[PDF / Epub] ★ The Gay Icon Classics Of The World II By Robert Joseph Greene – Publitags.co

A Continuation Of The Wonderful Collection Of Gay Short Fiction Fables From Around The World The Creation Of These Stories Were Based Upon Some Cultural Awareness Of Gay Men In History And In Some Cultures Where Gay Life Is Taboo This Is A Must Read For People Who Are Interested In Gaining An Understanding Of Gays From Different Cultures And The Human HeartTable Of Contents The Dalit Boy India The Laughing Brothers Korea The Red Rheum China The Game Of Nard Persia Iran The Kuri Village Australia Tukkuruq And Uquitchuq The Story Of Night And Day Canada The Blue Door Russia The Pink Tie Dance Argentina This is really lovely As somebody who loves both mythology and LGBT stories it s as if this book was written for me It would be nice though if the author had included some kind of source for each tale, so readers can follow up.