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As the wickedly seductive Wilde cousins seek true love by taking a page from history’s legendary love stories Lord Jack Wilde plays a determined Romeo courting an enchanting Juliet The last thing Sophie Fortin expects at a masuerade ball is a dazzling kiss from a pirate Her desire uickly falters when she learns that her masked gentleman is devilishly scandalous Lord Jack a member of the captivating Wilde clan — and a man she’s forbidden to acknowledge But when Jack begins a breathtaking seduction Sophie can barely resist Jack never imagined that the daughter of his family’s mortal enemy would awaken such fierce passion within him—until one unforgettable kiss changes his mind forever Soon Jack is hell bent on winning Sophie’s hand going so far as to abduct her to save her from marrying a rival nobleman Determined to woo Sophie and her unyielding parents Jack is faced with the one decision he’d sworn never to make The secret heir to a prince Jack has spurned his royal heritage for years but for Sophie he’ll risk all to turn a legacy of heartbreak into love ever after

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    Lover Be Mine by Nicole Jordon is a 2013 Ballantine Publication I would like to thank the publisher and Edelweiss for the ARC digital copy of this book This is the second book in the Legendary Lovers series Although this book is part of a series it can be read as a stand aloneLord Jack's adopted sister Katharine and his cousin Skye are up to their old match making tricks again This time they have targeted him Kate believes the five Wilde cousins can find true love by emulating legendary lovers through out history In the first book Cinderella was the legend For Lord Jack Kate has chosen Romeo and Juliet The reason is that Sophie Fortin is about to accept a marriage proposal from a Duke that is much older than her and a complete bore She is only agreeing to the marriage because of her parents and her sense of duty toward them Kate and Skye convince Lord Jack to rescue the lady from being sold into a loveless marriage What Lord Jack didn't count on was his immediate attraction to Sophie The two felt a chemistry between them right away Sophie had lost her only sibling and felt it her duty to bring a title into the family Her father had been cheated out of a peerage title because of a long standing feud between Sophie's family and Lord Jack's family The loss of a title and the wealth that could have been his has become an obsession for Sophie's father But when Jack is given a journal written by one of his ancestors he finds that his family never intended things to work out the way they did It was all just a terrible tragedyOnce Jack has his first encounter with Sophie he is determined to set her free from her parents and a loveless marriage He is also determined to show her what she would be missing out on if she married the staid Duke Once Sophie has experienced a few smoldering kisses from Jack she discovers a passion she never knew could exist But she is torn between duty to her parents and her own happinessBecause her parents are so set on Sophie having a title and wealth Jack decides he will attempt to claim his inheritance from his estranged father This would make Sophie a princess and give her vast wealth But will that be enough to satisfy her unbending father? Are Sophie and Jack doomed like Romeo and Juliet? Or will they have their happy ever after?Nicole Jordan is a wonderful author of historical romances This one is really inventive There is adventure romance scandal but also there this is a story about the power of love Jack is in need of finding peace concerning his mother's death and his fear of loving anyone lest he lose them Sophie learns to step out of her parents shadow and take up for herself I loved the way the author built the sexual tension Hot kisses then a slow progression from there Having to keep the romance a secret also added a element of suspenseI also loved Sophie's Aunt Eunice She was a lady way ahead of her time If you love historical romances or just any kind of romance this is one to try out I'll give this one an A

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    Jack what are you doing?Claiming my kiss I deserve to be rewarded for my valiant efforts to see youShe returned a pert reply Your FOOLHARDY efforts you mean You need to abandon this absurd obsession with kissing meImpossible You have the softest most desirable mouth I have ever encounteredKISSINGclears throat ANYWAY The book We must discuss the book Not the extensive and extremely described kissing that happens in said book innocent faceThis is Book Two in Jordan's Legendary Lovers series In which Katharine declares that she and all her siblings and cousins will each emulate a legendary lover in history and therefore find their true loves The first book Princess Charming covered her brother Ash as Prince Charming wooing the horse breeder Maura the Cinderella This novel focuses on a retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet But with a much happier ending of courseLord Jack is a devilish rogue of the highest order widely famed for his charm and his audacity with females Katharine his beloved cousin has informed him that he is destined to live out the legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet and informs him that his true love is her schoolmate Sophie FortinJack scoffs at Katharine's ridiculous machinations to shove him and Sophie together Everyone knows the Wildes and the Fortins have been engaged in a blood feud these last three generations And Jack is far from willing to give his heart to anyone But when Jack meets Sophie at a masuerade ball sparks fly and the two star crossed lovers can't help but hope for a chance to be togetherI like Jordan's books I find them charming sweet and fun with the added bonus of being smart vocabulary wise not plot wise This is a rather silly book as are 99% of romances Again I want to suggest that people studying for SAT vocabulary tests read this book and Princess Charming in order to bone up on their personal lexicon It certainly has kissing than that stuffy old SAT vocab guideUPSIDES Great vocabulary use by Ms Jordan Well written not cardboard A fun sweet charming story full of rakes rogues lost princes masuerade balls shocking abductions elderly aunts who are troublemakers and shocking secrets about the past Highly descriptive and enjoyable kissing scenes Extra points No I'm not talking about sex I'm talking about KISSING Jack's secret tragic past and how hard both he and Sophie have to struggle with it his little dormouse pet that he had as a boy and his constant hunger as a result of past starvation are all very interesting and or less well done Not so much his constant hunger because although living through a starvation period WILL cause you to hoard food and eat than your body needs as Jordan portrays in this novel she decides not to include the weight gain that usually follows these measures Like Kelley Armstrong in the Omens series she wants to have a leading man with a tragic starvation past but not have him possess anything but a perfect sculpted body Highly unrealisticAnother highlight was Jack's freuent and anonymous donations to Arundel House which cares for unwed mothers Sophie also has a connection there as she is supporting her unmarried pregnant maid out of her own pocket A plus When Jack does something uncouth view spoilerabducting Sophie and taking her to his birth country of Navartania hide spoiler

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    As a woman assigned to a marriage to a man twice her age for the sake of her family Lady Sophie Fortin is resigned to her fate until Lord Jack Wilde lights her passions The Wildes have been feuding with the Fortins for as long as they can remember It all leads back to a stolen love and a duel When Jack is encouraged by his cousin to pursue rescue Sophie from a loveless marriage he is intrigued by the prospect When they meet at a ball Jack becomes memorized by the prospectChance meetings a slow seduction and Sophie soon realizes that no relationship will ever be possible until the discord between their families is resolvedA modern Romeo and Juliet the couple is caught between their families ancient history Both Jack and Sophie are conflicted over the relationship and the costI found this story charming fun and a liberated version of historical fiction It was pleasurable and captivating waiting for the romance and love match to slowly unfold through the story telling If you are a fan of historical romance don’t miss Lover Be MineThis ARC copy of Lover Be Mine was given to me by Random House Ballantine Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication May 28 2013

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    When I had been given the ARC by Edelweiss and Ballantine Books I was thrilled because even though I haven't read this author in a long while I have enjoyed her in the past I had also read some very positive reviews that made me excited to read this story It is definitely a bit intense than I expected It is based on the tale of Romeo and Julietonly this time it actually has a happy ending which is a reuirement for any book I read But this couple does have a bit of a bumpy road before they get to the roses and daisiesFrom the beginning it starts out with Jack who is known as a rake but is also part of a family that is practically at war with Sophie's family Jack's cousin is on a mission to convince him that Sophie is his mate and as such he needs to pursue her At first he thinks she is crazy but there is a certain connection from their first kiss at a masuerade ball where Sophie's passions are awakened and desire for a man that should be her enemy is far from it Sophie has a duty to her parents who are financially struggling if it wasn't for her aunt So a marriage proposal from a titled lord is what her father desires for her But when Jack consistently pursues her ina way that she finds it hard to resistfrom Jack climbing up the wall to her room to meeting in secret for sensual rendezvous she knows that she is in trouble of falling hard for him especially when she knows that it isn't possible to have a future with him Her father blames the Wilde's for uite a bit and has hardened his heart So Jack is forced to take desperate measures when Sophie finds herself engaged to a man that would bore her to tears Now Sophie will have to decide what is important her obligation to her family or her love and passion with JackJack is very unlike most heroes you usually see Even though he is rud to be a rake he is far from it He is very protective of others has many vulnerabilities and there is so much depth to Jack I fell in love with him from the beginning I so wish I could have traded places with Sophie I would love to have Jack as my own sexy protective loyal involved in helping others in need and a fighter for the woman he loves Jack isn't resistant to love like most heroes of this era he is willing to give their relationship a fighting chance to succeed Sophie I found to be very likable even if she could have had a bit spin when it came to Jack But I understood her reasons her family is everything to her I admired her devotion to them and her desire to sacrifice for them but it was fun seeing her change into a fighter for both her family and the man she loves It was interesting to see the slow change in her and I loved seeing the development in both Jack and Sophie There was so much depth to these characters and seeing the side characters added to the story in a delightful wayThere were so many things that I liked about this story and I can't think of anything major that I didn't like There was so much to LOVER BE MINE that made for a strong and sensational storythat reminded me of why I love romance novels so much Even though I haven't read the first one in the series I didn't feel lost or anything it was easy to catch on and I wasn't ever lost The plot was fun and I enjoyed how it followed the play of Romeo and Juliet even the whole climbing up the tower to talk to Sophie I do love a hero who has stubbornness than sense makes it exciting and uniue I love the wide variety of emotions that were displayed through the story that only made it vivid and almost real Such a powerful driven story of passion love and deep emotion that will blow you away

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    Lover Be Mine is the story of Sophie and JackIn this verrrry sweet love story famously scandalous Lord Jack a member of the captivating Wilde clan is coerced by his interfering but beloved cousins to find his own love story The tale chosen for him is Romeo and Juliet and his potential mate is Sophie Fortin the impoverished daughter hailing from a family that has been mortal enemies with his own for centuries Their love story begins with a stolen kiss but proceeds to be a journey filled with adventures discoveries passion and love And as real life soon begins to imitate art the ill fated lovers fight against the world to find happinessHonestly I think this was just toooo nice for me I struggled to read this one not because the book was bad per say but because it failed to captivate my interest Everyone was just so giving and conscientious it was like entering a literal fairy tale where after a minor hiccup everything ends in a HEA And it didSafe35

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    I'm thinking 45 stars for this one In book two of Legendary Lovers Jack and Sophie play the parts of star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet The decades long animosity between the families and Sophie's stubborn parents force Jack to get crafty in his effort to win her hand He's very protective and cares deeply for her even if he can't admit the depth of his feelings She's tender hearted and loyal to the point of sacrificing her own happiness for her parents sake There is a lot of conflict in this book and I'm happy with how the author chose to resolve everything For example it rubbed me wrong that the duke was eventually going to be dumped especially since he was sincere and devoted to Sophie When things finally came to a head in this instance the main players acted rationally and mature The only downside was the back and forth in Jack's head Do I love her? Could I love her? blah blah blah He has a tendency to overthink things But from the moment he met Sophie he did everything in his power to win her from scheming with cranky old ladies to placating her parents so I'll forgive him

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    Thanks to NetGalley I'd hoped to find a new author to love but this novel was sadly disappointing and at points downright frustrating The hero Jack Wilde one of the rather “wild” family of Wildes is fairly well developed and an engaging character Unfortunately he’s in love with Sophie Fortin an entirely unbelievable” milksop” character who persists in rejecting him with whiney regularity until she suddenly becomes a different character in the same body near the end of the book Whammo Brand new motivations strength of character etc Her totally ridiculous shift puts the final proverbial nail in the coffin for that character There are some saving graces here Mrs Pennant Sophie’s aunt is delightful and the family feud between the Wildes and the Fortins is a pretty good plot mover However the style is choppy and kind of plodding

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    First things first I received this book for free from LibraryThing Early Reviewers I assure you this in no way compromises my ability to be fair in this reviewI have a deal to offer Nicole Jordan If she will forever banish the word brazen from her writings I will give her another star I am not exaggerating when I estimate this book contains well over 100 uses of the word There were 2 facing pages where it was used 5 times It got so bad that every time I came across the word and I had to put the book down and take deep breaths If it were a drinking game the reader would die of alcohol poisoning well before the halfway mark STOP with the brazen Nicole Especially stop with the bold and brazen they mean the same thing Which takes me to my next issue stop repeating things in general This issue takes two forms in the book First the lists of 3 or 4 adjectives or adverbs that mean the same thing Brazen shameless defiant bold etc All the same things Really The second part of the repetition issue is simply stating the same things over and over again The same stories are repeated and repeated and repeated Like I have done in my last two sentences our narrator says things over and over We know why Sophie's father objects to Jack we know why Jack is cautious with his feelings we know why Sophie does not want to upset her parents we know all these things We know these things yet the stories that surround these issues are told at least half a dozen times each This would have been a better book at 300 pages than it is at 400 I started with the negatives here but there are a lot of positives The story is good and the main characters are rather charming as is Sophie's aunt who is central to the story If it had not been for the sloppy writing this would have been a good read I do want to emphasize the issue is sloppiness I think Jordan is generally a decent writer The story is well organized and the characters' behavior is consistent and believable enough This reads like a first draft The failure to edit yielded prose so jarring it takes the reader out of the story Bodice rippers are fantasies and if you can't get lost in this sort of book it is not worth the time

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    I read 60% of this book and I couldn't make myself read any further I really liked the idea of this story and really looked forward to reading it but I just felt that it was poorly executed I didn't find Jack likable in the least and Sophie didn't do much for me either I felt like Jack was told about how he was supposed to be Romeo and Sophie was supposed to be his Juliet and it was just forced from there I didn't feel any emotions and the romance was lacking The rest of the story was him saying over and over how they needed to see if they were a match and there was nothing else to the story There was no adventure or excitement I wanted Historical Romance books are my favorite and I read 60 books a year It's not that often that I don't finish a book but I think I gave this book plenty of time to catch my interest and it just didn't Sadly I won’t be recommending this book

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    Jack goes to check out Sophie at a masuerade to get his matchmaking cousins off his back He doesn't expect the attraction that is there between them He ends up going to some pretty extreme measures to convince her to marry him He has plenty of obstacles Their families have been feuding for generations He has a not so great reputation of his own Her parents expect her to marry the duke that is courting her This was a fun read Jack doesn't really want to get married in the first place but ends up trying convince Sophie to go against her parents and marry him instead of the duke For fun steamy historical romance this is worth the read And I would check out the rest of the series as well