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Noah Lethem is 29 years old and raising his sister Hannah's two small children Resigned to a life of permanent chaos he has given up on romantic relationships Then when his neighbour Marcy encourages him to visit the local rec center for a pick up game of floor hockey he meets Dillon Greer; and though they are both interested in starting a relationship Noah remains wary of shaking up the kids' lives Of course their lives might be shaken up anyway if Hannah has her way and takes them away from the home they share with Noah to live with her new boyfriend Now Noah must learn to balance his new romance with his imperfect family or risk losing both

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    While I did enjoy this story I don't think I've ever read a book that suffered from being too short than this one It had so much potential to be great but was never given enough time to get off the ground The author skipped over the first 2 weeks of the 2 MCs relationship which were critical to the storyline and instead gave us a uarter page summary This gave their relationship a very rushed feeling and because of that I never felt the bond I mentioned in my comments that this book gave me a Shelter vibe referring to the fantastic 2007 movie Shelter but the plot premise is where the similarities endMs Henkel may be able to salvage this book with a seuel but it might just be too late Unfortunately I just cannot recommend it as it is currently presented even though I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the plot premiseI really hate giving out 2 stars but I just couldn't justify giving it 3 I was too disappointed

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    25This depressed me It was a good read and characters had nice chemistry I couldn't really get a handle on Dillon though and his POV would have helped I just couldn't help but feel horrible for Noah's situation and he just seemed so exhausted by it all Things start to pick up in the latter half of the book but this was a sad read for me even with the glimmer of hope near the end

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    Really really good first effort by an author by whom I had not seen anything else published I really felt for Noah's predicament If I had a small complaint it would be that Dillon got through Noah's defenses too uickly but after being alone so long maybe he was low hanging fruit don't be all pervy when you read that phrase There were enough threads left to form a great seuel and I hope we get one

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    Details This book should have been excellent I liked Noah and Dillon What killed it for me was when Noah and the kids had Thanksgiving dinner and a couple of weeks later Dillon took them to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin for Halloween DETAILS

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    Noah is raising his sister’s kids and her most of the time He has put his life on hold to do this His best friend and babysitter is concerned for him and insists he take a night to himself if it’s just to go play hockey There he meets Dillon and though he is very interested he is sure that the man wouldn’t be interested in the baggage of his life This is such a lovely sweet story Though it has some sadness and a bit of suspense it is still a sweet loving story I couldn’t put it down It’s one of those story’s that makes you sigh and wish you could find a man like either Noah or Dillon or both I highly recommend this oneRecommendations If you like men raising family’s children sweet story with some angst true love hot sensual sex not explicit sex a great story this one is for you

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    Blue Line by Kim Henkel is the unfortunately all too realistic story of a man forced to take care of everyone's needs except his own The blurb covers the basics and to add anything would be a spoiler This character driven story with a seamlessly smooth plot flow tells the heartbreaking but all too real tale of a man forced to support and take care of his niece and nephew because their drug addicted mother can't be bothered with the responsiblity The author's style of writing is crisp cleanand pulls no punches in portraying the pain disappointment pure exhaustion and the heartbreaking effects that drugs can have on not only the addict but on their loved ones as wellSee Trish's complete 4 12 sweet pea review on May 3 2013 at

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    Noah has been the caregiver and doesn't really have anything left for himself But when Dillion is suddenly there and willing to participate in every aspect of Noah's crazy life baggage and all it is a wonderful moment

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    2 stars The characters celebrate Thanksgiving and THEN go to a pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin for Halloween Ummmno After that I had a little niggle in my mind about the mistake and it basically ruined the rest of the book for me Such an easy thing to fix I can handle minor editing mistakes but overlooking something like that just reflects poorly on the publisher Add in the fact the whole relationship was glossed over and the ending was left pretty open what is going to happen to the kids? I just can't rate this any higher Which stinks because it had the potential to be really good ETA I've been informed that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween face palm I never knew this so that makes a bit sense to me now Though my rating still stands because of the glossed over relationship

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    A uiet read which I have a soft spot for The romance isn't the explosive kind but it's this nice curl of warmth that makes you smile The story deals with serious issues the relationship between Noah and Hannah just broke my heart Kim Henkel has portrayed a rather realistic view of what it's like to have that fight between love and thinking 'just one chance' and the reality that is drug addiction and the heart break that comes with itMy only complaint is I wish it had been longer Am hoping to find out how it all turned out for Noah and Dillon and the kids in a future story I'd definitely pick it up ♥

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    I'm kinda sick of the meddling but well meaning best friend type of plot device It bugs the hell out of me Why can't the MC say 'NO' or tell the friend to f off and butt the hell out? It's used far to oftenThe relationship between the MCs was mostly glossed over we were told about it rather than shown it And I actually think the kids going with their mother was mostly Dillon's fault he wanted sex so he said about the mother taking them out when he knew the child could hear him so Noah would have to agree He still should have said no He was a bit of a pushover