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Everything has been downhill since Zoey Trask’s mother was murdered in a random mugging Her younger brother Ben is on the autistic spectrum and needs constant supervision It’s senior year and she’s the new girl at a weird private school in Old Town Alexandria VA full of kids who seem too nice to be true including a very cute boy named Pete Aside from half forgotten martial arts and survivalist skills that her widowed father insisted on teaching her because that is excellent for her social life Zoey has nothing to offer Pete or anyone elseThen Dad is kidnapped Zoey suddenly finds herself sole caretaker of a younger brother she barely understands Worse Ben seems to hold the key to their father’s disappearance in his Dream Diary a bizarre journal of names and places Ben claims their mother shares from beyond the grave And as if Zoey doesn’t have enough on her plate there’s Pete who stubbornly refuses to leave her sideRelying on the skills she never wanted to learn Dad might have had his reasons after all Zoey is plunged into a lethal battle to rescue her father protect her brother and determine the identity of her family’s true enemy

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    I really loved my friend Arin's book It's fast paced funny and blurbed by Gary Shteyngart Arin is a uirky delightfully absurd writer and both her novels Tropical Depression and Save the Enemy are charming and really fun to readSave the Enemy has the plot of a thriller but on a deeper level it's about the main character Zoey's adolescent search for her identity She is empathetic and imaginative and the suggestion is that her late mother was too but her father and brother the two dominant figures in her family are rational and almost programmatic in their thinking and approach to life On the surface of the story she is solving the mysterious crime of her mother's murder and her father's kidnapping but underneath Zoey is navigating between the poles of who she is and who she thinks she ought to be A thoughtful YA thriller that will make you smile

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    Laugh out loud funny and disturbingly twisty LOVED THE VOICE

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    Actual Rating 45 StarsSAVE THE ENEMY was such a fun and thrilling ride from start to finish I honestly enjoyed every moment of this desperate journey to find Zoey's missing fatherAfter coming home from school one day to discover a cigarette in the toilet and a missing father Zoey is completely lost Just as she's about to finally call the cops she receives a message from her father's cell phone telling her to bring the J File if she wants to ever see her father alive again Not having a clue what this file is or who has her father Zoey knows she's going to have to take matters into her own hands She's already lost her mother whom she was never very close with and knows she can't live without her dad It's up to her and her younger brother Ben who is on the autistic spectrum to figure out what to do next Ben possibly has the key to everything if only they knew what it meant Zoey had an incredible incredible voice I absolutely loved being inside her head She's witty and snarky and shares the best stories about how crazy her family truly is There was never once a dull moment not once This book could have been about a chicken's journey across the road and as long as Zoey was the one narrating I would've loved every minute of it To best demonstrate my love for the voice that is Zoey's I have two uotes taken from the book for you Your dad probably read you books like The Giving Tree when you were a kid My dad did read me The Giving Tree once calling it 'evil' in that it 'promotes the immortal destruction of the self' I was four p 9 All these Shenandoah School girls they are polite and persuasive sporty yet bookish That's how they convinced me They said lacrosse would be easy They said that it'd be a great way to meet people And so fun especially the away games Time off from afternoon classes Special treatment A bus ride to a new place Mom agreed It would be a first for her otherwise blank Zoey checklist check my disappointing daughter is participating in team sports for once p 16Even as the intensity of the novel picks up with Zoey Ben and a boy from school Pete on the run Zoey maintains her strong voice and never ceased to crack me up with one of her comments Despite how terrifying it must be to know there are killers looking for you and they are keeping your father hostage Zoey was extremely brave and could still keep a semi leveled head about the entire situation She was strong for her brother who tends to go somewhat comatose in stressful situationsPete comes into the picture pretty early on Zoey has never really talked to him before but he seems eager to go along with whatever crazy idea Zoey has and won't let her do these things alone even if he isn't exactly clued in He was mysterious but sort of an open book at the same time I really enjoyed his character but was still a bit wary on his intentions Any boy that is willingly to drop everything to help someone in a stressful and possibly life threatening situation is okay in my bookAs I mentioned the plot was so incredibly interesting and kept my attention throughout the entire novel One minute you think everything is going to be okay the next you aren't so sure While not particularly scary SAVE THE ENEMY was still non stop heart pounding action Every event was written with a purpose and I found myself and surprised at everything Zoey found out about her family and those around her My only tiny little complaint is that at the beginning a random guy named Brian is mentioned while she is class Zoey is trying to levitate chair while talking to him Brian is never mentioned again and I'm not really sure what her fascination with levitating things is or how this scene pertained to the story I felt like it could've been omitted But otherwise? I have absolutely no issues with this book It was fantastic and something I could not put down while I was reading I would highly recommend this book for any mystery junkie who loves wonderful main characters full of heart and wit This was Greenwood's first YA novel and I definitely will be reading from her in the futureI received a finished copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank youThis review can be found at The Bookish Daydreamer

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    After the lose of her mother and her loving dog Zoey's life after moving to a new town was nothing that a teenage girl wanted She wasn't popular and her brother was a big handfulShe one day notices the absence of her father and she is having a very rough time keeping her and her brother afloat Though a text from her fathers phone does nothing to calm her nervesZoey now had to find the people who had taken her father and why but she didnt have to do it alone The boy who was slowly falling for her was with her every step of the wayWill she find her father? Is he going to be alive? Who took him? Whey did they take him?I realy enjoyed this book This book was very capting and exciting It kept me on my toes and held my attention and was over all very interesting Great book

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    This book has an interesting premise Dead mom autistic brother kidnapped dad what's a girl to do? Oh right get mom's help because she communicates with the brother in his dreamsBut it goes off the rails first in small ways and then in gigantic leaps that make the Transformers movies seem intricately plotted and entirely plausibleThe first time i really noticed it was when the girl is less upset about a random classmate basically moving into her house than she is about the fact that she apparently can't use the toilet with a non family male in the house Her dad's kidnapping bothers her less than her self imposed constipationThen it becomes uite frankly nonsenseI can't even imagine the target market for this book except perhaps teenage girls who have toiletting issues

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    Save the Enemy was a true mystery thriller The author really know how to keep you in suspense until the final moment and keep the pages flipping I'm a little new to this kind of genre and I most certainly was not disappointed What made this book truly special was the main character Zoey Getting inside her head as her father goes missing and having to look after her autistic brother Ben and discover the truth about her parents while the whole time her whole is being completely flipped upside down was beyond brilliantly done A big flaw with books with female main characters is that they can get whiny or annoying but this never happened Zoey was witty and strong and I couldn't get enough of her especially when mysterious boy Pete shows up Loved it Recommend to anyone

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    Don't read this It's terrible By reading the summary I thought the premise was pretty good but the execution made me want to rip out my own hair The characters are absolutely shallow and not really likeable especially the main character The plot is weird full of plot holes and isn't really interesting Books usually are character driven plot driven or world driven and this story falls flat on all aspects

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    I think the book was pretty good for ya readers who love a mystery ❤There were some parts in the books when I was like WHAAAT? I think the mystery of Zoey's dad being kidnapped was great However I think that Zoey's character was a little raw She could've been stronger and braver than her character portrayed in the book

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    A stream of consciousness book that reminds me a bit of the better Going Bovine by Libba Bray It's very improbable but not too out there for the target audience of teenagers Not one I'd want to read again just because it's not my favorite type of novel

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    I listened to the audiobook and literally have never laughed so hard This book was hilarious even though the storyline was very tragic I wish I could find audiobooks by this author