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The DSM The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders A Voluminous, Invaluable Tool Used By Psychotherapists The World Over To Diagnose Individuals With Mental Illness Referenced By Samantha Clark Countless Times Throughout Her Career, Never Suspecting That One Day It Would Save Her LifeSamantha Receives A Seemingly Innocent But Anonymous Letter, And Overnight Her World Changes Forever She Becomes A Victim In A Frightening Game Of Cat And Mouse, A Nightmare That Begins When Her Boyfriend, Todd, Fails To Return To The Wellness Retreat They Own In The Woods Of Florida Working Closely With Police, Samantha And Two Trusted Friends Discover That Todd S Disappearance Is Linked To A Series Of Murders Occurring In A Nearby County They Soon Find Themselves Prey To A Mentally Ill Patient From Samantha S Past, Bent On Revenge With Time Bearing Down, They Must Weave Together The Clues Found In A Succession Of Ominous Letters And The DSM To Save Todd Their Mission To Unravel The Mystery Behind The Kidnapping Plunges Them Into A Terrifying Maze Of Danger, Deception, And Madness

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    A Fear of Things to Come by Kathryne Arnold is the second in the Samantha Clark Mystery series and was published in 2012.A combination of strange notes left for Sammi and the disappearance of her boyfriend, Todd sets the second book in this series off to a fast start Are the two events related It would seem like than just a coincidence After Todd as been missing long enough to file a report, a detective takes interest in the case and the hunt begins.This story is not so much a mystery as it is a crime story Samantha s past may have come back to haunt her, not that she did anything scandalous, but some psychology work she did in the past has perhaps made her a target The strain is unbearable for Samantha and the tension is palpable and even causes some difficult moments between Samantha and her two closest friends Meanwhile a very disturbed man has gone on a killing spree The actions of this man are very detailed and I warn you now, this book is not for the faint of heart Before all is said and done a Samantha will have gone through an ordeal that will take a very long time to recover from This story was told from Samantha s point of view but much of the story is a third person narrative as we are given access to the situation Todd finds himself in, the thoughts of a killer and another person he has roped into his scheme Samantha s thoughts and feeling are the only first person areas in the book I must say this because this is an honest review To write in first person is a very difficult thing to pull off even for seasoned authors and in this case I think the author would have a fluid and cohesive story if she stuck to the third person narrative She does a great job of telling the story this way, but the first person areas, while vastly improved from the first novel are still a little stiff The only other area of complaint I have is that he book was in need of a little trim down It was just a little over long Now that I have that off my chest, I must say this was a scary, tense, suspenseful novel that could give you a sleepless night or two There are a few emotional punches as well so be prepared for a very bumpy ride.Overall this one is a 3.5 rounded to 4.

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    I received this book free in exchange for my honest opinion, all vies and opinions are my own The Fear of Things to Come is the second book by Kathryne Arnold in the Samantha Clark Mystery Series I must mention right out of the gate, that I feel that this book could be read as a stand alone book, however I believe that if you have read The Resurrection of Hannah, then you have already gotten to know Samantha Clark, her, friends, and family, as well as who she is, and what she does.This book is fantastic For being Ms Arnolds second book, I feel she has developed a style that is truly her own This book had me on the edge of my seat from the start It has a quick start, and takes you on a cat and mouse chase to end no other Samantha receives a letter that changes her life forever She has to deal with a psychopath from her past, friends with opinions of their own Samantha has to go through the worst experience of her life, just to help the love of her life.I guarantee you will not only be on the edge of your seat while reading this fantastic book, you will be out of it You are sure to be chilled to the core, as well as feel the adrenaline of fear and unknowing anticipation If you love this genre, then you will enjoy The Fear of Things to Come I look forward to reading from Kathryne Arnold.Because I write for a family friendly site, I feel I must mention that there are some very graphically vivid scenes in The Fear of Things to Come and to read at your own discretion This however does not change my review I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys books such as this.

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    An excellent psychological thriller written in a simplistic language and a plot that is well thought out and easy to follow.As soon as I picked up the novel and starting reading it i could not put it down as the author had got me hooked and the only disappointment was the time it took to read, it was over too quickly An excellent and enjoyable read.When her lover goes missing and does not return, Samantha s world is turned upside down when she starts receiving strange letters.With the help of her close friends and the police she is taken on a ride of turbulent emotions which takes her to her past life to find the answer to her nightmare.The author has used her experience in counselling psychology to create an excellent range of characters whose actions and emotions are truly believable.As the reader you feel as if you an invisible entity at the back of each situation and you want to reach out and be involved.The range of emotions throughout the story that you feel change with which characters you are following Again showing the authors experience and expertise in a very complicated area of human nature.I found this book very intriguing and had me enthralled from page one An excellent thriller which is highly charged in people s emotions and what motives the way certain human beings behave and act Also there is a message hidden in the book that if you give someone a chance that they can change.Anyone who enjoys an easy to follow thriller with an excellent storyline must pick up this book and read it.

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    While The Resurrection of Hannah was very into the idea of past lives, meditation, dream studies, and all things metaphysical The Fear of Things to Come completely stepped away from that This was of a typical psychological thriller I could see being able to read this book as a stand alone but I was so glad to know the history of Sammi, Todd, Rebecca, and Melissa I loved knowing why they all were where and who they were.While I came to enjoy the new age feel of the first mystery this book absolutely kept me on the edge of my seat I have a hard time telling what I loved about this without giving away the answers to the mystery But I can say that once again I loved the supportive relationships Sammi surrounded herself with I can t remember the last time I read a character that creeped me out as much as Donnie And I love Jeremy and hope he finds his way into another of Kathryne Arnold s novels.And again the end of the book left me with chills Although I will say these chills were different than at the beginning of book 1.

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    This book was right up my alley when I was a teenager I was caught up in reading memoirs of serial killers, yes a little odd I have moved on however, to fictional suspense novels and this is a fantastic book that I did not want to put down It s always a little frightening to think that someone with such murderous intentions can be so incredibly intelligent especially when up against many other people With every twist in this book you learn a little about the characters specifically about the serial Killer Donnie and his childhood, love of animals and hatred for Samantha.

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    Samantha Clark has her life just the way she wants itshe s in love, she s doing her life s work and she is so passionate about all of it.All at once her life turns upside down The love of her life is now a missing person and the foreboding letter she receives has her terrified Things are suddenly very complicated On a scale of 1 to 10, this book rates an 11 You won t be able to put it down.

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    The crime parts of this book were written pretty well However, the actions and talk conversations between the protagonist, Sammi, and her girlfriends were pretty hokey and not very believable.

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    A Real Nail Biter This is a bit gruesome than my normal read, however, it was like watching a movie than reading a book The details were so real you could see them happening in your mind s eye I could easily see this becoming a movie Move over Norman Bates and Ted Bundy, there is a new psycho in town and he isn t sharing

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    Great read Sucked me in on the first page and didnt let go till the end I dont read this genre often, but this book definitely changed my mind The best part was how unpredictable it was Most books in this genre are your typical scenario where you can guess how it all played out This book was a breath of fresh air and I hope there is a part 2 coming soon

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    Well written great detail a real page turner great job Kathryne RMK , I gave the book a rating a five because it was well written,I found it hard to put down once started, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a goo read.