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Falling Through Time a Woman's Journey to the Future is a kinder gentler post apocalyptic ecological simple living green utopian future world love story filled with colorful characters and thought provoking uestions This novel champions a new way of being in the world We humans survive a population die off and have learned to live in harmony and stewardship with our natural worldFalling Through Time is told through the voice and eyes of Summer Holbrook a not so nice hard driving advertising executive who accidentally finds herself in 2084 She's furious to be in this new world in this village of alternative healers and she wants to go home NOWYou'll follow Summer's adventures as she plots to outwit her “captors” to return home Who will win this battle between Summer's iron will and the gentle ways of this new world? The struggle takes unexpected twists and turns as Summer battles a difficult conversion in attitude and lifestyle In this story of culture clash and transformation Summer slowly begins to discover nature love and community trump materialismAlong the way you'll meet and befriend the distinct personalities of Sophia the feisty and wise village elder; Dog Man the Basset faced keeper of the kennels Carna the irrepressible culinary goddess of the village; Forrest steward of the woods and its creatures who begins to soothe Summer's wounded heart and Lady Mercury a most memorable dog who teaches Summer her most important lesson of all

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