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Best friends big fans a mysterious webcomic and a long lost girl collide in this riveting novel perfect for fans of both Cory Doctorow and Sarah Dessen; illustrated throughout with comicsOnce upon a time two best friends created a princess together Libby drew the pictures May wrote the tales and their heroine Princess X slayed all the dragons and scaled all the mountains their imaginations could conjure Once upon a few years later Libby was in the car with her mom driving across the Ballard Bridge on a rainy night When the car went over the side Libby passed away and Princess X died with her Once upon a now May is sixteen and lonely wandering the streets of Seattle when she sees a sticker slapped in a corner window Princess X? When May looks around she sees the Princess everywhere Stickers Patches Graffiti There's an entire underground culture focused around a webcomic at IAmPrincessXcom The May explores the webcomic the she sees disturbing similarities between Libby's story and Princess X online And that means that only one person could have started this phenomenon her best friend Libby who lives

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    A great page turner of a YA book with NO ROMANCE I LOVE IT Just a heartfelt story of friendship Can't wait to share this with my bookstore customers

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    This book was fun Ultimately a uick enjoyable read and even a little scary at times I loved the inclusion of the graphic novel element and I loved that it mostly kept me guessing I wished there had been at least one twist because it felt like everything came together a bit too easily and that the main characters were extremely trusting of this random jackdaw guy but like I said still enjoyableMy only real complaint was HOW HARD this author was trying to prove they know Seattle if I made a drinking game out of the completely unnecessary obscure Seattle references in this book I would be dead by now It was insane and hilarious It's Seattle we get it Except you clearly don't know Seattle because you committed the fatal flaw of saying it always rainswe never see the sun Really? You reference an old Seattle newspaper that went out of print in 2009 but can't look up basic Seattle weather? Nice try ;

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    I read almost the entire book in one sitting It's that intense That good The pacing is perfect and I adored the illustrations; it's partially a graphic novel This is a girl power book for anyone and everyone I loved that it was a YA book about friendship too without any romance stuff at all There are guy characters and no attraction involvedThe only negative kinda? is that I now want a full Princess X graphic novel

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    Dear Princess X My 25 rating may be not all your fault I think it's just mewith excellent pretty looking book overall designWith a premise that deserves 5 StarsMay Libby were best friends created their own comic character Princess X then Libby died in an accident3 years later May finds out posters and a fuss over a webcomics about the same character Libby used to draw The Princess X I'd have rate it higherbut just if it was half the pages countjust a novellathat'd be a very entertaining better read The story main plot is good even the set up for it came fast that I thought the rest of the novel will be fast packed with actionsalas it wasn't as I expectedThe Story Three years after her best friend died May start seeing the character they created together Princess X everywhere from Posters Stickers even Graffiti And an entire underground culture focused around a webcomic at IAmPrincessXcomThe May explores the webcomic the she sees disturbing similarities between Libby's real life story and Princess X online Even the drawings was the same of Libby'sWith help of her next door computer genius Trick they try to unsolve the story behind the siteand the person who running this phenomenonand hoping that would lead to her best friend Libby who livesIt was really fine mystery but it solve itself after very few chapters pretty too early thanks to the Princess X comics that was not so symbolic obviously clearing the story of what happened to Libby after the accidentThen comes the hunt for the 4 keys that would lead May to the Princess Xwith a help of don't call me dude countless times Patrick who have even a better character set up and development than May and LibbyThe hunt was a bit slow written too much describing the places which was fine by me in longer and bit different kind of novels but here in a YA fun mystery set in real life was a bit longer than it should be I didn't mind though the fun described city of Seattle and the fun facts about where Starbucks was started Or The Fremont Troll I liked these tours Also some of the mentioning of the Dark Net interested me since I encountered with it previously with Stephen King's Mr Mercedesand later in Night FilmBut even as the mystery and the hunt unfolded and things started to heat up by the cemetery scene we back to the slow pace writing and even introduced to a new character in length that was in my opinion totally unnecessary add this to a typical unrealistic Hollywood climax that was better concluded into faster paced comic better than these many pagesMay I didn't feel the novel make good use of the excellent character development of Patrick in the story or may be I didn't feel much the emotional part between May and Libby enoughAll in all made me disappointed a bit for such highly anticipated readsince I like some YA Novelsspecially when the plot seems original and promising and the romance part is minor like in this casebut something went wrong for me and even felt a bit bored So it may be just me right? May be iI just anticipate it would be faster or convenient to meI still would recommend to give it a try if it's promising enough to you To Princess X With loveMohammed ArabeyFrom 11 November 2015to 15 November 2015

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    CAN I JUSTThis book y'allNot your average princess or your average teen novel And it passes the Bechdel test with FLYING colorsMay and Libby are the best of friends and they create Princess X together May isn't any good at drawing so she comes up with stories Libby is great at drawing so she brings the stories to life and they fill up notebooks and boxes with their creations Then Libby is in a car accident and dies but May finds it hard to accept that her friend is really and truly gone Three years later May is back from living with her Mom in Atlanta and at her Dad's She sees a sticker of Princess Xand then realizes she sees evidence of her everywhere A patch on a backpack More stickers She eventually finds the website and it leads her to believe that she can find so much Because if Princess X is out there and still happeningthat means Libby is out there tooThis book is friendship and mystery and friendship and girl power and no one starry eyed mooning over boys because it's about FRIENDSHIPAnd I'm so happy with the whole thing

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    Wow AmazingRTC

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    Honestly I do not know why I grabbed it but overall I am happy I did It was a cute little story with some art that holds your interest I was in a hurry today on the way to my husband's doctor appointment and forgot that I finished the paperback in my purse so went in the library and grabbed a book uickly and this was it I did like it though

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    Wonderfully different creepy mysterious and vivid Like I should have expected anything else from Cherie Priest I didn't know much about the story and so I was very surprised by the twists and turns that it took Really enjoyed it couldn't put it downBut I can't bring myself to give it five stars because There's a part at the end where everything is so tense and then four people who should totally know better do the most confusingly daft thing I've ever heard of I mean it makes no sense for about ten pages I had to go back reread the bit before and confirm that yes that was really what they were doing Why? No idea I mean not to spoil anything but they're looking for something something they know the size and shape of and it is large and they have discussed the largeness and where it would potentially be kept and then they proceed to look in places where it could not possibly be wasting precious time Like behind books on a bookcase and in kitchen drawers when they know they are looking for something the size of a small car No I'm serious And I just I couldn't get over that It didn't ruin the book but it was just temporarily not good when the rest of the book was awesomeSo you know read that bit you have to it's the lead up to the climax but just read it uickly And think about how great the rest of the book is And the art So cool I found myself hoping there will be a real Princess X comic

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    Want a story about two girls who help each other?Read thisThank you Ms Priest it was just what I needed

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    I picked this one up because several people said it was interesting and it had some webcomic pages in it which I thought looked cool It was so much better than I could have imagined A great read I didn't want to put it down