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A key comic writer of the past three decades has created his most heartfelt and hard hitting book Father Joe is Tony Hendra’s inspiring true story of finding faith friendship and family through the decades long influence of a surpassingly wise Benedictine monk named Father Joseph WarrillowLike everything human it started with sex In 1955 fourteen year old Tony found himself entangled with a married Catholic woman In Cold War England where Catholicism was the subject of news stories and Graham Greene bestsellers Tony was whisked off by the woman’s husband to see a priest and be savedYet what he found was a far cry from the priests he’d known at Catholic school where boys were beaten with belts or set upon by dogs Instead he met Father Joe a gentle stammering ungainly Benedictine who never used the words “wrong” or “guilt” who believed that God was in everyone and that “the only sin was selfishness” During the next forty years as his life and career drastically ebbed and flowed Tony discovered that his visits to Father Joe remained the one constant in his life—the relationship that in the most serious sense saved itFrom the fifties and his adolescent desire to join an abbey himself to the sixties when attending Cambridge and seeing the satire of Beyond the Fringe convinced him to change the world with laughter not prayer to the seventies and successful stints as an original editor of National Lampoon and a writer of Lemmings the off Broadway smash that introduced John Belushi and Chevy Chase to professional disaster after co creating the legendary English series Spitting Image from drinking to drugs from a failed first marriage to a successful second and the miracle of parenthood—the years only deepened Tony’s need for the wisdom of his other and real father creating a bond that could not be broken even by deathA startling departure for this acclaimed satirist Father Joe is a sincere account of how Tony Hendra learned to love It’s the story of a whole generation looking for a way back from mockery and irony looking for its own Father Joe and a testament to one of the most charismatic mentors in modern literature From the Hardcover edition

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