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In , And Keeping With The Lattimer Tradition, Thirteen Year Old David Is Gifted To Hunt The Christmas Goose He Sets Off With His Ten Year Old Sister Rose, Reminded By His Father Be Back By SundownBut When David And Rose Stumble Between A Mother Bear And Her Cubs, They Escape Her Rage And Climb High In A Tree Turning This Historic Day To One Of Terror As The Sun Sets, The Temperature Drops And Snow Arrives David Must Protect His Sister, And Keep His Wits About Him When The Angry Mother Bear Refuses To Leave, And David Clings To What His Father Taught Him, Worried If Their Father Will Find Them Or They Ll Spend A Night Freezing Deep In The Forest, Trapped In A Tree A Father s LoveThis was a good short story The courage of a young son who risk his life to get the gun so he could protect his sister The thought that his father would be angry that he did not get the goose and then to be rescued by their father It was lovely that the dad was only glad that they were safe from the bear. Very, very short story about children menaced by a bear.