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Elsa Morgan Had A Life Most People Would Envy She Had Two Great Loves In Her Life, Had Two Beautiful Children, And She Died Peacefully In Her Sleep At The Age Of She Was Thankful For Her Life And The Blessings Bestowed Upon HerUntil She Arrived In Heaven, Finding Both Her Loves Waiting None Too Patiently For Her, And Both Men Eager To Renew Their Lives Together No, Physical Pain Doesn T Exist In Heaven, But Elsa S Heart Can Still Break Who Will She Choose, Husband Number One, Or Husband Number Two Stories about heaven aren t really my thing, but this was a nice way to spend my lunch break I thought the author did a good job setting the stage I really believed this woman s live was as she said It wasn t filled with passion, but it was filled with love The problem is that her afterlife had too much love Or maybe it was two much love How can she choose between two wonderful parts of her life