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Growing up Hippie is a personal memoir of a young girl named Anastasia who was born and raised during the early hippie era Packed full of fascinating and unusual childhood events her story very candidly portrays the unconventional and controversial lifestyle of the early hippie culture Anastasia gives a voice to a generation who are the offspring from the first wave of hippies A tell all story of what life was like being a hippie kid From living in communes to experiencing the spiritual New Age her story will captivate you Aside from personal experiences this book sheds light on the hippie culture itself Based on her own interpretation Anastasia weaves a colorful narration of her take on hippie life and the foundation of the hippie culture

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    I have listed this book as young adult but it is really written on a middle school level It is a good introductory book for children who are completely unfamiliar with hippie culture I was looking for material for something I'm writing about the early 1970s when I was a young adult so this book was pretty useless for that purpose although it did have its interesting pointsAnastasia was born in 1967 the year of the Summer of Love so her early memories begin around 1973 or so Her mother lived the true gypsy nomadic hippie life moving from one place to another not always having a place to stay pitching a tent when they had one and hitchhiking wherever they went Anastasia's father decided the hippie life wasn't for him and took off early on so it was just Ana and her mother most of the time although she did see her father and grandmother occasionallyThis book is a good resource if you are interested in the effect of hippies on American culture and the aftermath of the social upheaval of the late 1960s and early 1970s The New Age with its Eastern spiritual influences was just coming into its own Ana's mother embraced Sufism and became a whirling dervish Her day job was massage therapist Ana attended several Rainbow gatherings which made for interesting readingThis book isn't just for 12 year olds; I did find parts of it interesting although there were times when the author explained things on such a basic level I got a little impatient Of course children growing up today need the era and its history explained on that level because they have no clue what it was about So if you grew up during the 1970s you will probably find this interesting If you were an adult at that time I turned 18 in 1971 you will probably react as I did depending on whether you were a hippie or not I was Note that the author is not a professional writer and there are a number of grammatical errors in the book Chapters are about two pages long and she gives a number of samples of her writing at various periods of her life which to be kind is uite brave of her

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    I gravitate toward any books on the hippie lifestyle especially of the original 60's70's era hippies So of course I was excited to read this It was a fast and easy read Not really an in depth look but rather some short chapters usually 1 3 pages on a specific subject or period of the authors life I sort of wished she would have expanded on some of her experiences but I also realize she was recalling her childhood memories so maybe it was difficult to really expand on them? Anyway I gave it 4 starsit definitely wasn't the best book I ever read but hey like I said I'm a sucker when it comes to hippie culture

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    I really loved this book outside on a warm breezy summer afternoon It made my day I remember being an ashram hippie in my early twenties with my 13 yr older hippie boyfriend and all the values and exotic people I met in those times This book felt like a real friend