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In this creepy, thrilling anthology, readers will find all kinds of murder and mayhem delivered at the hands of paid assassins Not just any assassins, mind you the authors who have contributed to this book have wrapped their stories around everything from hit men to vigilantes to some truly violent executioners In other words, the title doesn t lie These are the most unusual and uncommon killers that readers will most likely ever see.The locations are extremely odd, the plots are totally unusual and, in essence, every suspense horror sub genre is covered From political to historical to supernatural and science fiction every type of strange incident is captured.All total there are twenty three tales of murder in this anthology that could all find a spot in The Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine And, although the general theme weaving through each story challenges the reader, some of the tales may be a bit way over the top for most readers One of the most memorable is a story called, Everybody Wins This was certainly an eye opener, and readers will find it hard to believe at times that anybody wins And in Fat Larry s Night with the Alligators, some readers will actually begin to feel sorry for the gators in that they had to spend any time at all in Fat Larry s company Challenging stories, each and every one, there are a great deal of twists and turns in this book that s filled with very twisted characters Some stories have been likened to Stephen King, and although Mr King is the Master of Horror and has written some really bloody scenes over the years, they were stories that went on to take their place in the history of great literature Although there are a few golden nuggets in this particular anthology that will meet the needs of millions of readers who love horror tales, there are many who will definitely not see this to be anywhere close to the brilliance of King. A couple of the stories were good, but overall this was a giant pile of meh. Assassin stories usually don t interest me For the longest time, I associated stories centered around assassins with flashy action movies you know, the type of action movies with sexy characters, one dimensional villains, action packed music, and little to no plot I m certain the association is a misinformed, close minded one, but it s the type of association that sadly kept me far away from many books or movies centered around assassins.Regardless, when I learned that Weldon Burge was putting together another short story collection, this one called Uncommon Assassins, I knew I had to get my hands on it.Zippered Flesh Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad, the first short story collection edited by Weldon Burge, was amazing I absolutely loved reading and reviewing it Back when I used to give out the Reader s Den Choice Award, I knew without a doubt that Zippered Flesh would get the award.Weldon Burge is great at many things, and putting together interesting short story collections is one of them Fortunately, that s as true with Uncommon Assassins as it is with Zippered Flesh.Just like with Zippered Flesh, Uncommon Assassins is full of short stories with terrifying or interesting twists I read and edit so much that I can predict what will happen in most stories Because of that, I m often desperate for uncommon books I love being surprised I love being totally uncertain about what s going to happen next or assuming I know exactly what will happen next and being proven wrong.While one or two of the stories in Uncommon Assassins didn t surprise me or come across as particularly uncommon For instance, as well written and interesting as the first short story was, it didn t seem all too uncommon to me most of them did.My absolute favorite story is a tie between Everybody Wins by Lisa Mannetti and Fire Ice by Joseph Badal Both stories have incredibly terrifying plots In Everybody Wins, the antagonist takes advantage of suicidal people through a suicide hotline and basically forces them to kill themselves and someone else In Fire Ice, the antagonists takes advantage of young girls by getting them addicted to drugs and forcing them into a sex business In both stories, the writers do a great job showing just how heartbreaking and horrifying being in those positions would be.With Fire Ice, I loved knowing that the antagonists had finally messed with the wrong young girl and that karma was about to get them really bad once the girl s brother, an assassin, got involved As for Everybody Wins, I found the whole concept as interesting as it was terrifying.Other favorites were Fat Larry s Night with the Alligators by Ken Goldman, Misconceptions by Matt Hilton, Bloodshed Fred by Monica J O Rourke, and Slasher by Paul F Wilson.Of course, there were some stories I didn t like so much either My least favorite was The Pepper Tyrant by J Gregory Smith The concept of having a pepper eating contest as a serious challenge with serious consequences is interesting, and I liked the twist at the end However, the story seemed awkwardly written, definitely compared to the stories after and before it I also had mixed feelings about Killer by Ken Bruen I loved it s poetic style, word usage, and formatting, but the plot confused me about halfway through.Overall, I have to say that Weldon Burge did a great job with this collection, just as I expected, and that I can t wait to get my hands on the next collection he puts together. Borderline 1 This is my first read by this author that I can remember I ve read several of John Hillerman s books and as much as I like JH, I think JB does a better job Interesting Well written The story line keeps the reader involved and reading until the last page The characters, which developed as the story continued, are interesting, realistic and very human I admit I got the killer wrong, but I was in the right ballpark There are a few interesting twists and the dark side of humans plays heavily in the events of things I like the two main detectives and their Lt These two detectives are better and have depth than the fluff Cagney and Lacey I found this book on Booksprout and contacted the author since I already had his Dark Angel and Uncommon Assassins 4 Dark Angel 2 I couldn t put this book down and finished it in a few hours This is my favorite genre and Mr Badal does a wonderful job The story line is fast paced, action packed and keeps the reader immersed in the pages The characters are well developed and realistic, and their dialog is believable His descriptions paint vivid pictures leaving nothing to the imagination placing the reader in a variety of situations and locations Many of the secondary characters blended in well and had their own contributions to the story A substantial read that runs the gamut of emotions and there s still room for the humor The book is well edited.I dislike reviews praise for a eBook without a link to the first chapter to get past pages of this garbage Place it at the end of the story so it s out of my way I bought the book, I don t need opinions I don t care about, much less want to read 5 Uncommon Assassins Anthology A collection of short stories by twenty three authors There s a section that introduces all of the authors and many seem to be well published I recognize many of the names and will be reading their contributions at a later date.Joseph Badal, Fire Ice After reading Borderline and Dark Angel, I wanted to check out Mr Badal s contribution This is a fast paced, action packed short with an interesting character I wouldn t mind reading about again Involved is an innocent girl whose life is ruined by two of her peers Greed backed with drugs and modern technology keeps the girl chained to her new lifestyle Her big brother comes home on leave and he does his best for her 5 Hired Killers Vigilantes Executioners Paid Killers Or Assassins Working From A Moral Or Political Motivation You Ll Find Them All In This Thrilling Anthology From Smart Rhino Publications Edited By Weldon Burge But These Are Not Ordinary Killers, Not Your Run Of The Mill Hit Men The Emphasis Is On The Uncommon Here Unusual Characters, Usual Situations, And Especially Unusual Means Of KillingHere Are Tales By Some Of The Best Suspense Thriller Writers Today, Including F Paul Wilson, Ken Bruen, J Carson Black, Billie Sue Mosiman, Laura DiSilverio, And Others The Stories Range From Historical Fiction To Science Fiction To Political Thriller There S Even An Alternate History Story In The Mix Uncommon Assassins Is A Nicely Put Together Anthology And There S Something To Love For Crime And Mystery Fans Alike As With Any Good Anthology, You Ll Probably Discover A New Author That You Ll Want To Add To Your To Be Read List, And Also Some Stories From Some Old Favourites Crime Fiction LoverStephen England NightshadeJ Gregory Smith The Pepper TyrantLisa Mannetti Everybody WinsKen Goldman Fat Larry S Night With The AlligatorsChristine Morgan Thyf S TaleMatt Hilton MisconceptionsBillie Sue Mosiman Second Amendment SolutionKen Bruen KillerRob M Miller For The Love Of BoysMonica J O Rourke Bloodshed FredF Paul Wilson SlasherJoseph Badal Fire IceDoug Blakeslee MadameElliott Capon The Man Who Shot HitlerLaura DiSilverio Mercy KillingMichael Bailey ScrubJames S Dorr The Wellmaster S DaughterJonathan Templar Wish I D Never Met YouJ Carson Black The Bluelight SpecialWeldon Burge Welcome To The Food ChainAl Boudreau Inside OutCharles Colyott KatakiuchiLynn Mann Taking Care Of Business