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From the first pitch to the last out and all nine innings between Douglas Florian’scollection of baseball poems brings wordplay wit and laughter to America’sspringtime tradition Featuring a mean armed pitcher a daisy picking right fielderand a lightning swift base stealer Poem Runs combines irresistible language andFlorian’s signature child friendly bold illustration style in this celebration of the magicof baseball

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    Book Title Poem RunsAuthor Douglas FlorianReading Level JBook Level 21Book Summary This book is a collection of baseball themed poemsWriting TraitsSentence Fluency This book would make a good mentor text to show student different options of how to play with phrases and focus on the sound of the language Organization Each page in this mentor text focuses on a new poem and player or part of the game This would make a good mentor text to help students understand how to organize their poemsOther ideas A great addition to a sports text set or poetry text set

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    This is a great book to read to young baseball fans who love poetryThe poems are very well written The artwork matches the poetryThere are both male and female baseball players in the bookKids enjoyed it

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    This book talks about baseball in a poem It talks about the bases and home runs The illustrations are colorful and the characters are made really longTeachable points Poems about baseball

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    Drawing on his love for baseball the poet assembles 16 poems one on the back cover celebrating the sport The poems or their titles contain examples of the clever word play for which the author is known; as for instance in the case of the title Poem Run Florian follows the baseball season from the start of spring when players limber up those winter chilled muscles in Warm Up all the way to the anticipation of another season in the concluding poem The Season Is Over with stops along the way to pay homage to the different baseball positions including the pitcher catcher first baseman and even the right fielder who may not be able to catch or run but certainly knows how to pick a daisy unpaginated This title is likely to bring new fans to poetry since baseball may not be a topic typically celebrated by poets The gouache watercolor oil pastels colored pencil and pine tar on primed paper bag illustrations have an appealing child like uality that make viewers think about their contents I especially liked the illustration that accompanies Umpire because of its swirling black shapes and the long long arm with downward pointing thumb indicating that you're out unpaginated What baseball player or fan wouldn't relate to the emotion inspired by that cry and that gesture

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    Poem Runs Baseball Poems by Douglas Florian combines humor wit and wordplay to celebrate a favorite American sport in sixteen poemsFlorian's illustrations were done in gouache watercolors oil pastels colored pencils and pine tar on primed paper bags A few of the poems include shape poetry My favorite images are cover slugger right fielder and poem run Florian creates poems about players umpires fans the ball and the start and end of the season I enjoyed his wordplay and use of language particularly in Pitcher A Baseball Base Stealer and Fans Florian exhibits his baseball knowledge and his love of the gameWhile I didn't love the illustrations with their exaggeration of body part size and deliberate child like look they will probably appeal to many in his target audience This should work well as a read aloud and for independent readers Poem Runs is recommended for school and public library collectionsFor ages 6 to 9 poetry baseball sports word play humor and fans of Douglas Florian

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    Douglas Florian wrote Poem Runs a very fun book of poems all about the subject of baseball Each poem is a rhyming poem that presents a very nice rhythmic flow when reading it When reading each pome I could not help but to tap a pencil to the beat on my desk The poems in this book revolve around the sport of baseball but present different viewpoints For example there is a poem about the baseball itself and what it is made of and then there are poems about each position that one can play when involved in this sport While I was reading this story having background knowledge of this sport due to watching my brother play I could almost picture him out there on the field with all of the descriptions that Douglas Florian presents in each of his poems Each poem brings a different tone depending on the subject Each picture correlates with the subject of the poem and are very vibrant and colorful that remind you of a summer day at a baseball game These poems teach the reader about this sport in a very fun way I would recommend this book to young readers who are starting to become interested in poetry as well as all the baseball lovers out there

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    Poem Runs Baseball Poems by Douglas Florian is a set of poems featuring different players on the baseball diamond including the umpire the baseball even the warm up The poems are creative fun and alive Along with each poem is a beautiful illustration sometimes integrating shape poetry While these poems are simple and short they are precise in their knowledge about baseball describing the ins and outs of the game One poem features a second baseman who loves to work the double play another tells about the right fielder; sometimes know as being the least important on the field My husband a first basemen particularly appreciated the poem about his position This book is perfect as a read aloud like most poetry but also would be very accessible to young independent readers Highly recommended for read alouds and elementary readers grades 2 5

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    Usual reliable collection of poems from authorillustrator Douglas Florian a self professed on the jacket flap baseball fan The table of contents reads a bit like the box score or lineup card with a poem for almost each position on the team and person on the field Some poems work better than others with their rhyme and rhythm; this isn't his strongest book but it should appeal to sports fans I love the look on the Slugger player she should suit up for the Texas Rangers and get them out of the September slump A Baseball poem is great as well a list of verbs and a smashing illustration Florian's books are perfect to show students free form versepoetry however this collection doesn't have any spiral shape poems Also be sure to point out to readers the author's self portrait on the back jacket flap always done in the subject of the book

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    Awards none Grade Level grades 1 4 ages 6 9 Summary In this book the author writes about all of the different positions in baseball as well as the baseball itself Every page has a small poem talking about that specific aspect of baseball By the end of the book the season is over and we've learned a lot about the game Review I really liked this book I enjoyed the rhyming poems on every single page as well as how they cleverly explained the details about baseball through each poem I think this is a great book for anyone interested in poems sports or both The art in the book is also very cool Possible in class uses reading out loud in class and rhyming the words in the poems Learning all about the rules and positions of baseball players lastly talking about the animations the characters in this book are all engaging in

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    This book was a poetry book I believe its intended age group is for children ages 6 10 This book has a variety of poems aiming towards baseball I rated this book with three stars I did this because firstly it doesn't rhyme so great considering its a poetry book Secondly the book had me very confused throughout some of the poems because uite frankly they didn't make any sense I believe this book is not appealing to children unless the child really likes baseball The pictures in the book were also poorly illustrated The only thing that I can say I did like about the book is in the poem slugger at the end it states how the batter was a girl I liked this because it shows that baseball doesn't just have to be for boys it can be for girls too