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In the ravaged future children are disappearingRiley lives safely behind her Perimeter Fence but soon she’ll have to confront the terrible truth of what’s happening outside An old enemy is approaching Threatening to extinguish her way of life To save herself she will have to fight to save another She must put herself in the last place she ever wanted to be This is the terrifying seuel to the post apocalyptic thriller OUTSIDE

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    This is my novel book 2 in the Outside Series Hope you enjoy it

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    The prologue is very tense and exciting Written in the first person we’re in a forest clearing and there are hooded people closing in I love prologues like this as while you continue reading you have this image in the back of your mind waiting for the time when the connection is made and everything falls into placeThroughout the book we have two timelines that alternate Beginning with Riley and a scene where she is trading on the uay with her pa and looking forward to a picnic with Luc we then switch to siblings Liss and FJ 9 years earlier With Liss we experience the capture and everything that follows whilst with Riley we are in the now until the timelines merge Boland leaves us at each timeline knowing enough to hold our interest but not with the full information Of course this makes the reader want to turn those pages to find out exactly what is going to happen nextUnderlying both threads is fanaticism and the power held by a force that has grown strong A strength built on brainwashing and religious zeal which is on a path of destruction If the force isn’t stopped major conseuences will follow I can’t really say too much because I don’t want to give any spoilersRiley is a strong character Although she’s brave she also has that underlying lack of confidence that teens feel I loved it that she did things anyway acting on instinct She also feels intense fear at times but still she manages to pull herself together and act with the thought of others before herself The romance that there is between Riley and Luc is very fragile The connection is there and strong but the focus in this story is on the mission they undertake They do get a brief chance to talk about their feelings but Riley is at that teen stage where she would rather put on a front instead of facing the rejection she is expecting very true to lifeLiss is also a strong character I loved the way she took on a maternal role for 4 year old Annabelle – despite only being 7 herself This relationship is a key factor when things go wrong The ceremonies and the fear that Liss feels is really well portrayed I could feel my limbs shaking and that dread in the pit of my stomachFJ is the character we all love to hate Arrogant lacking empathy and 100% sure of his place in the world – he really got under my skin What a fabulous character He hooked Riley in with his throw away comment and I can’t wait to see where this will take us in Book ThreeThe Clearing is tense nerve wracking and with plenty of action It is a world populated with characters and events that are believable and therefore uite scary There is sadness but there is also a familial scene that brought tears to my eyes for good reasonsBoland has done it once again I’ve been engrossed and my imagination has been capturedI would like to thank the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I was lucky enough to receive a pre publication electronic review copy of this novel from the author All I can say is that I will be purchasing the paperback edition as soon as it's available too It's just that good Shalini Boland is truly a wonderful author She has managed to successfully negotiate the trap that most authors even my favourites manage to fall into without even coming close to falling in This particular trap is what I call 'middle book syndrome' Usually I find the second book in a trilogy is a bit wearing a bridge across the distance between a good beginning and an explosive ending not too great in its own right This however is absolutely brilliant The Clearing picks up a few weeks after the ending of Outside the first novel in the trilogy I was expecting a longer time period to have elapsed between the two and I found it to be uite refreshing that the action ploughed straight on through the story Once again the narrative is from two different perspectives and I particularly enjoyed the introduction of new characters that were only touched upon in the first bookThe writing style is delightful; it flows well and it really helps you to get inside the characters' heads as they develop and grow and the story progresses I thought the ending had a delightful twist I won't enlighten you as to what it was that brought the enduring motif from the first book crashing into the second leaving me absolutely desperate to read the next novel even though I know it hasn't been written yetI would recommend this novel to anyone you could read it as a stand alone novel but I would sincerely recommend reading the first novel in this series first; it would give you a good background and an insight into the characters' insights plights and personal demons

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    I loved the first book in this series Outside and couldn't wait to read Clearing What I really enjoyed about Outside was the way Shalini Boland entwines two story lines together I wasn't sure if that was going to happen this time as the previous tale came to its conclusion at the end of Outside But the author keeps things interesting by telling the tale of a young girl kidnapped by a cult at an early age It's a scary and heartfelt tale that works well with Riley's story This is a fast paced book with lots of action and uite a few tear jerking moments Riley is a great character strong and fierce There's a great twist towards the end It's one that works well with the rest of the book and sets the story up really well for the next installment Needless to say I will be buying it And I can't wait

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    Just finished reading Shalini's The Clearing and I can honestly say it was AMAZING As was the case with her other books yes I am a FAN I just couldn't put it down It was fast paced from the very beginning just like the first book in the series I would read late at night desperate to know what was going to happen to Riley and Liss I wasn't disappointed I cried too and now I'm desperate for book three to come out later in the yearI would highly recommend all of Shalini's books she's a brilliant author

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    Riley and Luc are home and safe for the time being but how long can it last She's realizing that her feelings are than what she believed She is still so unsure of everything that is happening Her parents are just getting over almost losing her and the mess that Ellie had made when things begin their inevitable spiralRiley and Luc are out on a picnic when it's cut short by visitors that are being held in jail Come to find out the duo that duped them and nearly got them killed were double crossed by the almighty James Grey They are desperate and trade help for information about the psychotic and vengeance seeking leader of The Close Things are being stirred up outside their perimeter as Grey unleashes his armies of the brainwashed Riley is resolved to do what she can for those who need saving Luc would never let her go on alone Her Pa Johnny is not happy with the entire situation but with Grey closing in on the surrounding perimeters and slowly taking over everything he's left with little choice but to let the young pair go off to the very place he never wanted them to returnHe is off himself to secure the other perimeters and lead a stand against the evil Grey Riley reluctantly must employ help from a man she would rather have nothing to do with but Connor is connected and as an electrician he is a prized commodity to any perimeter They go off on a dicey gig to get in and out and hopefully retrieve the two things their double crossed cohorts would do anything for Then there's a tandem story in The Clearing that chills you to the bone Lissy is young and scared when she is taken from all she has known At the age of seven she is taken to The Close and indoctrinated but made wise by a brave girl giving her sort of an upper hand Don't drink the soup will stick with me for certain She claims a young frightened four year old is her sister so that she may be allowed to look after the four year old She is growing weary in their captivity and desperately wonders where they have her brother He is a bit older but was taken as well All sorts of things unfold at her first service in the presence of the self proclaimed almighty appointed James Grey Liss finds out what penalty there is for those who do not adjust to their new blessed and chosen life She finds out the brave girl who made her wise has been being help captive and is sentenced to a worse fate The account of this very happening sent shivers down my spine She is given a new name and she and the young girl she had take under her wing Annabella are given new holy names Liss is now Deborah and Annabelle is AnnaYears pass nine to be exact when Liss has fallen into her duties and learned well how to blend in with the rest of the inhabitants of The Close She is put in charge of her dorm and life goes on Eventually Grey must take a right hand man to do his speaking and they call him The Voice of the father Lissy is devastated when she sees who this man is and passes out Iwould have tooMeanwhile Riley and Luc meet up with a surprise of an old friend and are off to see if Connor has come through or not Riley hates having to trust the man she has little faith in but given the circumstances she is left with little choiceThey wait for days for Connor but are finally met on the outskirts be a young female instead with one heck of a story The tidbits of this are staying unspoiled I just won't but wowWith Connor and Liss both in the dungeon Riley Luc and Denzil a old friend who helped them in The Outside have no choice but to risk it all on a suicide mission to get Lissy and Connor out They are determined to get a very warped Voice aka FJ out too Him and Liss are what they came for anyhow but Riley can't help but want to nip the entire impending war in the bud by taking out Grey as well Tensions ran so high in this book I was having to take a break It is such a fast paced read that has you reading paragraphs at record speed The story converges and turns to one as all of the characters converge as well And oh man Such an epic part of the book truly nail bitingAnd some of the things that transpired made me cry so much it was so sad I really wished it would have been different in that moment but the story is filled with tragedy It is a post apocalyptic dystopian after all There was an eeriness about the last part as the disciples of Grey were amassed it was so wicked lifting the hairs on my arms with just the thought of their chantingBarely getting out of harms clutches is getting to be the norm for Riley and Luc I do hope they sort the personal stuff out next bookIt was really a great read and I am so not joking about how gripping this series truly is It captivates you and pulls you along and you eagerly follow hanging on every word down to the last Not a dull moment or an unrealistic one for that matterI am so unbelievably happy I had book 3 in my eager clutches I would have truly hated to wait to read Perimeter Loving this series immensely

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    Title The Clearing The Outside Series Book 2Author Shalini BolandPublisher Adrenalin BooksPublication Date 15th January 2013In the ravaged future children are disappearingRiley lives safely behind her Perimeter Fence but soon she'll have to confront the terrible truth of what's happening outside An old enemy is approaching Threatening to extinguish her way of lifeTo save herself she will have to fight to save another She must put herself in the last place she ever wanted to beNow i'll be totally honest and I had never of Shalini Boland or The Outside series books until the ever so lovely Sharon Goodwin from Fiction Addiction Book Tours asked me would I read and review this book Which I dived at the chance Now I wasn't really into post apocalyptic novels but I am so glad I didn't turn my nose up because I loved this book ever so muchNow I was asked to review this book but I hadn't even read the first book The outside so I uickly downloaded it on my Kindle and Boy was I glad I did It was a great hooking read which after reading I jumped straight on to this book wanting to read of the lives of Riley and LucShalini's style of writing definitely had me hooked from the first couple of pages at one point I was even gripping to my cushion dying to know what was going to happen or if any surprises would scare me hehe I don't want to give the story line away too much but I do recommend to fully understand the story in this book I would read theI loved pretty much all the characters in this book wasn't very keen on the baddies but I don't suppose people will like baddies in stories hehe I loved the closeness between Riley and Luc but was a bit gutted though Shalini I was disappointed lolHopefully you will know why Riley is definitely the heroine in this book and she was written about so beautifully and how brave she isThe is a excellent and amazing twist right at the end which had me shocked to my feet was definitely left on a cliffhanger leaving me wanting book 3 right nowI hope in the next book we do get to see of Riley and Luc and see where their relationship will go because Luc is always ever so protective of Riley and always helped protect innocent people too he wasn't ever selfishI want to say a big thank you to Shalini Boland for sending me a paperback copy of her book but also a big big thank you to Sharon Goodwin from Fiction Addiction Book Tours for introducing me to a ever so wonderful author

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    As the second book in the Outside Series I was unsure what to expect I read book one right before this one and enjoyed it so I was hoping this one would be just as good I was very happy with it The writing flowed just as easily I was able to totally understand and relate to each character loving how they developed as the story progressedI loved Riley She is the heroine of the story The young lady who wants to help make the world a better place She does not live in a bubble but she has lived in a protected world It seemed Riley had no fears She was able to put her own safety to the side and put her life on the line in order to save the others in the novel She was also so compassionate towards others The world she lived in is so different than the world we live in but it could be our future and she embraced it and all that it entailed Riley has all the characteristics that our young adults now should wish to haveLuc was also amazing He not only stood up for his family and friends but he put himself in dangerous situations to help total strangers He also was extremely protective of Riley and I am itching to see where their relationship heads as there were hints of the feelings they have for each other He was a young man with manners feelings and so brave and daring The ending of the book had an amazing twist I never saw it coming It was definitely a cliffhanger leaving you wanting The Clearing is perfect for anyone looking for adventure on a future Earth

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    Definitely definitely definitely definitely read the first book or you will not have any idea what is going on okay maybe you just wont understand a good chunk of it Plus you know the first one is awesome We start off a little bit after the first book ended Riley is no longer as sheltered In fact she has become sort of a bad ass3 I love it After the first book I welcomed the addition of another story running parallel to this one Liss is such a sweet girl and I thoroughly enjoyed her story along with the continuation of Riley's Ah I love how the author has the two stories going Which is strange because I started off wary of itI do not want to put too much in here because I think I overdid it in the review of book one OO I will just say Characters awesome Post apocalyptic world fascinating and scary and still getting better Romance MORE GIVE ME MORE Also there are some messed up people in this book D I'm okay with that MUST YOU ALWAYS LEAVE ME WITH CLIFFHANGERS WOMAN? exasperationaweI cannot wait to see what happens to our characters next and that twist at the end the woman can really write a book to keep you turning pages and leave you a little bit angry when you reach the end It's okay though I forgive you Just write another bookSome stuff from the first book was not addressed I was a bit disappointed but maybe it will sneak its way into the next book? Who knows D

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    AMAZING ANOTHER GREAT WORK DONE BY BOLANDI could not wait for this second book to come out i was lucky enough to receive an advance cope for it from the amazing author I started it right away and could not put it down If I did not have to work I would have finished it sooner then I didThe book starts back up a month after Outside Its told from two perspectives like the first one did It was amazing I love it I feel as if I am there with Luc and Riley on their adventures They go to limits and risks in this book then they ever have I was sucked back into the amazing world that Boland created once again I feel as if I was there with them I cannot wait for the next book in the series I will be waiting patiently for this to be in my hands so I can get lost againThe ending to the book has an amazing twist that will leave you hanging and hungry for This book is for anyone that is looking for a little adventure in a world that may not be to far away from our future