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In A Huge, Dark Forest Somewhere In The North, A Round, Rather Simple Hedgehog Called Pork Emerges From A Pile Of Leaves In The Night And Sets In Motion This Powerful And Unusual Collection Of Animal Stories For AdultsThere Is Mystery And Terror In The Great Woodland, And There Is Love It Is A World Where Fear And Death And The Survival Of The Fittest Are The Pitiless Underlying Themes Though They Are Loosely Linked, The Stories Are Written To Be Read As Separate Tales, Usually With A Single Main Character An Ugly, Love Lost Squirrel, A Wantonly Savage Stoat, A Bat, A Veteran Hare Running Before The Hounds They Are Suspense Thrillers Or Romantic Interludes, Pure Adventure Narratives, Even Horror Stories They All Draw Us Deep Into The Stern Forest Through The Elements We Share With The Animals Cold And Dark, Rain And Sun, Suspicion, Loyalty, The Need For Warmth And The Safety Of Shelter Above All, The Feeling That, Even In A World Where Death Is Inevitable, There Is Always Enough To Make Life Worth LivingThe Style Is Clear, Straightforward, Often Very Simple, But There Is Passion As Well As Knowledge In The Book It Brings The Wild Creates Fiercely To Life, In A Disturbing Way, With Menace And Unease But Vividly, In A Literary Debut Of Great Imaginative Strength Read for The Dublin Book Club in OHFavorite Quotes Too soon, he said to himself Waking up too soon with everything still all wet and cold Too soon Too wet All food is good food and the next meal is the best Somewhere between middle age and death.Thoughts The incredibly whimsical tone of the book makes me imagine reading it as a bedtime story to a child, but the demise of the characters is so simply stated and so stark in contrast with the writing style that it is a bit horrifying It is a reminder that even if it takes place in a fantasy setting with cute talking animals, the characters are still animals that must survive by any means necessary Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed The story of Reek and Rusalka is my favorite tale I enjoy how the characters do not have isolated stories but are weaved into chapters and referenced later Each even effects the outcome of later chapters I appreciate that the last chapter feels like a climax It keeps the book from being just a collection of short stories All previous characters that are still alive converge and have their lives affected The happy ending is sweet but appropriate It brings it back to that bedtime story feel.4 5 I read Pork and Others in high school It wasn t assigned in any class the book was extra pleasure reading I remember seeing the slim volume of darker animal tales in a Border s bookstore lament for a lost bookseller and it captured my eye and then my imagination The tales are connected, but also stand alone There is an arc to the narrative, beginning with the tale of a lowly hedgehog, and moving deeper into a wood filled with natural and unnatural fantasy elements This new kindle edition makes me very happy, and I hope readers find these wondrous tales Highly recommended. WHY WASN T THIS BOOK CALLED CHEESEWIRE The last story was by far the best and I m sorry we didn t get to see of Cheesewire and Malgotha GAAAAAAH If you like stories with talking animals, then you might like this book Every chapter is about a different creature from the forest and their troubles with predators, prey, or relationships, and a lot of death Overall, I just didn t think it added up to much. Lovely, lyrical prose used to tell shaggy dog stories about the bleak, short lives of animals in a harsh natural world A lot of them get eaten Some foil predators Some find mates There are a few really excellent ones in here in terms of the emotions they invoke, but I still wound up thinking so I d recommend it to people who like this genre, but you might come away from it feeling sort of empty. While trying to find a cover photo I discovered this is somewhat of a rare book Go figure. It was a good time in the forest Some of the stories were a little lackluster, but it was made up for with a few really great ones. These are loosely linked anthropomorphic animal stories set in a forest Some exhibit fairy tale themes and qualities, while others merely document the cycle of natural selection A thin current of magic runs through the collection, only fully forming itself in a couple of stories These, though, are the best ones and left me wishing for from the others At times the conversations between the animals, many of which are old and tired, seemed like they could just as easily have been happening between two elderly humans This kind of dialogue was disappointing, as was the odd recurrence of the word shit , which seemed wildly out of place Overall I d hoped for a bit experimentalism or even just details on the magical framework As it is, this reads a bit like a less developed The Wind in the Willows, but not quite as anthropomorphized and generally focused on the laws of nature Freddi has some experience in nature writing, so that enhances the authenticity. A stunning collection of short stories, one of my favourite books of all time.