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This Short Murder Mystery Focuses On The Plight Of Two Adolescent Orphaned Sisters And Their Struggle To Eke Out A Living In The Unforgiving Atmosphere Of New York City In The Nineteenth Century As Things Became Desperate, They Begin To Question Everything They Thought They Knew About Themselves And Each Other Just How Far Will They Go In Order To Secure The Lives They Ve Always Dreamt They Deserved What Would They Be Willing To Sacrifice To Make Their Dreams Come True Or Rather Who I never expected this ending, truly a great short read. Whoa Didn t see it coming until the end and then it was crystal clear A great short story that easily and succinctly demonstrates how you never know the person next to you, and that sometimes that even goes for family Beware of wolves in sheep s clothing Fave quote view spoiler And as anyone who has ever played chess knows, it is a cold hard fact of life, pawns are mostly useless creations They exist solely to protect the queen and advance her interests And sometimes pawns must be sacrificed You see sister likes her books, but I prefer chess hide spoiler Like an old episode of The Twilight Zone, this is a short tale that will freak you out The Wicked Sister by Heather Stotz is perfect to read when you have some time to kill The author has a rare ability to sketch memorable characters with a few apt phrases She doesn t waste a single word and comes up with a relativity intricate plot, good atmosphere, and a clever ending, all in the space of about fourteen pages And kudos to Heather for telling a story that will occupy not only your imagination, but a well deserved place on your kindle.