour There is a humorous undertone to this story Dee Dee's behaviour and outlook on life provide steady moments of laughter and weirdness Even the difficult times are resolved with camaraderie strong friendship and ultimately love This is also a long story and a relationship that develops realistically over time No insta love here The relationship evolves through the mundane activity of the everyday and through sharing and companionshipI enjoyed the writing and the Britishness The author has a way of making the story real Simon and Dee Dee could be the blokes next door Simon could be a colleague and Dee Dee the flaky neighbour who potters about in the garden barefoot I also liked the residents association with the nosy complaining neighbour We have all had them or know someone who hasA journey is taken which leads to Romance and the recognition of Love It is a rich story It doesn't have pages and pages of formulaic page filling sex scenes It does have dialogue description and a good narrative The sex when it comes is well placed and doesn't overshadow the story revealing emotions friendship camaraderie comedy tears laughter and love all with a British flavour and in my opinion is Just Right A thoroughly pleasurable story with great characters NB There is great recipe in the book for spicy oven chips Just add rock salt fresh peppers chilli flakes and olive oil to the oven chips before you put them in the oven There is nothing better than a character who knows how to jazz up oven chips

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    Beautiful story about two amazing men who Think they know what they need who think they know what they wantBut they don'tA sweet story about two wonderful men who think they know what the other need who think they know what the other wantBut they don'tIt's a great written story about two men who can't see that whats stand right in front of them is that exact piece that is a perfect match to feel the hole in their existenceI truly loved both MC's eually I loved Simons caring instincts towards Dee Dee from the get going and Dee Dee's sweet and naive personaIt's not a 5 star book only because it took me a little time to get into it with my whole heart it had some boring points in the first third of the story

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    35 stars I rounded the rating up to 4 because I know I'll want to reread it Sweet domestic discipline story about lost and needy Dee Dee and reserved teacher Simon This is a slow paced story that concentrates on friendship and individual growth There's hardly any sex and only one short spanking scene at the end Some of the writing mostly when explaining the DD dynamic felt like PC justifications than organic storytelling But I had no trouble overlooking that because I liked the characters Not as good as Destiny Calling IMO but I always enjoy this author's full length novels