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Alcatraz Island in the 1930s isn't the most normal place to grow up but it's home for Moose Flanagan his autistic sister Natalie and all the families of the guards When Moose's dad gets promoted to Associate Warden despite being an unlikely candidate it's a big deal But the cons have a point system for targeting prison employees and his dad is now in serious danger After a fire starts in the Flanagan's apartment Natalie is blamed and Moose bands with the other kids to track down the possible arsonist Then Moose gets a cryptic note from the notorious Al Capone himself Is Capone trying to protect Moose's dad too? If Moose can't figure out what Capone's note means it may be too late

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    NOOOOOOOOOO I have to wait till Fall 2017 for book 4 I absolutely looooooove this middle grade series Highly suggest the audio version of this book There is nothing I didn't love about this book If you want a funny heartfelt series that makes you LOL and cry then this is your series

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    Clearly I don't hand out 5 stars every day A book has to be darn near perfect to earn one I was hesitant because even though I'd read the first of Choldenko's Al Capone Does books I hadn't read the second No worries because the story picked right upCholdenko's prose is effortless the voice perfect She takes us back to Alcatraz and the gang of young friends who live on an island populated by prisoners and guards The mystery this time is a fire that burns out the main character's apartment after his dad is made assistant warden Natalie his sister who most likely has autism is blamed He's worried about his dad being a target for convicts trying to score points by harming him and trying to clear his sister's name and holding himself to blame if she did set the fireLoved it Every second of it I've often thought of Choldenko as one of the most talented MG writers today and she has proven that once again

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    Bravo Gennifer What a treat to be back on Alcatraz with Moose Annie Natalie and the gang Loved the development of the characters the pacing of the plot and the abundance of humor who knew belly buttons and cockroaches could have so many uses

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    If Al Capone Does My Shirts is the best of Gennifer Choldenko's first three Al Capone at Alcatraz books—and I think it is—the other two are no less fresh uniuely engaging historical fiction To set a novel during a specific time period the 1930s on an island where a strictly limited number of people lived is atypical of historical literature There isn't a huge population to hide the characters within; what they do is bound to be noticed if it causes a major stir and authors of historical fiction generally don't want to bring their characters to the attention of the real historical timeline for the sake of narrative plausibility Gennifer Choldenko accentuates the positives and avoids these pitfalls of creating historical fiction set on Alcatraz and this series is a bright spot among contemporary offerings of the genre Moose Natalie Piper Annie Jimmy Theresa and Janet are interesting kids to read about and we find ourselves pulling for them to be okay as drama and danger swirls around them and their families The mysteries that confront them are atmospherically enhanced by the presence of violent criminals only a short distance away some of America's vilest transgressors locked within the walls of the island prison Could the convicts be angling to leverage the kids as part of an escape plot? Are Moose or his friends in peril of their lives? That tension always lurks in the background in these books effectively elevating the stakes A dark rainy night feels scarier when you share a home with crazies and killers Thirteen year old Moose Flanagan's father has been promoted to associate warden second in command on Alcatraz and Piper's father isn't pleased Darby Trixle believes he deserved the job and isn't shy about saying so When Moose is alone at home one night babysitting his sixteen year old sister Natalie whose congenital mentality is that of a perpetual child disaster strikes their apartment catches fire and Moose has to hurriedly evacuate Natalie Volunteer firefighters extinguish the blaze before it roars out of control but the Flanagans' apartment #2E is a shambles and Darby Trixle and his wife Bea make it clear they believe Natalie is responsible Moose and his sister were by themselves and Natalie is notorious for obsessively turning on and off light switches and other simple household fixtures Is it not likely that she was playing with the stove and started the fire? Getting a straight answer out of Natalie is impossible and only Moose knows his own culpability in the episode he fell asleep while babysitting What will his parents say if they find out? How much of a smell can you smell until you can't smell it any? — Al Capone Does My Homework P 53 As Darby and Bea Trixle bring pressure to either have Natalie banished from Alcatraz or the whole Flanagan family dismissed the heat also intensifies at Natalie's off island school the Esther P Marinoff academy for kids with special needs With insurance concerns rising to the forefront if Natalie is judged a risk for starting fires the school places Natalie on suspension until the official report comes back on the origin of the conflagration in #2E How will the Flanagans deal with the report if it's bad news for Natalie? Moose sets out to solve the fire mystery on his own and stumbles upon additional enigmas around Alcatraz Piper has received lavish gifts from a secret admirer recently; who is it? Why are a suspicious looking trio of convicts putting secret notes in a waterspout notes that make no sense to Moose when he intercepts them? A sinister plot is growing Moose senses with unease but he can't make heads nor tails of it until the plan is set in motion and the shocking import of it all is revealed Drastic changes are in the offing for Alcatraz but how will the impact rock Moose and his family? Was Moose's father's promotion to associate warden the worst catastrophe that could have befallen the Flanagans? In previous Al Capone at Alcatraz books Gennifer Choldenko comments in the Author's Note that Natalie probably would be diagnosed with autism if she lived today She's a handful for Moose and his parents who tempt fate if they leave her unsupervised for even a few moments and that's where the trouble starts in Al Capone Does My Homework Yet Natalie's mind for mathematics is almost a superpower and her memory for minute detail is flawless How can Moose and his parents help Natalie overcome her crippling social deficiencies to prove to a skeptical world that she's worth knowing and has indispensable contributions to offer society? Moose is aware of this uandary better than anyone Sometimes dealing with Nat is like playing baseball without the ball You got to make up the whole game yourself When apartment #2E burns Darby and Bea Trixle leap right to accusing Natalie because she's not normal which makes them uneasy Her eccentricities don't mean she's a pyromaniac though and Moose won't let them assume the mishap was Natalie's doing She didn't do this Just because she's different doesn't mean she's guilty The burden of suspicion for accidents freuently lands on Natalie but she's unusual not crazy and it isn't fair to convict her for being odd To Bea Trixle Natalie's antisocial demeanor itself is an offense but Moose interacts with his sister every day and knows being normal isn't everything She's better than normal he tells Bea Trixle You just can't see it that's all People often place value on one's ability to fit in and act like everyone else than on the marvelous abilities uniue to that person which will go to waste if we exclude them from our conformist social order and it takes advocates like Moose to keep thoughtless people from relegating those special individuals to the ranks of second class citizenry If Moose can prove Natalie didn't set the fire the rest of the mystery may come together and Natalie just might show her doubters that she is the extraordinary girl her family believes her to be Gennifer Choldenko's storytelling is amusing and affirming which is why her Al Capone at Alcatraz novels each generated Newbery buzz in their year of release The way she uses comparisons to help us understand how the characters feel is clever and enlightening such as when Moose describes the way it feels to kiss the girl he likes It's different when you kiss someone you really care about It's like when you're there in person at a baseball game instead of just hearing it on the radio I've attended Major League Baseball games and can attest to the disparity between seeing a game live and listening to or watching it remotely The energy of sitting in the ballpark among thousands of cheering fans with the action unfolding right in front of you brings the game to life anew I would probably rank Al Capone Does My Homework third of the first three books in this series but it's a solid novel and I might well rate it two and a half stars I love spending time on Alcatraz with Gennifer Choldenko as my guide and I'm grateful we have these books Whatever Ms Choldenko accomplishes as a children's author I suspect Al Capone at Alcatraz will always be her signature series and that's a legacy I wouldn't mind leaving behind Not one little bit

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    My ongoing eager enjoyment of this series continued into this third book of the Tales From Alcatraz series Not to be disloyal to books one and two but book three Al Capone Does My Homework really sparkled with so many good elements and that something better that just gave it some extra shineMoose is told by his mom and Natalie's teacher that he needs to help her learn some of the social graces like making eye contact Meanwhile his dad starts his new assignment as the Assistant Warden and is now a bigger target for the cons of Alcatraz How can he watch his dad's back while working with Natalie's special needs? And what is going on with Piper and her extra money and secret admirer? Moose is up to his neck in little mysteries and that is before the fire that engulfs part of their apartment in Building 64 and Natalie gets the blameAs usual I enjoyed this historical era adventure of a young teen trying to keep all the balls in the air while he goes about things in his uniue home setting family situation friends love of ball and staying one step ahead of the wily cons Moose is a responsible kid and wants to do his best but gets overwhelmed with all he sees as his concerns I felt bad for him the way he takes things to heart like how guilty he feels about falling asleep when the fire happens As an adult reading the story I was well aware of whom to blame but it was fun seeing the group of kids figure it out Loved how the last part of the book ends and Moose's role He's such a great kid and comes through Ha That last scene with Natalie getting the better of folks who under estimate her was fabulousNow I'm all caught up since I read the next book already I'm eagerly anticipating the next release Those who enjoy historical fiction young teen adventure and a uniue setting

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    The plot isn't as tight this time around but Moose is as endearing as ever his dad is amazing and we were very satisfied with the the character development of Natalie Annie and especially what happens with Piper Three and a half stars

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    I always feel sorry when the book ends and I have to leave the fascinating Alcatraz world of the characters in this series This one doesn't have as much humor and insight as the first two but I still gave it 4 stars because of the originality of the whole thing

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    Began this with trepidation Could Choldenko turn out a third book of the same caliber as the first two in the series? Andshe did I was most pleased with the development of the characters we've come to care about and charmed by their changing relationships Natalie lifts my spirits and Moose touches my heart

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    Moose's dad has been promoted to assistant Warden and naturally Darby Trixle is jealous and unhappy about this However Moose and his family have much bigger problems when their apartment catches fire while Moose is watching Natalie and has fallen asleep Naturally Trixle starts accusing Natalie which isn't surprising but what is odd is that Al Capone appears to have redone a paper Moose wrote but has added some odd comments to itPiper is up to her usual manipulative behaviour Annie has sprouted and even though she still can through a mean baseball she is starting to look like a girl This book is as fun as the first one was and once again the kids manage to be part of finding answers to various and sundry problems that are creeping up on Alcatraz

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    January 1936 Moose's dad has been promoted to Associate Warden ahead of Darby Trixel Darby was sure he'd get that promotion and he is super mad Moose knows he has to look out for his dad and protect him against Trixel and the cons but how can he do that and be a normal kid? He also has to look after Natalie who is home on vacation Natalie is supposed to be working on eye contact and she stubbornly refuses to do it Moose is frustrated by his sister's funny business but he's uick to defend her when their apartment burns and fingers point to Natalie as the arsonist Moose knows his sister didn't do it but a niggling thought in the back of his mind fears she DID do it and they'll all get kicked off the island and Natalie won't be allowed back at school On top of all this there's a mysterious note in Al Capone's handwriting on Moose's essay and Annie is turning from one of the boys gal pal into a beautiful young woman He's sort of Piper's boyfriend or is he? What's she up to anyway acting so unusual? Moose has a lot on his shouldersThe plot of this story was a little less compelling than the previous two I figured out the mystery pretty much right away I thought it was mentioned in the beginning and I connected the dots There are some surprises in the plot thoughI was a little surprised by the final reveal I was frustrated by the attempts to force Natalie to make eye contact and act out of her comfort zone I know this is hard work The Mrs Kelly reveals the reason why and it made sense This story focuses less on Natalie and on Moose Annie Jimmy and Piper Theresa appears for comic relief and Natalie does play a larger role as the story goes on I liked Moose a little better in this book now he's stopped mooning over Piper His worries are valid this time though I still wish he would confide in an adult He always feels better once he does The Al Capone business is very minor in this one compared to the previous two books It doesn't really make a lot of sense until Moose suddenly figures it out His growing feelings for Annie develop very slowly and the romance is very sweet and almost non existent Piper is less annoying but she does something stupid she should have known not to do I didn't really feel that bad for her Jimmy's new scientific study is on cockroaches It's pretty gross but funny and ingenious The Trixels are the most awful people Their actions go from bad to worse in this novel I just hate them The villain I didn't like them from the first and suspected that everything was connected Moose had a niggling suspicion too but wanted to like this person and with everything else he was going through just didn't figure it out This character is the only new character central to the story Annie's dad and Theresa and Jimmy's dad make cameo appearances and there are some new cons but we don't get to know them too well I like the reader for this book He doesn't sound 13 but he pitches his voice differently for each character and makes me believe he's a woman a girl and a 13 year old boyRelistenWell this book clearly didn't make much of an impression on me because I had forgotten the majority of the plot I feel pretty much the same way I did after my first read I think Moose is given too much responsibility and takes too much on his shoulders He's only 13 and shouldn't have to worry about such things Why was he home alone with Natalie at night? Why couldn't Mrs Maddaman come and stay with them? The adults in this story are portrayed as clueless or villains Cam Flanagan's seeming naivety bothered me as much as it did Moose In the end though both Flanagan men behave appropriately There's no way anyone can prove what the pixies heard anyway The big thing that bothered me in this book was the attitudes towards Natalie I had to keep reminding myself that they didn't understand what makes her different from Moose but the Flanagans insistence on treating Natalie like she's intellectually impaired and a baby at the same time really annoyed me I was so happy when Natalie asserted her independencePiper annoyed the heck out of me She's such a spoiled manipulative brat If Moose and the other kids didn't give in and let her walk away in a huff she wouldn't act like that The plot kept me interested I suspected who the villain was but I couldn't remember the specifics of what was going on The different convicts were hard to keep track of but were uniue and creative characters to add to the real life cons on Alcatraz I found one slight anachronism in the book Mrs M makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast in 1936 The first chocolate chip cookies were made using a bar of chocolate in 1936 Nestle introduced their famous Tollhouse Morsels in 1937 Even fudging the timeline why would a mom without much money buy a new novelty food just to make pancakes and cookies for her kids? That didn't seem period correct to me Otherwise I think the time setting is done well There are lots of mentions of people needing money and of course the Al Capone references point to the 1930s I'm not an expert in 20th century history and popular culture though so I can't say whether everything is totally accurate I like this series enough to keep reading mainly because of Natalie